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Create a Color Scheme — Challenge # 14

Create a Color Scheme — Challenge # 14 Get out those colored pencils, paints, bits of paper and fabric. Like a grownup excuse to play with crayons Design Junkies, this will be wicked good fun. Here’s your blank canvas, begging for some personality: We’ve been learning about color. So today our community of hue hounds will create color schemes for this sitting area. We’ll play not only with color, but with texture and […] Read more »

Frugal Fabric Fun — Challenge # 13

Frugal Fabric Fun — Challenge # 13 My Aunt Patty is the consummate bargain hunter. Her home is lovely mind you; one would never know the source of some of her decor. But neighborhood garage sale? She’s there. Got to have a grape-shaped serving dish? She’ll scour her favorite thrift and consignment joints ’til she snags you one. Patty—who you’d never guess as my aunt because she’s so young—delights in tracking down […] Read more »

Let’s Make Cents — Challenge # 12

Let’s Make Cents — Challenge # 12 NOTCOT’s story raced across the blogosphere like wildfire. You see, the folks at The Standard Grill in New York’s Standard Hotel covered their floor with a mosaic of thousands of pennies. It’s just not a common sight. I decided that rather than a straight report on The Standard’s floor, instead we should use it for inspiration for our next Challenge. Heck, we can cover things […] Read more »

SeeItYourWay Kitchen Design Challenge

SeeItYourWay Kitchen Design Challenge Design Junkies, hold on to your throw pillows, this is a Prize Challenge. We’re going to have a blast designing kitchens and someone is going to win a hundred bucks! Woo-Hoo! I bet a creative person like you can get some fab decorating supplies for $100. Tell all your friends. Remember the photo-realistic virtual Kitchen Makeover Tool we found on Kitchen Tune-Up’s site and tried […] Read more »

From Textile to Table — Challenge # 10

From Textile to Table — Challenge # 10 Buckle your seatbelts, this is a Prize challenge! Everyone who enters the From Textile to Table Challenge will get one chance in a random drawing for a $50 Michael’s Gift Card! Yowzah! Tell all your friends. Here’s a design Challenge that combines fresh fabrics and gorgeous tableware. A proper Design Junkie lusts after both. I know if I enter a fabric store without blinders and […] Read more »

Slice It Up — Challenge # 9

Slice It Up — Challenge # 9 Breaking News…This is now a Prize Challenge; enter for your chance to win! — It’s not always simple to choose artwork for a space. Maybe you enjoy a print, a photograph, or your own original watercolor, but it doesn’t fit the space as well as you’d hoped. Or you love the colors, but the composition isn’t working. What to do? Why don’t you slice it […] Read more »

Tie One On — Challenge # 8

Tie One On — Challenge # 8 Let’s have fun with something that I bet you’ll find nearby. Does your husband, significant other, boyfriend, brother, or do you have a heap of old neckties stashed in the closet? My hubby has a mountain of seriously stylin’ ties. He looked hot when we “Vogue’d” with Madonna and U couldn’t touch him when it was Hammertime. Alas the 90’s are no more yet the […] Read more »

Reuse, Recycle, Redecorate — Challenge # 7

Reuse, Recycle, Redecorate — Challenge # 7 Recently, I’ve been coming across many terrific recycled works for the home. It’s so nice when we can reuse a found, discarded or worn object and make something useful and attractive too. These made-over objects often have a resulting character that you just can’t find in something off the shelf. One such piece is this Bicycle Tire Mirror that Audrey Brandt designed and made for […] Read more »

Sign Your Space — Challenge # 6

Sign Your Space — Challenge # 6 Put your personal stamp on your space; that’s what I thought we’d do with this Challenge. So, inspired by the swell monogram treasures we found last month, my daughter and I created our own initial art pieces. We both started with small (about 8″ x 10″) pre-primed, stretched canvases. Mine was oval, my daughter’s rectangular. We gathered up some acrylic paints, brushes and some metal […] Read more »

Make a Lamp — Challenge # 5

Make a Lamp — Challenge # 5 It’s a good thing that the cute older gentleman at the hardware store helped me. I said, “I’m making a lamp out of a ceramic vase; what can I use to drill a hole through ceramic?” He looked me straight in the eye and said, “You need a carbide-tipped drill bit.” “And you’re asking the right person because my wife and I owned a ceramic […] Read more »

Spring Container Garden — Challenge # 4

Spring Container Garden — Challenge # 4 Okay Design Junkies, this one’s a piece of cake. The spring air has gone to my brain and I feel the urge to plant. But this time I thought I’d bring a little spring indoors. So after scouring the house for a worthy container, I took a little jaunt down to the antique shop where I found this vintage Bauer casserole with a copper and […] Read more »

Bling Something — Challenge # 3

Bling Something — Challenge # 3 The aluminum accent tables I posted about earlier were so swell that I thought the Design Junkies should add some similar “jewelry” to our rooms. So this week’s challenge is to Bling Something. Since the addition of her little sissy, we still have a few to-dos to check off in our tween daughter’s new pad. One is stacks of book storage like her old room. […] Read more »

DIY Fabric Design — Challenge # 2

DIY Fabric Design — Challenge # 2 I’ve got a makeover project in the works for you and I’ve been searching everywhere for the perfect fabric to use. I tracked down some fantastic sources with cases of cool cloth that I’ll share with you in future posts. But I had no luck finding that perfect material, just right for my project. Yah, I can be obsessive. The solution? Design a fabric myself. […] Read more »

A Sense of Place — Challenge # 1

A Sense of Place — Challenge # 1 We all are more inspired when we’re in certain locales. Are you moved when you go to the seashore? Can’t get that tropical vacation out of your mind? Do you come back from a few days at the mountains refreshed and invigorated? Maybe you’re darn happy in your quaint southern hometown, or on your city block with your favorite coffee shop and bookstore just steps […] Read more »

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