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8 Top Sites to Buy Artwork Online

8 Top Sites to Buy Artwork Online I’m an art enthusiast. My best friend is an incredible watercolorist and art instructor, and I marvel at what she creates with a vision and a brush. I know countless palette- and pencil-wielding types, some of whom I’ve met doing interviews for our Artist Profiles here on I’ve even dabbled myself. So although there are still many incredible art galleries worth a visit, I’ve […] Read more »

Go to Your Happy Place

Go to Your Happy Place Artist Profile — Amy Flynn The Illustration business isn’t what it used to be. But accomplished illustrator Amy Flynn is thriving. The former Hallmark and Current staff artist made a living for many years painting whimsical, splashy artwork for cards and children’s books. “The way that illustrators work has changed three times over,” said Amy. At first, companies kept illustrators on staff. Then artists were […] Read more »

MyKidsArtOnCanvas Father’s Day Challenge

MyKidsArtOnCanvas Father’s Day Challenge This Challenge is closed to new entries and you can see the randomly-chosen winners here. But, please DO scroll down and see the wonderful and touching artwork that kids from around the globe submitted. Also for those of you who didn’t win, remember there is still time to order your own canvas print from MyKidsArtOnCanvas for a fab Father’s Day surprise. I’m thrilled to announce […] Read more »

Her Favorite Places

Her Favorite Places Great ideas can come even out of the most difficult periods in life. Listen to the story Mark McGrath recently told me about an inspiration sparked during precious time spent with his mother, Rose Marie. “In early 2004, my Mom was fighting cancer,” said Mark. “The hospital had done all they could for her and she was moved to a care facility in San Mateo, […] Read more »

The Colors of Canada’s Passion

The Colors of Canada’s Passion Artist Profile — Carole Spandau Sparks fly from the keyboard when two of my interests intersect. It’s happening today as I write about art and ice hockey. Yup — this lover of art and design teared up Friday when Bobby Orr carried the Olympic flag, and has been known to wake her babies when Joe Thornton scores a goal. With the Olympics in Canada, I […] Read more »

Of Fearlessness and Life

Of Fearlessness and Life Artist Profile — Roz Two people can look at the same work of art and see something quite different. This I know; but it really hit home when I discovered the work of a woman named Roz. Her kids inspired Roz (a.k.a. Rosilyn Young) to paint the first of her “Leap” series of oils-on-canvas. “I think it was watching my own children jumping around, so […] Read more »

Words as Art

Words as Art I hope you are all spending some quality time relaxing and enjoying your loved ones on this Thanksgiving Day. Here’s a creative activity you might try — a little fun with words! In celebration of Thanksgiving I jotted down a few things I am thankful for: Today is Thanksgiving, the day we think about what we are thankful for. I am thankful for my family, […] Read more »

Penny Mosaic Abraham Lincoln

Penny Mosaic Abraham Lincoln Over the weekend an astonishing thing happened. Matt Groener of Oregon entered our Let’s Make Cents Challenge. His entry was a little late. About two and a half months late if we’re counting. But he could care less about the prize and I am thrilled by his entry. You’ll recall that for the Challenge inspired by the Standard Grill’s penny-mosaic floor, I made a nice […] Read more »

DNA 11 — Art That’s You

DNA 11 — Art That’s You Let’s get a little CSI with our decor today. I love it when artwork is personal in an impactful, graphic way. What could be more personal than your DNA or fingerprint? Yep. DNA 11 will create artwork for you illustrating your DNA profile or fingerprint. Where science meets art—talk about a conversation starter. After ordering your artwork in the size and color you want, you’ll […] Read more »

Color, Art and Culture — Ethnic Arts

Color, Art and Culture  — Ethnic Arts There’s a store you went to once. A marvelous store. In your mind’s eye you can picture the colorful objects, the mix of textures. You always meant to go back. That’s how it was for me with Berkeley, California’s Ethnic Arts (1314 Tenth Street). Part store, part global museum. All wonderful. One of numerous fantastical puppets from the Bozo tribe of Mali in West Africa […] Read more »

500 Pencils

500 Pencils When does art supply become art? Have a look at Social Designer’s 500 pencils. In this Aurora wall display case, the pencils make a kaleidoscopic focal point for a creative space. For an alternate display catch the Color Wave. Inspiration on a large work table in your studio. The caveat? You won’t get the pencils quickly or cheaply. Social Designer, part of New York’s Felissimo, […] Read more »

The Intrigue of Passageways

The Intrigue of Passageways Artist Profile: Sarka-Trager A door, archway or window can signify so much. Where does it lead? What can you glimpse through it? What if you dare to open the door and stride through it with confidence? Sarka Holeckova and Richard Trager used to work in corporate America in the Bay Area. She specialized in marketing, he in sales for a graphic software company. Creatives at […] Read more »

Kids Artwork Display — Challenge # 17

Kids Artwork Display — Challenge # 17 The last hurrah of summer is on, as the kiddos cling to every last minute of recreation before trudging back to school. A good time to plan for the vibrant art projects they’ll be proudly carting home. Or your shelf of masterpieces from past years, crammed full like a too-small p.o. box. Brilliant—a testament to your child’s artistic genius no doubt—but a challenge to store […] Read more »

Vintage UK Trolley Signs — Wall Art

Vintage UK Trolley Signs — Wall Art We let out a collective, audible gasp when we spied these at the Rose Bowl Flea Market. Graphic. European. Vintage. Cool. Photographs by Ann Revoredo Straight off I could visualize them as artwork in a home setting: Photograph by Nicole Bliss The route signs came from UK double-decker buses and trolleys. DeWayne Lumpkin of economica sleuthed around to find the impactful fabric scrolls. “I first […] Read more »

Reflect on This: Digital Photographs on Metal

Reflect on This: Digital Photographs on Metal Art-lover Ginger King wanted to create a new option in wall art for her home and for others. “Original artwork is typically very pricey, and I wanted a unique, sophisticated way to display my personal photos,” said King. She’s done that with Impel Ink, a new service that prints your photos on fine art metals, rather than traditional surfaces. The satin silver and satin gold […] Read more »

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