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Etsy Alchemy — Need Some Elves?

Etsy Alchemy — Need Some Elves? It’s too late for these elves to help you with Christmas. But did you know that Etsy has a service called Alchemy that can expand your creative output? With Alchemy, you dream up an item you want made. You enter a description, your ideal price, and your deadline. Then wizards from Etsy’s artistic community bid on creating your project. You award the project to the […] Read more »

Grandma’s Linens Redux

Grandma’s Linens Redux Sometimes it takes a fresh view of something to appreciate it. Consider Grandma’s crocheted and tatted laces for example. Ceramic A\artist Dana Morton of Earthborne Art in Sonora California uses them in a unique way. “It all started when I needed favors for our wedding,” said Morton. “I went through a box of old linens that my grandmothers had made, and created little dishes by […] Read more »

Penny Mosaic Abraham Lincoln

Penny Mosaic Abraham Lincoln Over the weekend an astonishing thing happened. Matt Groener of Oregon entered our Let’s Make Cents Challenge. His entry was a little late. About two and a half months late if we’re counting. But he could care less about the prize and I am thrilled by his entry. You’ll recall that for the Challenge inspired by the Standard Grill’s penny-mosaic floor, I made a nice […] Read more »

The Accidental Recycler

The Accidental Recycler You know when your computer hard drive melts down and steam comes out your ears and you want to smash the whole thing up with a hammer? When it happened to Allan Young of Charlottesville, Virginia, he was mad, but then he did something different. “One day at work I had a hard drive crash and lost a lot of work. Very devastating,” said Allan. […] Read more »

What is Ikat and How is it Made?

What is Ikat and How is it Made? IKAT. You’d have to be folded up in your pull-out sofa to miss the popularity of this textile. Ikat inspiration board from the studio of textile designer Laura Singh of Color Loom. Ikat (pronounced “ee-kat”) is a loom-woven textile created by a remarkable process. A master weaver first ties bundles of warp threads in precise patterns to prepare for colored dyes. A more intricate resist-dyeing […] Read more »

Angles Into Curves

Angles Into Curves Artist Profile — Kevin Neelley It’s clear Kevin Neelley paid attention in Geometry class. That’s a given for the Lexana, Kansas mechanical engineer. But glance at his elegant turned wood vessels and you’ll agree that he must have aced an art class or two. Sculptural. Graphic. I stared at each image and kept having the same thought. ‘How did he make that?’ Kevin is a […] Read more »

Zoe Murphy Makes the Old NEW

Zoe Murphy Makes the Old NEW British designer Zoe Murphy is putting a new face on furniture recycling. Treehugger turned me on to Murphy’s innovative approach to reuse and surface design for mid-century furniture. Her work was shown recently at the London Design Festival; she came into the spotlight when the BBC included her in its 2008 New Designer of the Year Awards. Feast your eyes on the extraordinary results when […] Read more »

A Serendipitous Art

A Serendipitous Art Artist Profile — Joan Rosen Sometimes a change for the worse ends up for the better. Northern Californian Joan Rosen was a dedicated white-collar worker for years. “I worked in the corporate world all of my life and when I started having health issues I couldn’t do the 9-5 thing any longer,” said Joan. Joan said it was a blessing in disguise. “I went to […] Read more »

The Intrigue of Passageways

The Intrigue of Passageways Artist Profile: Sarka-Trager A door, archway or window can signify so much. Where does it lead? What can you glimpse through it? What if you dare to open the door and stride through it with confidence? Sarka Holeckova and Richard Trager used to work in corporate America in the Bay Area. She specialized in marketing, he in sales for a graphic software company. Creatives at […] Read more »

Fresh Furniture Makeovers at Sparrow’s Nest

Fresh Furniture Makeovers at Sparrow’s Nest Keep your eyes on Nichole Loiacono-Young, her recently-launched Etsy shop, Sparrow’s Nest, and her blog by the same name. Nichole’s an aspiring designer with a great eye for giving new life to forlorn furniture and accessories. Case in point? This cane-back Louis armchair that Nichole made fresh with gloss-white paint and Tiffany-blue flannel. A bit of a change from what she started with, yes? (And […] Read more »

A New Breed of Fabric Designer

A New Breed of Fabric Designer A Conversation with Liz Scott Our posts about fabric design are in demand with the Design Junkies. And we received great feedback about Liz Scott’s designs in the piece showcasing her chair makeover. You’ll recall that Liz prints her original designs through Spoonflower, and sells her fabric at her Etsy shop, Wonderfluff. I got with Liz recently to learn more about her, and the inspiration […] Read more »


Viewpoints Artist Profile — Kristi Taylor I have always admired people who can pick an interest and stick with it. Not that it’s bad to dabble—we learn so much that way. But focusing on an avocation or even concentrating on a certain theme can result in impressive work. That’s how it is with abstract artist Kristi Taylor and her Tree Views series of paintings. Her kaleidoscopic […] Read more »

Geometric Elegance in Wood

Geometric Elegance in Wood Artist Profile — Joel Liebman When someone finds the work he was meant to do, magical things happen. Like many of us, Joel Liebman was getting into his late twenties “with no plan.” When taking an Adult-Ed woodworking course in his then hometown of Ithaca, NY, Joel learned of a nearby new school for furniture design. He attended a guest lecture at the Genoa School […] Read more »

Be the Fairest in Style

Be the Fairest in Style Need a new frame for your reflection? Want to add some light and sparkle to your space? We’re shopping for handcrafted mirrors today over at Etsy. These are funky, colorful and a testament to the creativity and talent of Etsy artisans. Enjoy! You might need to arm wrestle the artist Kev for his CONCENTRICITY mirror from Dig the Earth (above). He repeats such a simple […] Read more »

Rosedown’s Colorful New, Old Floorcloths

Rosedown’s Colorful New, Old Floorcloths Think early American homes were without vibrant color? Nope. “As odd as this may seem now, people in the 19th century were infatuated with color,” said artist Lisa Mair of Canvasworks Floorcloths. “When paint was made available in new, exciting colors, they went all out and used it wherever they could.” As part of an ongoing effort to accurately recreate the interior appearance of the […] Read more »

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