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Crowdsourced Furniture from Stylefactory

Crowdsourced Furniture from Stylefactory The idea of crowdsourced design makes so much sense. What is that? It’s where a community has a say in what products a company produces and sells. It’s interactive, engaging, and a smart way to do business. And another player in the U.S. home furnishings market is now doing just that. Stylefactory is offering original designer furniture and accessories, like this Cantilever Sofa by Noah […] Read more »

Fab Graphic Silhouettes are Unique, Personal Artwork

Fab Graphic Silhouettes are Unique, Personal Artwork Available Now in My Shop! Today, we’re shopping for fabulous family wall art. When I first saw photos of Jessa ZG’s colorful and unusual art creations, I thought these might be perfect to offer in my shop. To ensure the product was up to snuff for you, I requested samples. When the samples from Jessa arrived, it confirmed my suspicion. This is cool artwork, people! […] Read more »

Room Design — Go Small to Think Big

Room Design — Go Small to Think Big We’ve all got BIG design plans: Renovate the kitchen. Update the living room. Get bold and more confident with color. All good, but it can get overwhelming. What if instead we take a breather from our giant to-do’s, and gain a little perspective by going small? Carole’s ‘Retro Tiki Lounge’. I found a group of talented designers that create the most captivating rooms. Creative, colorful, […] Read more »

Fall Colors Decor Roundup

Fall Colors Decor Roundup There is a welcome chill in the air today; it’s time to freshen up our decor for the coming autumn. Enjoy clicking around these rich-toned items – offered by retailers and talented artists. Get a print made to order, of Jonathan Harris’s luscious painting, Aspen Nightfall. Create a display of color and light with these Polymer Clay and Glass Candleholders from Etsy Artist ArzuMusa. What […] Read more »

Garden Decorating to Reflect Your Style & Personality

Garden Decorating to Reflect Your Style & Personality by Steve & Cathy Lambert Let’s move our decorating wand outdoors, with our Garden and Landscape Design Experts and Contributors Steve and Cathy Lambert. Steve and Cathy share with us great advice for creating beautiful gardens and outdoor living spaces. — Garden ornaments add personality, style and whimsy to your garden. For centuries, gardens have been used as outdoor galleries for displaying collections of sculptures […] Read more »

Design Your Own Fabric for a Room Makeover

Design Your Own Fabric for a Room Makeover Designer DIY by Mari Robeson Design Junkies, we are in for a treat! Today, designer Mari Robeson joins us as Interior Design expert and Contributor. I am thrilled with the colorful and creative stories Mari has planned for us, about what we’ll learn from her, and how inspired we’ll be. Learn more about Mari at her Web site. Photographs by Jenny Malott Have you ever […] Read more »

All the Pieces

All the Pieces Artist Profile — Craig Anczelowitz I just met an artist who has it all. Creative vision, practical knowhow, business-sense, and moxie. Craig’s IKAT Blue Mix Ceramics. (All photos copyright Craig Anczelowitz.)   And Bronx native Craig Anczelowitz’s resume is like a how-to for the successful, self-sufficient artist/designer: M.F.A.: Check. Work your way up in a specialty New York boutique: Check. Traverse the globe, buy and […] Read more »

Havens of Simplicity

Havens of Simplicity Artist Profile — Vicki Hartman The concept of a home has a simple beauty, and I find myself attracted to objects depicting that. it’s what caught my eye about the art of Rochester, New York ceramicist Vicki Hartman; and I thought you’d enjoy visiting with her, and learning about her work. HomeWorkshop (HW): Have you always been an artistic person, and when did you realize […] Read more »

CB2 and Creativity Explored Artists

CB2 and Creativity Explored Artists Years back, I attended a San Francisco art sale at the most fantastic place. Creativity Explored is nonprofit visual arts center where artists with developmental disabilities create, exhibit, and sell art. Color and smiles were free-flowing, and I came away with a half dozen of the most uninhibited and visually striking drawings. I was thrilled to learn from my best friend, that CB2 is featuring […] Read more »

Shopping for Silver Shimmer

Shopping for Silver Shimmer I think a touch of metallic luster helps most any space; and I admit I’ve still got a shine for a silvery finish. Today it’s an Etsy shopping day – enjoy these dazzling finds. The artist crochets fine wire to create these airy, Feminine Round Lampshades from Yoola. This Divine Aluminum GoodForm Chair from Three Sideways Glances is a mid-century classic, freshly upholstered a graphic, […] Read more »

Half to Have It

Half to Have It A Garden Accents Treasure Trove This weekend, throngs of us are spending time outdoors, some even heading to the beach. So I thought I’d take you to a spot in a wonderful Northern California beach town. Half Moon Bay is the kind of town where you can spend the morning with sand in your toes, and the afternoon strolling from boutique, to gallery, to mom-and-pop […] Read more »

Set a Stylish July 4th Table

Set a Stylish July 4th Table From the Archives: Deck out your Independence Day table with flair, when you whip up a batch of our Patriotic Peeps Placemats – personalized for the family!   It’s a fun DIY project! Click here for complete instructions. Read more »

8 Top Sites to Buy Artwork Online

8 Top Sites to Buy Artwork Online I’m an art enthusiast. My best friend is an incredible watercolorist and art instructor, and I marvel at what she creates with a vision and a brush. I know countless palette- and pencil-wielding types, some of whom I’ve met doing interviews for our Artist Profiles here on I’ve even dabbled myself. So although there are still many incredible art galleries worth a visit, I’ve […] Read more »

Designer Lighting Ideas from the Mecca of Design

Designer Lighting Ideas from the Mecca of Design by Leona Gaita Today we are joined by Leona Gaita, Interior Design Expert and Contributor. Leona shares with us her inspiring ideas and advice to help us enrich our homes and lives with beauty and elegance. — I Went to the High Point Market and I Saw the Light! For the first time ever, I made the pilgrimage to the furniture mecca of the […] Read more »

Trend Alert — Sea Life in Home Decor

Trend Alert — Sea Life in Home Decor A trend has swum its way into home decor—Sea Life. Schools of fish? Yes. But also lobster, squid, jellyfish, seahorses and even sea urchins are inhabiting home textiles, ceramics and an ocean of other accessories. It’s an Etsy shopping day today and I’ve found some fabulous (and fun and funky) sea-life pieces for you. The watery-coral design of Karen’s Cool Pots’ Sea-Inspired Pottery Bowl transports […] Read more »

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