Are you obsessed with home design and decorating? Do you dream in color? Is rearranging your furniture a favorite aerobic activity? When you watch a movie, do you drift from the story and comment to your spouse about the set decor—‘Ooh, I love that velvet chaise’ or ‘Where can I get that retro lamp?’ Answer ‘Yes’ to any of these questions and you may be a Design Junkie just like me.

Hello, I’m Kathy Barlow and I’m a Design Junkie.

Kathy Barlow, HomeWorkshop's Chief Design Junkie

Kathy Barlow, HomeWorkshop's Chief Design Junkie

I can’t help it. I’m a covert furniture designer. I’m a closet organizer of closets. I’m not afraid of color and I’m not afraid to admit it.

Design for the home is my passion and I know I am not alone. The recent birth of our second daughter allowed my temporary escape from my long commute and my corporate Internet marketing job, and helped me to regain focus on what really moves me.

So I began HomeWorkshop.com to build a community of like souls, where we can share our designs and creations, and where we can inspire one another to make our homes wonderful, comfortable, uplifting and personal spaces for ourselves and the people we love.

At HomeWorkshop you’ll read daily posts about design trends, color, and the latest furniture and accessories. You’ll learn some design and decorating basics. We’ll discover great artists and craftspeople who make fabulous pieces for our homes, and we’ll learn how-to’s for some terrific home projects. We’ll see makeovers of pieces, transformations of rooms, and we’ll explore the workspaces where we design and create. And much more.


What makes HomeWorkshop special is it’s not only about designs and products in the marketplace, but it’s also about what we can design and create ourselves.

So every Wednesday, you’ll read an invitation to participate in that week’s HomeWorkshop Challenge—a home design/decorating project. I’ll post an inspiration project and you’ll have 4 – 8 weeks to design, create and post your entry. Some Challenges will be simple and quick, others will be more involved. All will be motivating. Weekly Challenges are not competitions, but rather an avenue where we share and learn great ideas from one another. Once in a while we’ll have a Prize Challenge. And each quarter, we’ll work together on a Community Service Challenge, to aid worthy causes.

HomeWorkshop.com is a community—we invite and treasure your participation. Comment on the Posts. What is your reaction to the topic and photos? Love it? Hate it? Done something like it at your place? Found a great source for something similar? Share with us.

Let us know what you are doing in your homes.  We want to see your rooms, furniture and accessories makeovers.  Tell us what inspires you—colors, designers, your friend’s living room—and why.

Participate in the Challenges that move you. The beauty of the Challenges is the diverse entries we receive. Each of you has a unique eye, talents and tastes—and the contrast and comparison makes for a spicy design soup. Please comment on fellow HW community members’ Challenge entries even if you don’t participate. We all want feedback from kindred, creative souls. And suggest Challenge ideas; if we use yours, you’ll get a gift!

So fellow Design Junkies, come on into HomeWorkshop with me! I can’t wait for us all to meet, to drink in our designs and to see what we’re doing  with our homes. Grab a cup of coffee, your paint chips and your colored pencils. I know that we will inspire one another to do great things.

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