Are you obsessed with home design and decorating? Is rearranging your furniture a favorite aerobic activity?

When you watch a movie, do you drift from the story and comment about the set decor—‘Ooh, I adore that velvet chaise’ or ‘Where can I get that retro lamp?’ Are you not afraid of color and not afraid to admit it?

Is design so meaningful that you’ve made it your profession? Answer ‘Yes’ to any of these questions and you may be a Design Junkie just like me.

Hello, I’m Kathy Barlow and I’m a Design Junkie. And I know I am not alone.

Textile Designer, Artisan Pillow Maker and Chief Design Junkie Kathy Barlow

So back in 2009 I jumped ship from my long commute and my corporate Internet marketing job, and regained focus on what really moves me. I began HomeWorkshop.com to build a community of like souls, where we share our designs and creations, and where we can inspire one another to make homes wonderful, comfortable, uplifting and personal spaces for ourselves, our families and our clients.

At HomeWorkshop you’ll read about design trends, color, and the latest furniture and accessories. You’ll learn design and decorating basics. We’ll discover great designers, artists and makers who create fabulous pieces, and we’ll learn how-to’s for some terrific home projects. We’ll see makeovers of pieces and transformations of rooms.

HomeWorkshop.com is a community—I invite and treasure your participation. Comment on the Posts. What is your reaction to the topic and photos? Love it? Hate it? Done something like it at your place? Found a great source for something similar? Share with us. Let us know what you are doing in your projects. We want to see your designs, rooms, furniture and accessories makeovers. Tell us what inspires you—colors, fellow designers, your friend’s living room—and why.

I strive to write more than ‘design fluff’—to ask the questions you might be thinking and to produce original stories. I’ve connected with some of the best designers in the industry, and even produced on-location videos and Tweetable special events.

The Next Chapter

A funny thing happened to the girl that told the Technicolor tale.

She jumped into the story.

Over the years hearing first-hand what propelled designers to produce jaw-dropping goodness; I was taken back to my days in architecture school. I realized that I never felt more satisfaction than when I created my own designs.

With a deep-rooted love all things textile, and a passion for sewing Home Decor and vibrant needlework, my path was clear.

So I created my own line of luxurious home decor textiles, offered to the design trade and to fellow Design Junkies.

Inspired by my photographs of architecture and nature, these textiles can hatch or complement your distinctive designs.

My color-coordinated collections of designer-quality throw pillows are proudly handmade in exclusive, small batches in the USA, in a luscious mix of mediums and textures, and include hand printing and embellishments.

The love affair with design continues. I know that we will inspire one another to do great things.

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