Mackintosh-Inspired Trees — DIY Ornament #14

DIY Ornaments - Mackintosh-Inspired Trees

It’s time for another design influence, on Day #14 of 30 Days of DIY Designer Ornaments. This time we turn to the Arts and Crafts movement.

Charles Rennie Mackintosh was a notable designer of the Arts and Crafts and Art Nouveau movements. One of his most recognizable motifs is his geometric “Mackintosh Rose.” I love the simple, tumbling layers of the Mackintosh Rose, and decided to apply the same idea to a Christmas tree ornament.

The result is our Mackintosh-Inspired Trees. Craft some up in traditional holiday colors, in the subtle mauves and greens of Arts & Crafts (a fab scheme for you Shabby-decor fans), or in jewel-brights like I favor. Have fun!

Materials for DIY Ornament - Mackintosh-Inspired Trees

Materials and Tools:

  • Our Mackintosh-Inspired Trees Pattern (PDF)
  • Printable card stock or copy paper
  • Assorted colors of felt pieces
  • Paper and fabric scissors
  • Scotch tape
  • Thin cardboard (like the kind that backs a writing pad)
  • Tacky craft glue
  • Paint brush for applying glue
  • “Mini” hole punch that makes small holes
  • Ribbon or ornament hangers

1. Print our Mackintosh-Inspired Tree Pattern (PDF) onto printable card stock (if you have it). Regular-weight copy paper also works fine.

Plan your DIY Felt Ornament Color Scheme

2. Plan your color scheme by laying out different felt pieces, alternating the angles to create little triangles.

3. Cut out pattern pieces 1 – 4 from your card stock or paper pattern.

Cut out each piece of felt

4. Tape each pattern piece to the felt with a loop of scotch tape. Cut out the felt pieces. Cut two of piece number 1 from the same color or felt (this will make a base and a backing for your ornament).

The Mackintosh-Inspired Trees

5. You can test your layout now. Follow the finished ornament drawing in the pattern, and alternately tilt triangles to the left and right as you stack your colors. You’ll notice that the points of each triangle will touch the edges of the triangle below it.

6. Cut a piece of cardboard for each ornament, that is about 1/4″ smaller on all sides, than pattern piece number 1.

Glue the cardboard to the backing feltApply the glue to back piece and cardboard

glue the back pieces and cardboard together

7. Center and glue the cardboard to your backing piece number 1. Then brush on more glue to the cardboard and felt edges around it, and glue the second piece number 1 over top. Now you will have a sandwich made up of large triangle felt pieces, with the cardboard inside.

Glue and place each piece of feltGlue the felt triangle pieces in place

8. Glue on the remaining pieces, following the pattern as you did in step 7. Ensure the edges are glued, and press down firmly.

Press your tree ornaments to dry

9. When you have finished gluing all your trees press them in folded wax paper, under a stack of heavy books. Allow several hours for the glue to dry thoroughly.

Punch a hole in DIY Ornament Top

10. With your hole punch, punch a hanging hole near the top of the ornament. Add some ribbon or an ornament hook, and enjoy!

DIY Christmas Ornament - Mackintosh-Inspired Tree

All done – a quick and unique accent for your tree or fireplace mantel garland. Makes a lovely “bonus gift” attached to your holiday gift tags too.

Thanks for joining us on Day #14 of 30 Days of DIY Designer Ornaments.

Now – start bookmarking your fave snaps of the loved ones. Tomorrow for Day #15, we’ll make bargain ornament photo frames….

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5 Comments for “Mackintosh-Inspired Trees — DIY Ornament #14”

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Wow! These turned out GREAT! I loved the mini Art History lesson too! Makes me want to google those roses you spoke of! Can’t wait for tomorrows ornament!

Thanks, Casey! Had fun with these. And I know you could teach the Art History anyway…

Merrry Ho Ho Ho!

This ornaments are great, colored and with a touch of abstract art 😀 I made them too, they are very nice! Thanks for the idea!

So glad you made them, Flory. I’d love to see and share photos. If you want, send them to . If the photos are large, send maybe one or two per email.

Have a beautiful and colorful holiday season,

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