Texting Balls — DIY Ornament #10

OMG, this is gr8.

DIY Ornaments - Texting Balls

Our Day #10 ornament for 30 Days of DIY Designer Ornaments couldn’t be simpler, or more fun to make. Just grab a Sharpie®.

Even your teens might take their heads up from their cell phones, long enough to help you craft these. With strategic symbols and letters on your Texting Balls, leave a funky “text” for your loved ones on the tree! How about:

  • Me & U
  • @Xmas
  • Ho! Ho! Ho!

Go wild with texting smileys like winky ; ) and of course place an angel near the top O:-) (great chart of smileys here).

As my social media peeps know, the options are endless. Just Google “text message abbreviations”, or better yet, ask your kids what to “say” with your text balls.

And Hey @Sharpie – you heard it here first (so shoot me some royalties if you don’t mind) – let’s make this your next marriage proposal commercial with a simple…

Will U?

…covertly tucked onto the branches.

Future groom can confidently have a Y-E-S ready on the tree skirt, for the adorable bride-to-be’s answer.

Last idea (for now)…what about a tabletop tree, decked with mini Texting Balls? You’ll hide coded messages for your party guests to decipher. Winner gets cash to cover this month’s cell phone bill.

Okay, let’s whip some of these out, shall we?

DIY Ornament Materials for Texting Balls

Materials and Tools:

  • A sense of humor
  • Frosted white glass (or your favorite color) ornaments
  • Glass cleaner
  • Printed keyboard symbols or letters
  • Detail-cutting scissors
  • Scotch tape
  • Sharpie markers – black (or your favorite color) in Ultra Fine & Fine point
  • Ornament hangers

1. Using your computer and printer type and print out the symbols (or letters) you like.

I used MS Word and a variety of bold, graphic fonts, in very large sizes (between 250 – 300 points). Experiment – you’ll want the symbol or letter to fill up most of one side of your ornament.

2. Clean your ornaments thoroughly with glass cleaner. Believe it or not, my ornaments were easily 15 years old, and this project gave them a fresh and funky new look.

Cut Out the Symbol

3. With detail cutting scissors, cut out each symbol.

4. Temporarily tape the symbol to your ornament with small loops of scotch tape.

Tape the Symbol to the Ornament Ball

5. Hold part of the paper symbol tight against your ornament, and with your Ultra Fine point Sharpie, carefully trace around the outside of the symbol. Work your way around, until you have traced around the whole outside. Remove the paper symbol.

Outline the Symbol with Ultra Fine Point Sharpie

6. With your Fine point Sharpie (the thicker of the two pens) carefully fill in your design. Work in neat strokes that follow the shape of the symbol, until it is all black. You can use the Ultra Fine point to touch up if needed.

Fill in Symbol with Fine point Sharpie

7. That’s it! Add an ornament hanger, and text away.

Texting Balls

I can’t wait to hear your ideas for this one, so please chime in on the Comments… In fact, I think I will also add a Challenge, so you can upload your photos!! <3 it!

Thanks for joining us for Day #10 of 30 Days of DIY Designer Ornaments.

We’ll get our recycling on on Day #11 ….

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5 Comments for “Texting Balls — DIY Ornament #10”

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These are hilarious…imagine pulling them out in a few years! I’m including them in my Friday Favorites tomorrow!

So glad you enjoyed them, Staci. And thanks for sharing them with your creative clan of followers!

I still think that a Texting Balls party would be excellent, don’t you? I’ll pop over to your site tomorrow to browse your other fun finds!

Happy Holidays!

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