Whimsical & Wise — DIY Ornament #8

DIY Ornaments - Whimsical and Wise

Whimsical and Wise Owl SketchFor Day #8 of 30 Days of DIY Designer Ornaments we have fun with a popular current motif in home decor — Owls! We’ve been seeing owl motifs on pillows, pottery, wallpaper, you name it.

When I told our 10-year-old daughter I needed to draw an owl, she grabbed a pad and started sketching. She whipped out a flock of loose and whimsical owl sketches and I told her, “We are going to use your owl for the ornament – it’s way better than what mommy could have drawn.” Mine would have probably been a serious, cranky old owl. This fella is pure fun!

DIY Ornament Materials for Whimsical and Wise

Materials and Tools:

  • Clear Glass Ornament Balls
    (I found these at the craft store)
  • Your owl sketch OR print our sketch here
  • Scissors
  • Glass cleaner
  • Scotch tape
  • Silver leaf sheets (from the craft store, mine is actually
    aluminum leaf that looks like sliver)
  • Metal leaf adhesive “size”
  • Small paint brush to apply the adhesive
  • Larger, soft paint brush to burnish the silver leaf
  • Fine point, black Sharpie marker
  • Ribbon or ornament hanger

1. Thoroughly clean the glass balls with glass cleaner.

2. Print the owl sketch (see link above) OR draw your own. The sketch should be just about the height of your ornament.

3. Cut out the owl sketch leaving a little space all around the design.

4. Temporarily tape the owl to your ornament with a loop of scotch tape.

Trace Around the Sketch

5. Trace around the outside with your Sharpie. This will mark the shape you will create in metal leaf on the ornament. Remove the owl sketch.

6. With your small brush, apply the metal leaf adhesive. I left my ornaments in the package to hold them still while I worked. Apply just enough adhesive the fill your shape, being careful that it doesn’t drip. (If so, quickly wipe up any drips with a wet paper towel.)

Apply the Silver Leaf Adhesive

7. Leave the adhesive to dry according to package directions. I let mine dry for an hour. The adhesive turns clear when it’s dry.

8. Lay a sheet of silver leaf onto your design. Then quickly brush over it with your larger paint brush, to adhere the sheet. My silver leaf kit came with a backing paper for easier application. Now I peeled back the backing paper.

Apply the Silver Leaf to Your Ornament

Brush to Adhere the Silver Leaf

9. Using circular motions with your soft paint brush, burnish your silver leaf. This will add shine to the metal. The circular motions all over the metal area will also remove any loose flakes of metal around the edges of your design.

Burnish the Silver Leaf with a Soft Brush

10. With your Sharpie, draw your owl design onto the silver leafed area. We of course had our little “Artiste” do this step.

Refer to your owl sketch, and don’t press too hard. Some silver will show around the edges of your design – that’s intentional for the loose, whimsical look. And if you make several ornaments, each will turn out a bit different from the others. Have fun!

Draw on the Sketch with a Fine Point Black Sharpie

11. Add some ribbon or an ornament hanger. (A note: These little guys are hard to capture well in a photograph because they are so reflective. They look even better than this in person!) Love ’em.

Fun Owl Christmas Ornament

All done! Perch your owls up in your Christmas tree!

Day #8 of 30 Days of DIY Designer Ornaments has been a hoot (couldn’t help myself).

Join us for Day #9 for a pop of cozy color….

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