10 DIY Window Treatments — Quick & Inexpensive

Now that we are spending more of our days indoors, it’s time to focus on DIY projects to freshen our decor, like these quick and fun, DIY window treatments that I rounded up for you. These are simple, low-cost ideas, many featuring creative reuse or recycling. Enjoy!

1. A Beautiful Scarf—yours, your Grandma’s or one you pick up from the thrift store—can make a graceful window valance, like this one from RemodelingCenter.com.

Scarf as Window Valance

2. Transform an Inexpensive Bamboo Blind from the import store, with a Simple Stencil. This white, bird-cage image from the project at Country Living, is graphic and understated at the same time. (If you follow this link, click on the third image in the slide show.)

Simply Stenciled Bamboo Window Shade

3. I’ll admit, this color-addict flipped when I found this Modern Art Window Treatment from the folks at Dummies.com. This example is crafted from solid-colored hues of Contact Paper, but it could as easily highlight an artful mix of patterns, or interesting slices or miniature copies of the kids’ artwork.

DIY Modern Art Window Shade

4. Our own Contributor, Interior Designer Leona Gaita, created this Elegant, No-Sew Window Valance. Check out her step-by-step photos, and easy to follow instructions here.

DIY-No-Sew-Window-Valance by Leona Gaita

5. I’d heard you can turn a Drop Cloth into Curtains, and Voila! That’s just what Robin at All Things Heart and Home did! (via OnePrettyThing.)

DIY Drop Cloth Curtains

6. Take a Vintage Tablecloth—like those you’ll find at any good flea market—accent with a whimsical pom-pom trim, and make a happy and retro window valance. (From Country Living – if you follow this link, click on the third image in the slide show.)

Vintage Tablecloth as Window Valance

7. I admire people that figure out how to best reuse vintage items. Destri at The Mother Huddle was such a recyling wiz, with her Vintage Pillow Case Window Shade. (via OnePrettyThing.)

DIY Vintage Pillow Case Shade by The Mother Huddle

8. Tea Towels or cloth napkins quickly clipped onto Curtain Rings, can bring color and whimsy to your kitchen window. Here’s a fab example captured by the peeps at the kitchn.

DIY Tea Towel Window Treatment

9. A cheap, white, Roller Window Shade becomes something special when you Customize it With Paint. Here’s a fresh and stripey version from Kitchen & Bath Ideas.

Painted Roller Window Shade

10. Let’s stick to that simple, White Roller Shade and make an art statement with guess what? Contact Paper. A quick and quirky project from Apartment Therapy Chicago.

AT Contact Paper Customized Window Shade


What other ideas for quick, DIY window treatments have you seen, or made?? Do Share!

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