Antique Show — Remnants of the Past

by Mari Robeson

Today we travel along with Mari Robeson, as she finds design inspiration at an antiques show. Mari—Interior Design expert and Contributor—takes us inside the world of design, and helps us bring beauty and color to the places we call home.

This is not your grandmother’s antique show!


One of my favorite things about being Interior Designer is that I’m always working with different styles. One client may want a Tuscan Villa and another may want a Craftsman-style home. My job as a designer is to guide my client in the style that they want to bring their dream home to fruition.

It may not always be a style I would prefer, but I always try to find the beauty in it. Honestly, I’m not one to collect antiques but I know that many people love the nostalgia of it all.

I have to say that all changed for me this weekend when I attended the Remnants of the Past Show at the historic Dana-Power’s House in Nipomo, California.

The event is the brainchild of Judy Watkins. Judy is one of those incredibly talented women who can take a basket, a chair, and a few flowers and turn it into eye candy. Judy is no stranger to home décor retail and display. Several years ago Judy had a little shop called LaDeDa. She later partnered up with a friend and opened CaLa in Old Edna which later expanded again and moved to beautiful downtown, San Luis Obispo, California.

Now Judy solely puts on the Remnants Of The Past Show twice a year. I’ve always had good intentions of making it to the show, but this was the first time I was able to attend and enjoy the magic of it all. It was as if all the years of Judy’s talent and skill just exploded in an array of vignettes that were one more inspiring than the other.

Vendors are mainly local, but a few traveled to the Central Coast to show their wares. People came from all over to attend the show, which was quite busy when I arrived there at 1:00. I could only imagine how busy it was earlier that day when Rachel Ashwell showed up to sign her new book, Shabby Chic Interiors.

Show Entrance

To enter the show you walked through a rustic entrance greeted by some fantastic pumpkins from Poetic Pumpkins (shown above). I just fell in love with them.



You keep walking, guided by quaint signs and displays, to lead you to the main barn where the vendors were set up. I have to say, there was so much to look at, I had to stand there for quite some time to take it all in. I was first drawn to these 2 large chandeliers that hovered above vendors and guests. So simple in design, yet so appropriate to be in a barn. Love them!


I also enjoyed the booth display from 3 Fine Grains. I could see using her pillows in many of my client’s homes.





Beautiful artwork by Natellie Saia


There was literally one great vendor followed by another, inside and out of the barn. Many home décor items were on display, but also fantastic jewelry, gifts, and even recycled items. I was quite impressed with the two girls from Junk Girls who reinvent items and give them new life.

It was a special way to spend the day, and it’s well worth the trip to come to the next show. Yes – this was not my grandmother’s antique show!

Here are more photos from the event. To find out more about the vendors you can check out Judy’s Blog at

I want this crown!

Not quite sure why this deer is in this aquarium but I suppose it’s interesting….

Beautiful jewelry from Gwynnie B Designs.

Fun, handmade tabletop accessories.


Great displays outside the barn as well.


Love this…want it!

The next show is April 30th, 2011.

Designer Mari RobesonMari Robeson — an Interior and Product Designer, and a published Illustrator — strives to bring beauty into the world whenever she can. Mari shares with us her Interior Design tips and advice, and makes learning design concepts fun. With her fresh, creative projects, Mari spreads her love of color and beautiful textiles.

Mari has designed everything from restaurants to children’s rooms. She recently launched her own line of home décor accessories and textiles. She and her husband own WM Design Consultants on the beautiful Central California Coast.

Most days you can find Mari working up her latest designs or teaching Interior Design Workshops in her colorful studio nestled in the countryside.

What inspiring antiques shows are in your part of the country? Do share….

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12 Comments for “Antique Show — Remnants of the Past”

Antique shops really are goldmines for people on a budget. I decked out my whole room in vintage furniture and handcrafted goodies for so little money it amazes all my friends. $10 for a sweet green wing back chair? Hell yeah! Thanks for the post. : )

Hi Mari So glad you enjoyed the show and our barn. My daughter was reading your post about it not being your grandmothers antique show and my grandaughter (age 17) said “I don’t get it, it is my grammas antique show.” Cute huh.

Hi Judi, I brought my youngest daughter (10) with me and she loved it too…cute comment from your grandaughter which speaks volumes about how talented you and Judy are. You both, really put on a spectacular show…your barn, the house and grounds…just magical!

Hi Brittany,yes my eyes were opened that day! Thanks for the comment…I’d loved to see what you did with the Sweet Green Wing Back Chair, sounds Fabulous!

Funny you should ask because i happened to take photos of that chair last night with my spankin’ new camera! I’m kind of a newb to home decor and would LOVE your opinion ~

I need a cooler mirror for sure.. and probably better lighting.

Hi Mari,
So happy you were able to attend the show! Thanks for including the photo of my booth’s tabletop decor…this show is such a wonderful blend of creative women and antiques mixed with food, inspiration, and the nicest/best shoppers anywhere! A delightful day.
Bonnie Crawford, Birds of a Feather

Everything is so beautifully arranged. I wish I could have been there.

Thanks Juliane. It would be great to go to an antique show together with an expert like you sometime. I know California is a journey for you from Toronto though.

It was fun to take this virtual tour with Mari — I loved the linen upholstered pieces, and some of the architecture displayed as decor. What are your favorite kinds of antiques?

Judi & Mari,

That was too funny about your granddaughter! Lovely show, Judi — It’s obvious the passion and work you put into it. I am so glad that Mari showed us a peek into your corner of the world.


Mari- take me with you next time! 😉 It looks so wonderful! Those wagon wheel chandeliers would have been PERFECT in my log home. Love it all!

Isn’t it fun Sherri, taking these virtual tours?? But it would be lovely in person. I can envision the chandeliers at your place now!


I have been living in SLO for many years and am very excited about “Remnants of the Past” coming up on April 30. It will be my first visit and I read about it in the April issue of Country Living.
My girl friend and I will make a day of it as we are both
geat antique nuts…see you soon.

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