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Alright, this is officially the design with toys week. First the fabulous Barbie Room Designs, and now this:

James May's Lego House -- The Book

I didn’t even know the back-story and I ordered the book. Just couldn’t get over the fact that someone had built a whole house out of Legos!!

Yup. A talented design & build team, 1,100 volunteers from the British public, and
3.3 million Lego bricks later, and voila! A Lego abode emerged from a vineyard. It holds the Guinness World Record for the largest Lego structure.

Fulfilling a boyhood fantasy, James May and his team built the Lego house for an episode of Toy Stories–his popular BBC TV series–where he shares extraordinary things people can do, with ordinary toys.

Just out is the colorful book where James chronicles the experience, James May’s Lego House (Conway, 2010)

I kicked back and devoured the “compact-coffee-table book,” that is packed with photos and tidbits. I especially enjoyed learning how the architect chose a workable way to transform the humble “eighter” Legos into a multi-room, two-story home (great stuff for math junkies here too.) This is no small cottage – it’s a substantial structure.

My favorite part (of course) is the color scheme that evokes a Mondrian painting. And I’m still floored that they even built a functional, Lego toilet – not sure I could’ve used that.

There’s much more to the story that I don’t want to give away. But if you are looking for something fun to read over your evening beverage, OR to share with your creative kids, order up a copy.

Makes me wonder – What childhood fantasies could we each conquer, with a bucket full of commitment and a field full of friends?.

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