More Not So Big Solutions for Your Home — Books

I admit it. I’m a fan.

Sarah Susanka just has what so many of us need, with her Not So Big House concept and books. So I snapped up her latest – More Not So Big Solutions for Your Home (Taunton Press, 2010).

It didn’t disappoint.

More Not So Big Solutions for Your Home by Sarah Susanka

The Not So Big House movement began with Susanka’s 1998 book by the same title and has grown to make her one of the most sought-after architects in the country. Her philosophy is that designing homes with about a third less square footage allows us to spend more money on those details that can give the modern-day home the character and comfort that used to be found mainly in older homes.

The smaller-but-better home concept seems even more on target in light of the recent housing crisis.

Susanka’s series is essential reading for anyone designing and building a new home, but the latest releases are equally helpful to those of us who want to live better in our current homes.

Not preached in hoity-toity, must-be-a-designer-to-understand lingo, Susanka delivers advice like a friendly next-door neighbor. She packs this volume with practical, small and large ways we can improve the design and function of our homes, so the humans inside (and out) will be better for it.

Helpful ideas like:

  • How to bring more light into your spaces
  • Creating a welcoming front porch
  • How to design a breakfast nook

And the all-important family peacemaker:

  • Where to put the TV

I love when Susanka covers repurposing underused rooms. I mean, if you are lucky enough to have a formal dining room, how much use does it really get? So why not give it a secondary purpose, like wrapping it with your books and creating a library? Brilliant.

She sneaks in some basic design concepts, so those of us who aren’t pro’s will feel enlightened. And don’t miss the section on the ‘Away Room.’ Trust me – you need one.

This is smart, good stuff. Susanka just gets me thinking,

‘What do these people that live under this roof really need and want? Really.’

Okay, now we’re onto something.
Have you given a secondary purpose to an underused room? Do tell….

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