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Finding Yourself Through Design

Finding Yourself Through Design Is it possible to discover the true you, with a new bedroom design?

Interior Designer Kristi Dinner helped her client do just that.

Photographs by Emily Minton-Redfield

The Denver, Colorado designer considers listening the most important thing an interior designer can do.

Dinner—who spent several years in Hollywood doing set design for ‘pretend’ homeowners—appreciates creating a space for the real thing. “We would get so much information, […] Read more »

Fab Graphic Silhouettes are Unique, Personal Artwork

Fab Graphic Silhouettes are Unique, Personal Artwork Available Now in My Shop!

Today, we’re shopping for fabulous family wall art. When I first saw photos of Jessa ZG’s colorful and unusual art creations, I thought these might be perfect to offer in my shop. To ensure the product was up to snuff for you, I requested samples. When the samples from Jessa arrived, it confirmed my suspicion.

This is cool artwork, people! […] Read more »

Trend Alert — Strictly Neutral

Trend Alert — Strictly Neutral by Leona Gaita

Today from New York, Leona Gaita talks fashion and interiors. Leona—Interior Design Expert and Contributor—shares her inspiring ideas and advice, to help us enrich our homes and lives with beauty and elegance.

Fashions from Costello Tagliapietra, Cynthia Steffe, Ports 1961.

Fashion Week, New York just flew through town. One of the strongest impressions left behind, coming from most of the major design houses, was […] Read more »

Recycled & Reused Objects Lighting

Recycled & Reused Objects Lighting At the heart of reuse, is looking at everyday objects with a new eye. Some brilliant examples? These creative chandeliers.

En Pieza’s ‘Volivik’ Chandelier, Crafted from Scads of Bic Balpoint Pens.

Tweelink’s ‘Madame Eiffel’ – Made from Pocketfuls of Tour Eiffel Keychains.

Stuart Haygarth’s Extraordinary ‘Spectacle’, a Vision

in Thousands of Pairs of Discarded Eyeglasses!

Detail of Stuart Haygarth’s ‘Spectacle’

(via Core77, Very Very Fun.)


Inspired? What could you remake into a […] Read more »

Nursery Chest DIY Makeover

Nursery Chest DIY Makeover by Diana Durkes

Here’s an original project idea for baby’s nursery. It’s DIY time, with furniture and accessories makeover specialist, Contributor Diana Durkes. Diana gives “New Life to the Tossed and Found” at her blog, Fine Diving.

I came upon this sweet cupboard at a house sale last month. It was a lesser piece among a houseful of pretty, practical antiques. Many had sold, but […] Read more »

A Second Life

A Second Life Artist Profile — Evan Brennan

Sometimes getting off the main road can lead you to a new calling.

That’s how it was for photographer Evan Brennan. A former sales rep for an eyewear company, Evan racked up the mileage trekking throughout North and South Carolina.

“I always hated taking the interstates so I would routinely take alternate roads, those roads that used to connect towns before the […] Read more »

James May’s Lego House — Books

James May’s Lego House — Books Alright, this is officially the design with toys week. First the fabulous Barbie Room Designs, and now this:

I didn’t even know the back-story and I ordered the book. Just couldn’t get over the fact that someone had built a whole house out of Legos!!

Yup. A talented design & build team, 1,100 volunteers from the British public, and

3.3 million Lego bricks later, and voila! A […] Read more »

Makeover — ‘Victoria’ the Dressing Table

Makeover — ‘Victoria’ the Dressing Table by Lia Fagan

Interior Designer Lia Fagan is back – and another castoff piece of furniture is the better for it. Enjoy Lia’s guest post, and the transformed Deco diva, ‘Victoria’.

I rescued Victoria from a local reuse centre…rows upon rows of withered souls just looking to be brought back to life.

“My, you’re a long way from the salon.”

She was in great shape structurally, but was […] Read more »

Room Design — Go Small to Think Big

Room Design — Go Small to Think Big We’ve all got BIG design plans:

Renovate the kitchen.

Update the living room.

Get bold and more confident with color.

All good, but it can get overwhelming. What if instead we take a breather from our giant to-do’s, and gain a little perspective by going small?

Carole’s ‘Retro Tiki Lounge’.

I found a group of talented designers that create the most captivating rooms. Creative, colorful, and playful. Playful being the operative […] Read more »

Laptop Pods — Love it or Leave it?

Laptop Pods — Love it or Leave it? Design Junkies – the second I saw these, I knew I needed to get your opinion.

For its design of the 242-apartment, ‘Society’ complex in South Yarra, Melbourne, Australia, the architects—Plus Architecture—wanted to create a sense of community.

Core to its concept is an active communal lobby including a lounge and bar, surrounded by coffee shops and restaurants, and with access to a ‘contemplation garden.’

These […] Read more »

Fall Colors Decor Roundup

Fall Colors Decor Roundup There is a welcome chill in the air today; it’s time to freshen up our decor for the coming autumn. Enjoy clicking around these rich-toned items – offered by retailers and

talented artists.

Get a print made to order, of Jonathan Harris’s luscious painting, Aspen Nightfall.

Create a display of color and light with these Polymer Clay and Glass Candleholders

from Etsy Artist ArzuMusa.

What a deal for this […] Read more »

Garden Decorating to Reflect Your Style & Personality

Garden Decorating to Reflect Your Style & Personality by Steve & Cathy Lambert

Let’s move our decorating wand outdoors, with our Garden and Landscape Design Experts and Contributors Steve and Cathy Lambert. Steve and Cathy share with us great advice for creating beautiful gardens and outdoor living spaces.

Garden ornaments add personality, style and whimsy to your garden. For centuries, gardens have been used as outdoor galleries for displaying collections of sculptures and other […] Read more »

More Not So Big Solutions for Your Home — Books

More Not So Big Solutions for Your Home — Books I admit it. I’m a fan.

Sarah Susanka just has what so many of us need, with her Not So Big House concept and books. So I snapped up her latest – More Not So Big Solutions for Your Home (Taunton Press, 2010).

It didn’t disappoint.

The Not So Big House movement began with Susanka’s 1998 book by the same title and has grown to make her one […] Read more »

Duffy London Runner & Swing Tables

Duffy London Runner & Swing Tables I love it when designers stretch the limits of what is possible – and when designs exude

a sense of fun. So when I found these Duffy London tables, I just had to share.

Duffy is debuting its Runner Table this month at London Design week.

With the novel concept of using ‘runners’ as its structure, the table blends thin steel legs with a substantial walnut […] Read more »

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