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Celebrity Nurseries & Bedding Designer Katy Mimari

Celebrity Nurseries & Bedding Designer Katy Mimari by Sherri Blum Today our Nursery and Kids Room Design Expert and Contributor, Sherri Blum introduces us to one of her peers. A pioneer specialist for children’s-room interior design, Sherri designs for celebrities, and for the baby next door. — New Girl Nursery Bedding from Katy Mimari’s Caden Lane As a children’s interior designer and product designer, I have the opportunity to meet some smart, […] Read more »

The Power of the Unexpected

The Power of the Unexpected Good designers are onto it. An unexpected element can make a room. Like a corrugated-steel barn door in a dining room. “I love them because they are textural and sculptural and unexpected…perhaps three important design concepts I incorporate in all my projects,” said New York designer Gail Shields-Miller, on her design for a Fire Island dining room and kitchen. “It was a costly choice but […] Read more »

Makeover — ‘Stella’ the Wardrobe

Makeover — ‘Stella’ the Wardrobe by Lia Fagan Here’s makeover motivation for the weekend, from my new Canadian friend, Interior Designer Lia Fagan. (I seem to make lots of Canadian friends—must be the hockey gusto.) Lia can spy neglected furniture cowering in the corner of any second-hand store; and she has the beauty kit to give it new life – literally. Enjoy this guest post from Lia, where she introduces […] Read more »

How to Designate a Homework Place

How to Designate a Homework Place by GraceAnn Simoni It’s that time again parents; and here’s some great advice to set your kids up for success, from Contributor GraceAnn Simoni. An Interior Redesign and Staging Specialist and Instructor from the Chicagoland area, GraceAnn shares with us budget tips and advice for decorating with your existing furniture and accessories. — The kids are going back in school and the homework is starting. […] Read more »

Contemporary Beauty Inspired by the Past

Contemporary Beauty Inspired by the Past E. Pearce Revisited Designers often turn to history for inspiration. But rather than looking to reproduce past works, what if instead we interpret, using technologies that are completely current? Extraordinary design can result. Case in point? This staircase that design firm, workshop/apd created for its contemporary update of a modern Tribeca loft. The work pays homage to this Baroque staircase attributed to 17th century English […] Read more »

Design Your Own Fabric for a Room Makeover

Design Your Own Fabric for a Room Makeover Designer DIY by Mari Robeson Design Junkies, we are in for a treat! Today, designer Mari Robeson joins us as Interior Design expert and Contributor. I am thrilled with the colorful and creative stories Mari has planned for us, about what we’ll learn from her, and how inspired we’ll be. Learn more about Mari at her Web site. Photographs by Jenny Malott Have you ever […] Read more »

All the Pieces

All the Pieces Artist Profile — Craig Anczelowitz I just met an artist who has it all. Creative vision, practical knowhow, business-sense, and moxie. Craig’s IKAT Blue Mix Ceramics. (All photos copyright Craig Anczelowitz.)   And Bronx native Craig Anczelowitz’s resume is like a how-to for the successful, self-sufficient artist/designer: M.F.A.: Check. Work your way up in a specialty New York boutique: Check. Traverse the globe, buy and […] Read more »

The Best Color Ever

The Best Color Ever What’s the Best Color You Ever Painted Something? You can still see it in your mind’s eye. Or maybe you are surrounded by it right now. Perhaps it was for you, or designers — for a client. But you could feel it in your gut. You nailed that color choice. Tell us the story of your best color ever. Share with us by Leaving a […] Read more »

Beautiful Book Covers

Beautiful Book Covers We’ve had some heated discussion here lately about books, and about book covers, as elements in one’s home decor. So when I found these new cover designs for classic F. Scott Fitzgerald books, from Senior Designer Coralie Bickford-Smith at Penguin Books, I just had to share. Penguin plans to release the books on November 4th. Now that’s marketing I can get behind. (via Notcot.)   […] Read more »

On Designing and Using Beautiful Lighting

On Designing and Using Beautiful Lighting A Chat with Marcia & Paul at Zia•Priven If you spotted one of their fixtures in a magazine, chances are you snagged that page for your inspiration file. Striking, original, elegant. Since 1999, husband and wife team Marcia Zia and Paul Priven—through their namesake company Zia•Priven—have wowed the design world with their extraordinary lighting. Their lighting graces the Fontainebleau Hotel & Resort, Grand Hotel Stockholm […] Read more »

No Ugly Colors

No Ugly Colors Artist Profile — Anne Lullie Sometimes to find your true creative calling, it takes bumping into kindred spirits. Anne Lullie could draw an apple better than most five-year-olds, and decided right then that she would be an artist. Colorplay I “I learned to sew and embroider by hand as a child,” said Anne. And with her treadle machine, she was stitching together clothes by age […] Read more »

Frames Wallpaper — Now in my Shop!

Frames Wallpaper — Now in my Shop! I am thrilled to be able to share this with you as the first item in my OpenSky Shop. It’s a creative person’s dream wallpaper, Graham & Brown’s “Frames” by Artists Taylor & Wood. This is such a fun idea, and those of you who have followed for some time might remember I posted about this fabulous paper before. The empty frames design (below […] Read more »

Master Retreat is Serene and Elegant — Part II

Master Retreat is Serene and Elegant — Part II This master suite’s bathroom glows with confident femininity and elegance. Photographs by Margot Hartford. (Click on the photos for more detail.) As I shared in Part I of the Master Retreat story, Jo Ann Hartley and Jennifer Hershon started this master bath design with an innovative material. The designers chose Caesarstone’s new Motivo in the ‘Lace’ pattern (detail right) for the shower surround and vanity […] Read more »

Master Retreat is Serene and Elegant — Part I

Master Retreat is Serene and Elegant — Part I I crammed my notebook page with blissful scribbles. – Tailored yet Zen – Latte and cream – Delish fixtures Photographs by Margot Hartford. (Click on the photos for more detail.) As I toured Hershon Hartley Design’s Master Suite at this year’s Marin Designers Showcase, I kept whispering to myself, “Wow.” The spaces were calming and captivating at the same time. It was a retreat in […] Read more »

Shop Here for the Well-Designed & Colorful

Shop Here for the Well-Designed & Colorful’s OpenSky Shop Opens August 10th   You don’t want your home to be OR Nope. We Design Junkies want our homes to be Unique, Uplifting & Creative Places that we and our loved ones can enjoy. I’ve been writing about design for some time now and I often highlight great finds for your homes. I hunt down well-designed and colorful objects… ….so that you […] Read more »

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