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We love artists and designers here at Absolutely smitten with them.

And so we believe strongly in artistic integrity and intellectual property rights. When we run our fabulous Design Challenges, we ask that you submit work that is your own. And we include rules to that effect.

Artist at Work

For our recently completed Alluminare Design Challenge, and before the declared winner’s design went into production, we found that it contained copyright-protected elements that required a licensing fee.

This is clearly a violation of the rules of the Challenge, as stated in the original post and in the Challenge Instructions.

We therefore, declare our runner-up, Billy Hobbs, as Winner of the Alluminare Design Challenge. Congratulations to Billy!! Here is his winning design.

I’m thrilled for Billy, but honestly, I have had better days. No one likes to make such an announcement (now I know what those beauty-pageant judges must feel like).

So I ask artists that participate here to ponder, “How would you feel if a pattern, or a design element of yours, suddenly showed up labeled as someone else’s work?”

If you use someone else’s work, or if you design is derived using elements created by another artist, we do not consider that your original work. Make sense?

Thanks people. Tomorrow will be a better day.


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