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Yard SaleIn our neck of the woods at Lake Tahoe, Memorial Day Weekend is prime yard sale time. Is it the same where you live?

Each year I look forward to driving through the neighborhoods, seeing what’s tucked under the towering pines and firs, and snapping up bargains. This time, our oldest daughter — nine years old — was up early, and pumped to go on the hunt with Mommy.

The decorating bug is rubbing off on her (how could it not?) and one of the items on our yard-sale wish list was a big desk for her bedroom. We are redecorating the room – she wants to lose the cozy lodge theme and go with an Old Hollywood Glam look.

How Would You Re-Do This Desk

We were thrilled when, at one of the last sales of the day, we came across this sturdy, vintage wooden desk. Substantial, well-built and in great shape. Looks to me like someone had started and then pooped out, on removing the original mint green finish (too bad they didn’t leave that, eh?).

We’re beyond Barbies now and looking for something that can grow with her all the way to college. We hope to use the re-made desk as our inspiration for the rest of the room.

What would you do to this desk,
to make it fit for a classy young starlet?

I decided to make this one of our fun, home-style Challenges where you break out the colored pencils, paints, fabric or wallpaper swatches, you name it. You’ve created some fabulous and fun designs with these in the past, so can’t wait to see what you come up with.

Print this PDF line drawing of the deskand go to town showing us how you would re-do it to make it fit that “Old Hollywood Glam” look. Add your colors, doodles, pasted-on patterns, materials notes and arrows, then scan and upload your girls’ dream desk plan into the Challenge Entry Form here.

It’s a crowd-sourced renovation. And just plain fun for all of us to see and comment on each other’s ideas. Feel free to submit more than one design. The kids can help too — I do ask that an adult (age 18+) submit the entry.

House Beautiful 500 Favorite Paint Colors 
And as long as you don’t tell my daughter I used the word “Pimp” in the title of this post (more attention getting than “Glam My Desk,” don’t you think?), a random entrant will win a copy of the new and idea-packed bookazine, “House Beautiful’s 500+ Favorite Paint Colors.”

Read a great review of it here by my friend and fellow blogger, Sonu Mathew. Sonu was nice enough to donate a copy to us for this Challenge.

(And in case you missed it at the New Year, be sure to check out Ten, the online, special design event that Sonu and I and co-produced.)

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Pimp My Desk Challenge

  • Submission Deadline: Wednesday, July 28, 2010
  • Ta-Da! Challenge Results: Thursday, July 29, 2010

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