8 Top Sites to Buy Artwork Online

I’m an art enthusiast. My best friend is an incredible watercolorist and art instructor, and I marvel at what she creates with a vision and a brush.

Artist PaintingI know countless palette- and pencil-wielding types, some of whom I’ve met doing interviews for our Artist Profiles here on HomeWorkshop.com. I’ve even dabbled myself.

So although there are still many incredible art galleries worth a visit, I’ve been following the trend of more and better sites to buy artwork online. Many of the artists I’ve chatted with are having great success selling their work on the Web.

It’s become easy for homeowners and designers to adorn walls with the personality of unique artwork. Both originals and prints are available to meet any budget.

A great feature of many of these sites is search-ability. Want a print with a cat theme and blue color? You can probably find one. Here’s my list of 8 Top sites to Buy Artwork Online:

1) The Artist’s Own Web Site

If you fancy the work of a certain artist, check first if she has her own Web site to sell her work. The Web address is often on the business card you’ve picked up at an art fair, or linked from her Twitter or Facebook page.

2) Fine Art America

Fine Art AmericaBranded ‘The Fine Art Marketplace,’ I hear good things about this leader in the space. Its participating artists’ list and art database is huge. Prints-on-demand from originals are the specialty, although its selection of available originals is growing.

3) eBay

EbayThe “oldie” is still a goodie. I have decked out our home with a number of original paintings that I bought directly from the artists on eBay. Today it lists 43,705 paintings offered by artists.

4) Etsy

EtsyKnown as the premier marketplace in handcrafted goods, Etsy has a good selection of Artwork, which is usually offered directly by the artist. Today I found 3,274 original paintings (and many more prints) on Etsy.

5) Artist Rising

Artist RisingFormerly Sistino, this is poster and print-giant Art.com’s member-artist marketplace. I found 26,483 original paintings listed there.

6) The Shop at DeviantArt

Deviant ArtClick on the ‘Buy Art’ menu option under ‘Shop’ at this artist’s social network, and you’ll find prints from emerging and established artists. Looking for a cutting-edge, contemporary image? Try here.

7) 20×200

20x200Entrepreneur’s Annual List of 100 Brilliant Ideas turned me on to 20×200. Each day it introduces new art that it offers in value-priced limited editions. The smallest size print is the largest batch — Editions of 200 are sold for $20 each. As the size and price goes up, the quantity of available prints goes down.

8) 140hours

140hoursThis is a new concept, where a brick-and-mortar NYC gallery is running scheduled art auctions, exclusively through Twitter. Watch for more sites capitalizing on social media like this.


Where do you like to buy artwork online? Please share….

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5 Comments for “8 Top Sites to Buy Artwork Online”

Imagekind.com is also a great online place to buy contemporary artwork or photography and in most cases can order the size, media (print on paper or canvas) and type of framing. 🙂

Great sources, Kathy! Love the ideas of the ltd edition pcs from 20×200 and the auction at 140hours. Have you heard of ugallery.com? COOL concept where university (get it? “U”) students sell their art. Some call it Avante guarde or up and coming, I call it Awesome!

Thanks Shari and Sonu,

Great additions to the list! I see that Imagekind.com is part of CafePress. I like their “Browse by Genre” feature where you can shop a favorite art movement. And Ugallery.com looks like an incredible resource for well-priced original art.

Fab stuff, ladies. Have a super weekend!

I really like a new service based in the Gulf called icanaffordart.com.

It showcases artists from around the world but with a focus on the Middle East – some real treasures and affordable!

Thanks for the tip, Hadi. Love to know about international resources.

We appreciate your visit,

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