Designers Earth-Friendly Share-a-Thon

In addition to passionate design hobbyists, incredibly talented design and home professionals follow This includes many interior designers, architects, set designers, contractors, home stagers — the list goes on.

And I know from visiting, talking and tweeting with you all, that a major focus in the Trade right now is making choices that are better for this Earth.

Designers Making Good Choices for the Planet

You use greener materials, finishes and furnishings that are smart choices during the project phase; and you integrate systems and materials that save energy and stress on our resources over the life of the space.

People can make a difference. One example is Kelly Van Patter, who I visited with earlier this year. Kelly–who has designed sets for Survivor and The Apprentice–has made spreading eco-friendly design her mission.

Interior Designer Tools of the TradeShe brings green design to the Los Angeles area through her interiors, and through her retail store focused on green products and resources.

I picked up some great tips from Kelly — enjoy this video of our conversation.

Now for our Share-a-Thon, to round-out Earth Week, and to keep the momentum going.

I’m a strong believer in positive reinforcement, so here’s your chance to toot your own horn a bit about how you’ve been making a difference, and what more you plan to do.

Design and Home Professionals, for this Challenge do three simple things:

1) Share your project where you have made earth-friendly choices. Large or small, the project could be a complete room (or home!) design; or it could be simply renovating a homeowner’s existing vintage chair, instead of buying new.

  • Upload your photo and describe what you did, and how the project is more earth-friendly.
  • Be sure to include your Web address in the Challenge Entry Form, so that readers who want to see your other work, or who want to contact you, can click over to your site and get your information.

2) Also in the description field of the Challenge Entry form, Share your pledge.

What will you do in your work this year that will be more kind to
the Planet?

I pledge to cover more stories about eco-friendly design and to highlight designers like you that are making a difference

3) Spread the word. We want this to be a lively Share-a-thon and ongoing conversation, since we all learn great ideas from one-another.

So tell your friends and colleagues to share their projects too. Here is the link to this Challenge post for you to spread around:

(A note: Props to you manufacturers, wholesalers and retailers who are making and carrying eco-friendly products. But for this Challenge, we are looking for designers’ projects–perhaps that use your products–rather than photos and links to individual products.)

You’re not a professional, but a passionate DIY-er or Design Junkie? Maybe you’re a design student. No problem! Please share your projects and pledges too! This Challenge is not limited to people that make their living with design.

Can’t wait for the show and tell, y’all.

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Designers Earth-Friendly Share-a-Thon

  • Submission Deadline: Wednesday, September 29, 2010
  • Ta-Da! Challenge Results: Thursday, September 30, 2010

Check out all 1 entries:

1. Hornbeck Design Partners in Redondo Beach, CA 

1. From Hornbeck Design Partners in Redondo Beach, CA:

Hornbeck Design Partners's entry

This is a bathroom remodel we did for a couple in Pasadena. The room is shared between his and her home offices and had to be in a color that was pleasing to both of them. We used a soft green for the main color and kept the countertop light and neutral with a product called Vetrazzo, that incorporates a great deal of recycled glass. Vetrazzo comes in a variety of colors in the glass as well as colors in the solid matrix. This one has green and clear glass, along with some recycled mirror so you get some sparkle.

We would like to use more “green” products in the future. We will continue to suggest organic and green products to clients but, ultimately their choices and desires prevail in our work. In our own recent home remodel we used a green product for our carpet padding. This can be seen on our Facebook page. Please check us out.

Thanks, Kathy for your fabulous blog ideas and the opportunity to share our work.

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