MyKidsArtOnCanvas Father’s Day Challenge

This Challenge is closed to new entries and you can see the randomly-chosen winners here. But, please DO scroll down and see the wonderful and touching artwork that kids from around the globe submitted.

Also for those of you who didn’t win, remember there is still time to order your own canvas print from MyKidsArtOnCanvas for a fab Father’s Day surprise. I’m thrilled to announce that Sabine is offering’s readers 15% Off Your Order, when placed by June 8th. Just enter Coupon Code 15poff at checkout.


(and Grandmas, Aunties and Uncles!) Just what you’ve been waiting for:

  1. An easy, fun, creative Challenge that involves the kids,
  2. A great way to show off your child’s artwork online, and
  3. A fabulous prize that will make a memorable and personal Father’s Day Gift!

Kids’ art is uninhibited genius, don’t you think? Children freely slap chartreuse next to purple. They combine circles and a few confident lines and—Voila! There’s a self-portrait.

Daddy and Me

I’m so impressed with what my nine-year-old whips out with just a sheet of paper and a few colored pencils. Here’s a drawing she made yesterday, of her and her Dad having fun at the beach. Click on it and check out the little jeans!

Picture the pride you see in your child’s face when you display his latest masterpiece on the fridge. What if instead you have his artwork printed and stretched on canvas, and you hang it in a place of honor in your living space? Just watch the smiles multiply.

Kids Artwork in Living Space

That’s mom-of-twins and lifelong art enthusiast and art teacher Sabine Schoepke’s mission over at Sabine affordably prints the kiddos’ creations on high-quality canvas of all sizes—rolled, stretched or framed.

Children’s canvas art…looks amazing…inspires children’s creativity and boosts their self-esteem.

— Sabine Schoepke

Sabine says, “Children’s canvas art not only looks amazing, but it also inspires children’s creativity and boosts their self-esteem.

Some of today’s canvas printing technology is so stunning, that turning children’s art into canvas art prints makes each one of them look and feel like a little ‘Picasso’. You should see the sparkle in their eyes…!”
There’s still plenty of time to make an incredible gift for Father’s Day, and that’s where our Challenge comes in.

My Kids Art on Canvas Father’s Day Challenge:

    MyKidsArtOnCanvas Sample

  1. Have your child (up through age 17) create his or her original drawing or painting themed “My dad and me,” depicting the child and his or her dad sharing a fun time together.
  2. The artwork can be any medium (watercolors, crayons, pencil, pastels, etc.).
  3. Scan your kid’s artwork OR photograph it (tape the artwork to a wall in a well-lit room and photograph it, ensuring the artwork fills the camera’s viewing area), and save the scan or photo image as a .jpg file.
  4. Then an adult (ages 18+) will upload the image to the Challenge Entry form here. Also type in the child’s description of the artwork and the special time with Dad that it depicts.
  5. Limit one entry per child.
  6. Be sure to upload your kids’ entries by Monday, May 24 at 11:59 p.m. Pacific Time.
The artwork will be displayed in this post here on and the kids will be thrilled to see their artwork online. Each masterpiece will have its own link that you can point your friends and family to.

After the entry period, using, we will select three random winning entries that will win these great prizes from, delivered to you in time for Dad’s fabulous Father’s Day gift!

  • First place: A 20″ x 24″ Stretched Canvas of the child’s artwork
  • (Retail value: $109 USD.)

  • Second place: An 11″ x 14″ Stretched Canvas of the child’s artwork
  • (Retail value: $65 USD.)

  • Third place: An 8″ x 10″ Stretched Canvas of the child’s artwork.
  • (Retail value: $39 USD.)

MyKidsArtOnCanvas with Personalization

So corral the kids, break out the art supplies and tell them to have a blast creating their special artwork!

We can’t wait to see what they do!

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MyKidsArtOnCanvas Father's Day Challenge

  • Submission Deadline: Monday, May 24, 2010
  • Ta-Da! Challenge Results: Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Check out all 26 entries:

1. Jordyn Zamora in Griffith,In North America2. Louis Penn, III in St. Thomas, Virgin Islands
3. Logan in Antioch4. Kate Forkel in Tallahassee, FL USA
5. kelly in scituate,ri,USA6. Pablo Ghielmetti in Italia
7. Zane Gariepy in Attleboro, MA 027038. Andrew in Brentwood, CA
9. Lynae in Brentwood, CA10. Megan in Brentwood, CA
11. Kevin in Brentwood, CA12. Adrian in Brentwood, CA
13. Chloe in Brentwood14. Lauren in Brentwood, CA
15. Jack in Brentwood, CA16. Serena in Brentwood, CA
17. Sam in Brentwood, CA18. Quincie in shelton,washington,usa
19. JonahTopf in Little Rock, AR, United States20. Aviva in White Plains, New York USA
21. Shiwa in New York City, NY22. Tanner Shaulis in Boswell, PA USA
23. Kimberly Clemons in Augusta, KS, USA24. Lane in Augusta, KS, USA
25. Jesse in Augusta, KS, USA26. Elijah in Seattle, WA, USA

1. From Jordyn Zamora in Griffith,In North America:

Jordyn Zamora's entry

This picture is a symbol of love and nature.

2. From Louis Penn, III in St. Thomas, Virgin Islands:

Louis Penn, III's entry

My Daddy is a confident, wise, loving, kind and fun man. I love him so much.

3. From Logan in Antioch:

Logan's entry

I thought this would be a great challenge for my 3 year old son to have fun with. We talked about some things that he does with Daddy and his favorite was watching the fireworks at Disneyland (he got to sit on Daddy’s shoulders). He used watercolor to paint the fireworks and had a great time painting – so great in fact that he was not at all pleased to be done. I managed to coax him away with promises of using his Buzz Lightyear laserbeam to get the evil Emperor Zurg 🙂

4. From Kate Forkel in Tallahassee, FL USA:

Kate Forkel's entry

I like to go on walks with my dad.

5. From kelly in scituate,ri,USA:

kelly's entry

me and my dad love to spend time together here is a picture I drew of him and me flying a kite

6. From Pablo Ghielmetti in Italia:

Pablo Ghielmetti's entry

Hallo, i’m Pablo from Italy and i’m 3 years old.
He is strong, likeable, cures the persons, sings and plays the guitar and makes me to amuse all the day, with to Mattia, mine little brother nearly 2 years and to the mother. It tells incredible tales to me of animals, above all regarding the fishes that I love a lot. Here, these I and my papa are!My dad is my superhero!!

7. From Zane Gariepy in Attleboro, MA 02703:

Zane Gariepy's entry

My name is Zane and I am 8 years old. Me and my Dad love to watch racing together. In the spring and summer we go every weekend to see the races at Seekonk Speedway. My picture shows a race car, the jumps in the field, the track and all the fans watching the race like us. Its everything you can see when you sit in our special spot.

8. From Andrew in Brentwood, CA:

Andrew's entry

Andrew likes to go out on the boat with his Dad and his dog Maliboo

9. From Lynae in Brentwood, CA:

Lynae's entry

Lynae loves to spend time fishing with her Dad

10. From Megan in Brentwood, CA:

Megan's entry

Megan likes to go to the park and play basketball with her Dad

11. From Kevin in Brentwood, CA:

Kevin's entry

Kevin’s favorite thing is to go camping

12. From Adrian in Brentwood, CA:

Adrian's entry

Adrian and his Dad like to go outside and fly thier kite

13. From Chloe in Brentwood:

Chloe's entry

Chloe’s favorite thing to do with her Dad is to go swimming at the big pool at Lake Tahoe

14. From Lauren in Brentwood, CA:

Lauren's entry

Lauren likes to play soccer with her Dad and watch fireworks

15. From Jack in Brentwood, CA:

Jack's entry

Jack and his Dad love to go fishing together

16. From Serena in Brentwood, CA:

Serena's entry

Serena loves to go swimming with her Dad

17. From Sam in Brentwood, CA:

Sam's entry

Sam and his Dad catching a fish while they are camping

18. From Quincie in shelton,washington,usa:

Quincie's entry

This is me looking up to the dad I love with all my heart. He’s the best you can get

19. From JonahTopf in Little Rock, AR, United States:

JonahTopf's entry

This is my dad and I playing football. I am on a football team and my dad helps me practice.

20. From Aviva in White Plains, New York USA:

Aviva's entry

This is my Dad. He is my role model, an artist, and someone who always notices beauty in the world. His world explodes with color and imagination. I love him so much!

21. From Shiwa in New York City, NY:

Shiwa's entry

My name is Shiwa. I am 6. My daddy bought me this scooter for my birthday present in March. My daddy tought me how to ride it. And I like to ride it with my daddy along the riverside park. Now I am very good at riding the scooter. I would like to say thank you to my daddy and I love you so much.

22. From Tanner Shaulis in Boswell, PA USA:

Tanner Shaulis's entry

My name is Tanner. I am 6 years old. I like to ride four wheelers with my dad. I love my dad and love spending time with him even if we’re not riding. He is the best dad.

23. From Kimberly Clemons in Augusta, KS, USA:

Kimberly Clemons's entry

This drawing is by Kayde who is 14 months old. This is her very first artwork ever, made just for dad. She loves her daddy and just can’t wait for him to get home each day!

24. From Lane in Augusta, KS, USA:

Lane's entry

My name is Lane and I am 5. This is a picture of me and my daddy. I was scared at night of monsters and my dad came and stayed in my room so I would feel safe.

25. From Jesse in Augusta, KS, USA:

Jesse's entry

I am Jesse and I am 3. This is a picture of me and my dad at the Lake. We are roasting hot dogs.

26. From Elijah in Seattle, WA, USA:

Elijah's entry

I am 6. I like to play tennis with my daddy at the sunny day, and we were exciting to see the rainbow at one day.

8 Comments for “MyKidsArtOnCanvas Father’s Day Challenge”

Beautiful painting, Jordyn! Thanks for starting us off. That would look wonderful on canvas; let’s keep our fingers crossed.

Have a happy rest of the weekend!

[…] My Kids Art on Canvas Father’s Day Challenge: […]


What an incredible drawing, and tribute to your dad. Thanks so much for sharing it with us all!



Such pretty colors! I can totally see the fireworks in your painting. Great job! You’ve got some talent going for a 3-year-old and I can see why it was hard for Mom to stop you from painting. I guess even artists need to get rest.

Thanks for sharing with us!


Wow! You have done such amazing artwork about your Dads and special times! You have all put such thought and feelings into your drawings and paintings. Each one is so special.

I am especially touched that we were blessed with seeing Kayde’s very first artwork!

Thanks so much. Just under a day left, then I will draw the lucky winners. So exciting!

Thanks for having this contest! I can’t wait to see who wins! The kids have had a lot of fun making pictures for dad 🙂 It’s fun to look at everyone’s artwork!


Thanks so much. I actually held the drawing very late last night (just after midnight) and will publish the results in a post later today! (I like you have young kids so I do much of my work in the afternoon/evening.

I appreciate your and your kids’ participation and enthusiasm.

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