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You have chosen Alluminare’s new World Class Designer!
Read the announcement here.

Scroll down to view the 475 home decor patterns that artists worldwide submitted! And check out the TOP TEN Designs, and Lead Design Judge, Christopher Lowell’s commentary here.

Design Junkies, do you ever doodle in patterns?

Greg Large Drum Fixture

Want to try your hand at creating fashionable patterns for light fixtures, wallpaper, home fabrics and accessories? Here’s your chance not only to give it a try, but to be recognized as a World-Class Designer!

There’s this fabulous home decor Web site called Alluminare.

Eric and Friday Shamblen started Alluminare in 2001 after Friday discovered how challenging it was to get a custom lighting fixture made for her home. As technology experts working at Cartoon Network in Atlanta, they saw the need to make the complexities of specifying custom products simpler and available over the Internet.

Today Alluminare makes all sorts of customizable products for homes and public spaces. People can go to Alluminare’s site and apply colors to its standard patterns or those from its World Class Designers. Custom-colored home decor designs. Cool, right?

But here’s what’s the coolest. Alluminare stretches the idea of custom design. What I mean is shoppers can play with the scale of patterns too.

This transforms the look of the finished product. Here’s World Class Designer Wagner Compelo’s pattern “Samba” applied to a throw pillow in different colors and scales. (Click on the image for more detail.)

Samba Pattern Throw Pillows

And here’s Libby Unwin’s “Greg” (That’s Greg on the black and white drum shade at the start of this post too.)

Greg Throw Pillows

See the possibilities? You can spend hours just playing on this site — trust me.

Back to the Challenge. Friday wants to expand Alluminare’s World Class Designer roster. This is where you come in.

Christopher Lowell
 **Update: I am thrilled to announce that Emmy Award-winning host, best selling author, and highly respected interior designer, Christopher Lowell is our Lead Design Judge for the Challenge! Read the announcement here.

See the TOP TEN entries chosen by Christopher Lowell, and read his excellent commentary here.

Read the announcement of the Challenge winner here!

The Deadline Has Passed to Submit Entries to this Challenge, but please do scroll down and enjoy the hundreds of entries submitted by artists and designers worldwide.**

You are challenged to create new Alluminare® patterns!

This is a Prize Challenge! The winner will receive:

  • A $300 gift code to shop at (good for fabric and wallpaper shipped worldwide, and manufactured goods like light fixtures and throw pillows shipped to the U.S. and Canada.)
  • Fantastic public recognition on
  • At Alluminare®’s option, the winner will join the ranks of its World Class Designers!!

If named a World Class Designer, your winning design (and possibly future designs) will be presented and marketed on Alluminare’s Web site. Your bio and photo will appear on the site as a World Class Designer!

As a World Class Designer you will earn royalties (paid quarterly) on the sales of your products (5% on manufactured items like pillows and light fixtures and 10% on fabrics and wallpaper). So if your pattern is wonderful like we know it will be, you can earn some money!!

So get thinking and doodling your pattern ideas! Hop over to Alluminare and check out the kinds of patterns that work well.

One aspect you’ll notice right away is these are more defined patterns than with Imageglow, with smooth edges to all design elements and a maximum of four distinct colors. On Alluminare’s site, the patterns are presented in a pre-set colorway that can be easily changed by the customer, but you will submit your designs for the Challenge in what you feel is a stylish, attractive color scheme.

Samba Large Wallpaper

You can:

  • Create your original design in a computer graphics program like Photoshop, Illustrator or Indesign. Do not use images that require any kind of a licensing fee.
  • OR

  • Create your original artwork by drawing, hand painting, etc. on art paper cut to size using the template as a guide.

Large scale Greg Pendant Fixtures in KitchenIn either case, Download the Instructions, File Requirements and Design Template Here. Designers ages 18+ please, and limit of six designs may be submitted per person.

When your design is done, upload it as a .jpg file to the Challenge Entry form here.

Describe a bit about what inspired you to create that pattern and why you think it will make an excellent addition to Alluminare’s repertoire.

The deadline for entries is Wednesday, May 19 at 11:59 p.m. Pacific Time. After the entry period, our judges (including Friday) will select the top ten designs as finalists to be voted on by the community. Voting will go for one week after the finalists are announced. The winning design is the one with the most votes (one vote per person).

Find Alluminare®

Want to try an Alluminare product? Alluminare has just introduced FREE Shipping within the continental U.S. on all its products!

So have fun creating your patterns. I know from the last Challenge that we’ve got some world-class artists in our community. Can’t wait to see what you design!

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Alluminare Design Challenge

  • Submission Deadline: Wednesday, May 19, 2010
  • Ta-Da! Challenge Results: Monday, June 21, 2010

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451. cristina Martin in chicago IL USA452. Kathryn Shinko in Mansfield, OH, USA
453. Kim Foster in Lee's Summit, Missouri USA454. Michael DeFelice in East Stroudsburg, PA, USA
455. Michael DeFelice in East Stroudsburg, PA, USA456. Michael DeFelice in East Stroudsburg, PA, USA
457. Chet Slater in Boise, Idaho USA458. Deanna Minnich in Romeoville, IL, USA
459. Michael DeFelice in East Stroudsburg, PA, USA460. Kirti Verma in Gurgaon, India
461. Hajnalka Zajácz in Timár, Szabolcs,Hungary462. Hajnalka Zajácz in Timár, Szabolcs,Hungary
463. Hajnalka Zajácz in Timár, Szabolcs,Hungary464. Hajnalka Zajácz in Timár, Szabolcs,Hungary
465. Hajnalka Zajácz in Timár, Szabolcs,Hungary466. Emily Erickson in Oakland, California
467. Kirti Verma in Gurgaon, India468. Chris Rossi in tampa, fl, USA
469. Chris Rossi in Tampa, fl, USA470. Chris Rossi in Tampa, fl, USA
471. Chris Rossi in Tampa, fl, USA472. Chris Rossi in Tampa, fl, USA
473. Kristina Pomeroy in Federal Way, WA, USA474. Kristina Pomeroy in Federal Way, WA, USA
475. dominique tetzner in santiago, chile 

451. From cristina Martin in chicago IL USA:

cristina Martin's entry

a tougher houndstooth

452. From Kathryn Shinko in Mansfield, OH, USA:

Kathryn Shinko's entry

I am crazy about Damask patterns and am delighted to see that they are popular right now, but I get more joy out of making my own. This one has an Old World, European look; I wanted it to be elegant and unique, but suitable for any application.

453. From Kim Foster in Lee's Summit, Missouri USA:

Kim Foster's entry

This is an Octagon that has been broken up by lines to create interesting patterns

454. From Michael DeFelice in East Stroudsburg, PA, USA:

Michael DeFelice's entry

Leaf vines, simple yet elegant.

455. From Michael DeFelice in East Stroudsburg, PA, USA:

Michael DeFelice's entry

Cool hues for a warm design.

456. From Michael DeFelice in East Stroudsburg, PA, USA:

Michael DeFelice's entry

why so blue tulips?

457. From Chet Slater in Boise, Idaho USA:

Chet Slater's entry

A pattern i created trying to invoke a retro inspired, yet modern day classic.

458. From Deanna Minnich in Romeoville, IL, USA:

Deanna Minnich's entry

Paisley Pinot

459. From Michael DeFelice in East Stroudsburg, PA, USA:

Michael DeFelice's entry

Ginko leaves, calm and elegant

460. From Kirti Verma in Gurgaon, India:

Kirti Verma's entry

“DRY GRASS” is an illustration of the dry summer time in India..across the fences.

461. From Hajnalka Zajácz in Timár, Szabolcs,Hungary:

Hajnalka Zajácz's entry

colorful pattern

462. From Hajnalka Zajácz in Timár, Szabolcs,Hungary:

Hajnalka Zajácz's entry


463. From Hajnalka Zajácz in Timár, Szabolcs,Hungary:

Hajnalka Zajácz's entry

pink pattern 🙂

464. From Hajnalka Zajácz in Timár, Szabolcs,Hungary:

Hajnalka Zajácz's entry

Other pattern with pink

465. From Hajnalka Zajácz in Timár, Szabolcs,Hungary:

Hajnalka Zajácz's entry

black and white scroll

466. From Emily Erickson in Oakland, California:

Emily Erickson's entry

Simple, but fun, with colors that will blend with many a decor.

467. From Kirti Verma in Gurgaon, India:

Kirti Verma's entry

“Blow Balls” is inspired from dandelions. I like the puff balls as they are natural…

468. From Chris Rossi in tampa, fl, USA:

Chris Rossi's entry

a grided yet informal pattern, the playful bursts seem to form a floral-like crown. In pattern, the square is pronounced through the negative space.
The tone on tone of this pattern keep it elegant, yet in a darker color, it feels more traditional despite its playful forms.

469. From Chris Rossi in Tampa, fl, USA:

Chris Rossi's entry

ghost egg: simple timeless modern form is ghosted as a light tone-on-tone against the background. Pattern can work in a variety of colors and scales.

470. From Chris Rossi in Tampa, fl, USA:

Chris Rossi's entry

burst: a pop modern playful pattern, burst can range from being more subtle in neutrals to being more juicy and youthful with bright colors making it adaptable to many age groups.

471. From Chris Rossi in Tampa, fl, USA:

Chris Rossi's entry

dashed egg is a more playful version of ghost egg. it keeps the sophistication of the linear pattern but is a bit more fun in the dashed version and the reverse light on dark.
similar to ghost egg, this pattern is fabulous at all different scales

472. From Chris Rossi in Tampa, fl, USA:

Chris Rossi's entry

like a nest full of little robin’s eggs, the smaller version of the egg pattern (seen in ghost egg) becomes almost a texture yet is fresh and lovely. This pattern will work wonderfully in reverse color layouts as well as a variety of scales.

473. From Kristina Pomeroy in Federal Way, WA, USA:

Kristina Pomeroy's entry

Something solid and clean with almost a retro feel to it. The repeating pattern tiles quite nicely if I do say so myself. Bubbles floating along a fence.

474. From Kristina Pomeroy in Federal Way, WA, USA:

Kristina Pomeroy's entry

Stargazer Lilies, patterned.

475. From dominique tetzner in santiago, chile:

dominique tetzner's entry


« Previous 50 entries

83 Comments for “Alluminare Design Challenge”

I am excited at the prospect of possibly being chosen!!! I also want to add that being a window fashion designer/ salesperson in Florida, I am hoping to incorporate your lampshades and possibly fabrics into designing more for my customers. I love you website! Do you offer wholesale to other businesses? We do have a store!!! 🙂

Hi Rhonda,

How nice are you? The Challenge is so much fun — I love seeing the designs coming in from around the globe. Some fabulous patterns have been submitted.

I know the folks at Alluminare would love to talk with you about the their products and To-The-Trade programs. Here is a link to their contact information.

–Kathy ( Chief Design Junkie)

Amazing patterms!! I think you should offer them all! Great concept!!!!

Just submitted my design — and in the nick of time, too!!!! 🙂

Waa-hoo Kathryn! You made it!

To The Trade program!! Inspiring! I have contacted your folks!!! I am proposing incorporating your products and my ideas to the store owner where I design window treatments!

…just uploaded a design to the site! what a great competition to hold! thanks for hosting this!

Hi Chet!

Yup — got your entry. Thanks for the note — it’s a fun competition to host. Can’t wait to see how it all works out, but in the meantime it is great exposure for all you talented designers and artists.

Thanks for participating,

I submitted four entries for the contest but did not go into detail on my explanations.
I was in a rush to get them uploaded.
Is there any way I can add comments to them?
I know it is late in the game but I don’t want my entries to be excluded because my comments/descriptions are lacking 😀

thanks so much!!

Hi Chris,

Please email your explanation text (quickly) to Include the Entry number and what the description should be. I will need to get this edited before the deadline at 11:59 pm.

Hi again!
so I seem to be having some problems…ha ha

I just saw my patterns that uploaded and the colors are way off from the original files.
Is there a way for me to re-upload them?

If I upload them now, can you just delete the first 4 that I uploaded?
sorry for the trouble.

I will upload the new ones just in case. I know it is late at night and you may not see this until after the deadline.

Thanks so much for your help!


Hi Chris,

Did you prepare the files for Web display? Colors can often look very different when displayed on Web browsers than for files that are output for print design for example. Lots of help online about this.

I will delete the first four, then you can also correct your Description (quickly.)


Thanks Kathy!!! 🙂

My descriptions are also lacking. Oh well, too late. I hope I am judged on the art, not the writing skills!! LOL There are so many fantastic entries and talent. Good luck everyone! Last question, if I wanted my designs on lampshades, for example, would you be able to accomplish this?

Hi Rhonda,

I’m not sure. Why don’t you run that question by the folks over at Alluminare when you talk with them?

Thanks again for your entries and enthusiasm!

Whew!!! What a whirlwind the past few days has been with all of your wonderful patterns and designs. Hundreds of designs came in over the last week and two even squeaked in at the absolute last minute last night!!

Thanks to all of you for your creativity and energy.

NOW….our panel of fantabulous, expert judges are hard at work narrowing this field. More to come about that soon….

In the meantime, any of you with children, be sure to have them submit a drawing or a painting for our Father’s Day Art Challenge that ends this coming Monday night. Some beautifully touching submissions have come in so far, and 3 randomly-chosen kids will win their artwork on canvas in time for a great Father’s Day gift!

Create on,

Unfortunately, i could´t upload my file in web colors and it looks a bit strage (like fluor colors). it looks totally different….btw,i have the file in the original colors, could we send you the originals? if it´s no possibility, no problem, I understand.

Hi Dominique,

I’m sorry to hear that. I think it would be unfair to do anything after the deadline. Thankfully with Alluminare, the patterns are designed for the customer to have the ability to customize the color scheme. So I suspect the judges will consider the pattern a bit more than the color. But I have learned something to share with all next time.

Thanks so much for participating!

Pls do declare the date of announceing the top ten entries. Egarly waiting for the results! Also, must say a ‘great copitition’ with ‘fantastic outcome’. CONGRATS!


Hi Kevat,

It’s going to take a little time. I had mentioned in the Challenge post that the Results story would be published on June 14. That may even be pushed back a week later. Our judges are currently busy narrowing the field from the 475 designs — more news about that process soon. Within a few weeks we will announce the “top ten” designs that will go up for public voting. Part of our process this time will be showing the top ten design images as they would look applied to some of the Alluminare products, so that is part of the time line for this Challenge.

Watch the blog for announcements very soon with the dates of the “top ten” announcement, the voting time frame, and the date of the post announcing the winner, and more!


I know that JUNE is going to be a great month….EXCITING!

It will be Rhonda!! Things are moving along well with the preliminary judging. I will be announcing some exciting news and the final time frames for choosing the winner soon!

Thanks to you and all the other talented artists!

[…] and designers from around the globe worked hard to create 475 amazing original patterns for’s Alluminare Design […]

Hi Artists!!

Made a BIG announcement today about the judging for this Alluminare Design Challenge! Renowned Interior and Home Products Designer, TV Host and Author, Christopher Lowell is leading our team of design judges!!

The narrowing of entries is going really well. Some great designs are still in the running and Christopher is due to make the announcement of the Top Ten designs–and to kick off the public voting–on Monday, June 14th! Read the post at the link above for more details.

Thanks for your patience. We wanted the best people judging your work.


Design, create, beauty, inspiration, love of life, inner happiness, thankful for finding this site!!!!!…..
I wanted to share a few designs…check my new site and let me know your thoughts! I am very excited about this contest and looking forward to TOMORROW!!! Good luck to EVERYONE!

[…] and Independent Graphic Artist and Allluminare World Class Designer, Libby Unwin. They went through 475 submissions from all over the world and by the time I received the final thirty (like the final weeks of American Idol), every […]

hi, i just re-checked my designs and it seems some of them are just not set up to repeat seamlessly… is this going to be a desclassifying design? is there a possibility that i send you the correct file in case my design is classified? sorry for my mistake… 🙁
bes regards

Hi Karina,

We asked that designs repeat seamlessly, but one was not disqualified if it did not. We did however disqualify a number of designs that came in with too many colors.

Not sure about yours in particular. Please email me with a note about when you submitted them:

We got such a fabulous response and so many high-quality designs and this Challenge closed to entries on May 19.

Christopher Lowell just announced the TOP TEN designs today, and you can vote for your favorite here:

Thanks so much, Karina! Keep watch for more design Challenges coming soon!


Thanks everyone, for the great designs and your votes. I’ll announce the winner (and Alluminare’s next World Class Designer) Monday evening (California time). Night all!!

[…] tally for the top three was: Jahnvi Thaker 214, Billy Hobbs 184, Renata Rubim 83. Maria Cheek and Nicky Martin were close […]

I demand a recount! I just know there were hanging chads! HAHAHA!! CONGRATULATIONS TO JAHNVI THAKER! And congrats to all the top ten as well. All the designs were gorgeous!


You are so funny. And talented too. I know many people loved your design — great work!!


[…] is clearly a violation of the rules of the Challenge, as stated in the original post and in the Challenge Instructions. We therefore, declare our runner-up, Billy Hobbs, as Winner of […]

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