Imageglow Design Challenge Winner & More

We said this Challenge would be brilliant. And in the end, that’s what it came down to…a striking design that glowed.

Congratulations to Jahnvi Thaker of Ahmedabad, Gujrat, India!

Jahnvi Thaker Imageglow Entry

The community chose Jahnvi Thaker’s joyful, contemporary design (Entry # 323) to win the Imageglow® Design Challenge!!

And although you expressed your enthusiasm for all three of the finalists, Jahnvi’s design took an early lead and rarely fell behind in the voting.

Gary said: “No doubt, all are beautiful… But seems that design no. 2 by Jahnvi is something really gets the attention…I just keep on imaging how it will really look in actual piece.”

Maria said: “I liked how the candle glowed best with Jahnvi’s design.”

So Jahnvi! Imageglow Candles founder Linda Marshall will be in touch with you, to move forward on producing your design for her retail home decor and gift markets, and you will receive royalty payments for the sales of your candle! Linda will also send you a case of six Imageglow lantern candles in your design, for you, your friends and family to enjoy. Fabulous!

Everyone — watch for Jahnvi’s design for sale later this year at Imageglow, and at retailers across the U.S.

Now back to the top three designs. The final, official vote tally was
Jahnvi: 410, Stephanie: 135, and Audrey: 100.

There really was plenty of support in votes and comments for all three, and for good reason. Many of you said–and I agree–that any one of the finalists’ designs would make a gorgeous Imageglow candle. Really great work Stephanie and Audrey! I see much success ahead for both of you.

Stephanie Costello of Pleasanton, California, USA’s contemporary paisley (Entry # 349) hit a fresh note with many of you:

Stephanie Costello Imageglow Entry

Cameron said: “I love Stephanie’s retro yet thoroughly modern take on the paisley. Great colors and really playful!”

Jane said: “Love Stephanie’s work!”

And Audrey Martin of San Francisco, California, USA’s creative “collage” design (Entry # 91) won the hearts of many.

Audrey Martin Imageglow Entry

Amy said: “The lit candle animates the creatures beautifully. I like that you can only see parts of the bird from different angles — the mystery makes me keep looking. I feel like if I had this in my home, it would be a topic of conversation.”

Emi said: “It could go equally well in a traditional interior or a really clean, modern one for contrast.”

I promised I’d share with you the rest of the designs that our expert judges loved. Before they narrowed to the top three (of the 385 designs submitted), we ended up with a “short list” of eleven “semi-finalist” entries.

So kudos and an Honorable Mention to the rest of list, shown in no particular order below. I’ve included a snap of a quick cylindrical mock-up of each, and some of our panel’s comments about these standout designs.

Olga Zavadska in Brighton, United Kingdom, Entry # 113

Olga Zavadska Design

The design has a very contemporary look. I like the handcrafted look and feel of this pattern. The simple repetive natural element running around the outside of the lantern candle is appealing with a touch of whimsy. It’s fresh + sunny. (Would look great on a coffee table with matching throw pillows on the sofa, hand screen printed on persimmon linen).

Edmond Mankyan in Prague, Czech Republic, Entry # 101

Edmond Manukyan Design

This has a look of vintage wallpaper…and colors are fresh. A fresh take on traditional tapestry patterns. This cleaned up pattern has floral and aviary elements that are popular for both modern and traditional decor. The color palette would look beautiful when glowing.

Bev Snider in Echo Lake, Ontario, Canada, Entry # 31

Bev Snider Design

This is such a unique pattern. It has depth of color and energy. It uses a natural motif in a very modern way.

Anca Stefanescu in California, USA, Entry # 315

Anca Stefanescu Design

This is very original + has a lot of colors in it. It suggests refracted light, stained glass, lights in the rain, or tissue collage. …would be beautiful with glowing light illuminating it. …would work well with other patterns. Has good chameleon-like qualities.

Angie Amaro in Walnut Creek, California, USA, Entry # 293

Angie Amaro Design

This handpainted pattern has a lovely feel to it. The floral pattern has a textile/wallpaper feel to it. This pattern would work well in traditional, shabby chic and cottage interiors.

Jenny Naylor in Swindon, United Kingdom, Entry # 123

Jenny Naylor Design

I think this is modern and sophisticated. The layers of imagery would look great when backlit. This patterns seems to combine a tech theme with natural elements and graphic pattern.

Hajnalka Zajacz in Timar, Szabolcs, Hungary, Entry # 364

Hajnalka Zajacz Design

This is the most artful of all of the patterns. The handpainted brushstrokes + layers of color would look lovely when illuminated. The ink stokes add a good contrast. The fairy + butterflies are charming and hopeful.

Luisa Isabel Taguiang in Manila, Philippines, Entry # 307

Luisa Isabel Taguiang Design

A whimsical design filled with Teddy bears. I like the hearts in some. This has a Japan-pop and cartoon feel to it which is fun. A happy delightful pattern. Should appeal to a tween/teen buyer.

Thanks again to all the incredible artists and designers that entered. We are blessed to have such creative souls in this world.!

Watch our home page for an invitation this Wednesday to take part in another exciting design Challenge!!

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Please let the artists know what you think of their work with your comment below.

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18 Comments for “Imageglow Design Challenge Winner & More”

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[…] Design Challenge Challenge Update: You have chosen the Imageglow Design Challenge Winner — Read the results at the announcement post. Then please do scroll down here and see all 385 of the wonderful designs that you submitted from […]

Hi kathy,

I was waiting for the results.

Thank u so much.

I would also like to thank the judges for selecting my entry in top 3 & i specially thank to all those people who voted for me.

Congratulations, Jahnvi!! Beautiful work! So glad you saw the announcement. I will put Linda in touch with you and can’t wait to see your candle design for sale.

Thanks again,
— Kathy

the best 1 has won! im really happy with the results. congrats! also do update more such great compititions.also thanks 4 ur reply!

Probably the worst design that i have ever seen in this contest win.

Really, Garret? Many people disagreed with you.

Hi, I love candles 91 and 101…Will you realize it? Can I buy it, I really LOVE it and want it to buy.Can I order more pieces?

I recommend to implement all the top 11 – they love those designs. and I too want to subscribe to those designs. I liked! What do you think?

I second the motion!

Hi Pauline — Those are gorgeous. I remember when they were submitted thinking how beautiful they were. I will be sure Linda at Imageglow sees your comment.


Hi Malt, Veronica & Pauline!

What a great idea! Now I don’t know what all is involved in committing to produce a design — I’m sure there are fixed costs for any new design and marketing it. So I don’t know about the practicality of producing them all. But I will be sure that Linda at Imageglow sees your comments. I know she really liked many of the designs.

Thanks so much for your enthusiasm,

Thank you to all of the talented artists who entered the Imageglow Design Challenge. We were thrilled with the range of designs and the overall calibre of the entries. Our first order of business is the get the winning design of Jahnvi Padh produced and introduced to the marketplace. However, I know that there are many other designs that we will be contacting the artists about in the future to offer their designs to our wholesale, retail and private label customers.

Please be sure you subscribe to the newsletter (look for the purple sofa to the right above) as well as the mailing list to be kept up to date on new product design releases and Imageglow Design Challenges. You can also follow on Twitter @HomeWorkshop and @Imageglow as well as

I would like to send some of my designs to You which i missed to send in the compitition. I just want to know your take on the designs. May I send my designs? I dont mind you not likeing it.If Yes, how?


Hi Kevat,

Thanks! We’d love to see your designs. Since this Challenge is over, you can certainly email them to me here at and I will get them over to Linda at Imageglow too. (Send in separate emails if they are large files please.)

Also some more great new Challenges are coming (the Alluminare World Class Designer Search just launched.) And this Imageglow Design Challenge was so successful, that we will likely have a Challenge with Imageglow again in the future. So subscribe to our email news, and keep watch here at

Keep on designing,
— Kathy

Thanks to all who voted for me and put me in the short list of eleven………Congrats to Jahnvi Thaker’s on your win…..your entry really is quite joyful……….I would like to add that Hajnalka Zajacz in Timar, Szabolcs, Hungary, Entry # 364 is quite beautiful and so different……thanks to Image Glow for creating such a great contest for all of us….bye for now…bev snider

I hope you have sent the prise money to the winner, jahnvi padh. If not wats d point taking such pain in making the designs!


Hi Kevat,

Thanks for your note. The prize for the Imageglow® Design Challenge is a case of six candles in the winner’s candle pattern/design. Jahnvi was sent two Imageglow lantern candles while the production of the case of her winning designs is being manufactured. Ideally production would have been completed by the end of the year, however, this could not be accomplished to the standard desired in that timeframe. We know Jahnvi will be thrilled with the quality of her candles when produced to the Imageglow® standards.

Additionally, there is the opportunity for Jahnvi, as the winner of this challenge, to earn royalties on the sale of the pattern when put into production. Imageglow’s Linda Marshall and has advised Jahnvi about production timetable and anticipates new designs (including Jahnvi’s pattern) will be available for sale this spring.

I can’t wait to see the candles in the marketplace!

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