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Imageglow Candles 
Our judges’ brains are swirling with pattern and color. I suggest they take today off to do some yoga and slurp down herbal teas. Such a task I hit them with. “Hey! Here are 385 designs — you’ve got two days to narrow this to the top three.” Jeepers.

With our Imageglow Design Challenge, we asked you to submit your original artwork as designs for Imageglow® Candles –a special, all wax hurricane lantern with artist-designed patterns embedded in the wax. The designs glow when illuminated.

Designs poured in from around the globe, 385 of them to be exact. Want to have some fun? Scroll through and look at the entries — The diversity of the artwork is incredible.

We needed some folks who really knew their stuff to choose the top designs. Meet our Panel of Expert Judges:

Linda MarshallLinda Marshall is a right-brain business owner with a background in interior, graphic, product design, and brand marketing. After working as director of image design at Cole Haan/Nike and as VP of design for Deepa Textiles, Linda launched her own studio which focuses on brand marketing and design for select clients in the retail, furniture, textile and design industries. Linda also designs and markets her own product line – Imageglow Candles.

Jim CarperJim Carper is the editor of Gift & Home Today. He is a long-time follower of trends in residential design. He was the founding editor of Home Decor Buyer, an award-winning business magazine for the home furnishings industry.

Jody SalemJody Salem has been in the design business for over 30 years in various design disciplines: Graphic design, product design, fabric design, and food design. “I have had the great good fortune to work with icons of these disciplines,” said Jody. She has been a part of Frog Design, Pentagram, Lunar Design, Unigraphics and Deepa Textiles. Jody considers herself “the ultimate design groupie” and is currently exploring her own art.

Our judges–with their varied tastes and opinions–reviewed, and re-reviewed entries, narrowed lists and narrowed again. The panel met and justified their choices. They had to consider factors like:

  • How would the design appear when made into the cylindrical shape of the candle, with only a portion visible at a time?
  • How would the colors look when illuminated by the warm candle flame?
  • How would the design appeal to customers in current home decor and retail gift marketplaces?

Thanks to all the artists! We were insanely impressed with the quality of the entries, and many, many were good enough to make a beautiful Imageglow Candle. Before the top three, we had narrowed to a list of the top eleven entries created by artists from all around the world. (I’ll be sharing more about those with you next week.)

Now, it’s your turn! Review the top three entries and vote for your favorite. Tell your friends to vote too.

In your opinion, what would make the best Imageglow Candle design? You’ll see the design flat and (thanks to Linda Marshall) as a cylinder and as an illuminated cylinder.

  • Just one vote is allowed per person. (We know you’ll all play fair, but if we find evidence of someone voting multiple times, we will delete those votes.)
  • The voting will end in one week (at 11:59 p.m. Pacific Time on Sunday, March 28).
  • We’ll announce the winner of the Imageglow Design Challenge with a post on Monday, March 29!!
Remember, your top vote-getter will win the Challenge and the Prize:

  • A case of six Imageglow lantern-style candles in their own design! (Retail value $160.+)
  • Excellent recognition and fame.
  • Imageglow® will produce and market candles with the winner’s design!!
  • The winner will earn a designer’s royalty of 5% of the wholesale selling price, paid quarterly!!

Can’t wait to see who you choose!

Here we go. In no particular order, the Finalists for our Imageglow Design Challenge are:

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Check out all 3 entries:

1. Stephanie Costello in Pleasanton, CA, USA2. Jahnvi Thaker in Ahmedabad, Gujrat, India
3. Audrey Martin in San Francisco, CA, USA 

1. From Stephanie Costello in Pleasanton, CA, USA:

Stephanie Costello's entry

(Original Challenge Entry Number 349)

Stephanie described her design as an “Updated twist on traditional paisley. Perfect for summer evenings.” Here’s some of what our judges had to say about Stephanie’s design:

This very detailed pattern pulls a lot of colors together in a sophisticated way. Paisleys always seem to sell well and have broad appeal. The addition of the flowers adds a whimsical touch.

(Click on the image to see greater detail.)

2. From Jahnvi Thaker in Ahmedabad, Gujrat, India:

Jahnvi Thaker's entry

(Challenge Entry Number 323)

Jahnvi described the design as “A linear pattern with flowers.” Here’s our judges reaction to Jahnvi’s design:

The color is very now. While this pattern is very simple it creates a striking effect with the bright white pattern on the orange background. Orange is a great home accent color right now and also looks great with the warm candlelight behind it.

(Click on the image to see greater detail.)

3. From Audrey Martin in San Francisco, CA, USA:

Audrey Martin's entry

(Original Challenge Entry Number 91)

Audrey described the design with: “Sometimes it’s just fun to be a bit flowery….” Here’s what the judges had to say:

This is very modern, original and has beautifully rendered on-trend motifs (birds, butterfly, damask) Collage is a big part of the indie high-craft movement which is doing so well rqight now (Etsy, etc).

(Click on the image to see greater detail.)

30 Comments for “Vote for our Imageglow Design Challenge Winner”

What a job you had narrowing those down! These 3 are fabulous, each in their own way.

[…] Challenge finalists have been chosen and now it’s your turn to vote for our Winning Design! Visit here now to vote for your favorite of the top three entries! Voting will be active for one week, until Sunday, March 28 at 11:59 p.m., Pacific […]

Great choices! Wish I could vote twice- but I liked how the candle glowed best with Jahnvi’s design.

Love these three finalists – can’t imagine how you narrowed the entries down, however! Since I had to choose just one, my favorite is Audrey’s design, because I love vintage illustrations. The way Audrey combined them into her original design in such an intricate way really impressed me.

Going by the yellow flame of candle ..I think Jahnvi’s design is the best of the three..As a warm color orange is a stimulant — stimulating the emotions and even the appetite. It also reminds us of our day-2-day life around the changing leaves of fall, the setting sun, and the skin and meat of citrus fruit.

The first design seems to be little dull and the third one is somewhat harsh and does not go well with candle’s image!!!!

They are all lovely but I have a thing for birds so Audrey’s immediately captivated my attention. It is just gorgeous!

No doubt, all are beautiful… But seems that design no. 2 by Jahnvi is something really gets the attention…i just keep on imaging how it will really look in actual piece. Great show..all the best

Audrey’s design leaps out as the most original right away. It calls to mind 19th-century scientific drawings, re-imagined (and saturated with color) for 2010. Her use of flora and fauna brings the outdoors in, and the lit candle animates the creatures beautifully. I like that you can only see parts of the bird from different angles — the mystery makes me keep looking. I feel like if I had this in my home, it would be a topic of conversation.

Love Stephanie’s work! Good luck Creative Artistic and Clever Woman!!!

Audrey’s candle speaks to me! It makes me think of a warm summer night–perfect for the gloomy winter months!

While I appreciated all 3 designs, I could actually visualize Audrey’s design on wallpaper in a room – residential or commercial. It’s a pattern that is elegant and contemporary so the application of the design could be fused with contemporary modern finishes in a variety of settings. After I finish working with my client on her commercial lease, I’d love to present the design to be used as a finishing product for her boutique.

Beautiful, dreamy, magical. Love it!

My vote is for Audrey’s design. In addition to being beautiful, the images of her design have movement and so will be further enhanced by the glow and motion of the candle flame. While all the designs are lovely, I think Audrey incorportated the candle into her design.

My vote is for Audrey’s. The design is beautiful, and it works with a wide range of styles. It could go equally well in a traditional interior or a really clean, modern one for contrast.

I vote for Audrey’s candle design. In my opinion it is exceptionally exquisite and unique. Simply beautiful! Good job!

I love Stephanie’s retro yet thoroughly modern take on the paisley. Great colors and really playful! She’s got my vote!

My vote is for Jahnvi Thaker in Ahmedabad, Gujrat, India. I thought her design was very cute and stylish.

Liked Jahnvi’s work! Best luck really creative.

My vote is for jahnvi Thaker as it is very beautiful and looks like a pure soul looking at the sun and getting an energy from it.

Happy Sunday Evening!

As a reminder to all people voting on the Challenge, quoted from the rules above:

“Just one vote is allowed per person. (We know you’ll all play fair, but if we find evidence of someone voting multiple times, we will delete those votes.)”

Seriously. Thanks!

I voted for Audrey’s. Can we see the top eleven? I’m just curious to see what other designs you particularly liked… ;D

Hi Malt,

You must be a mind-reader. Planning to post those tomorrow.

Thanks for asking!

the voting system should not be in % but the number of votes should b counted. it would be good for all of the three.

Hi Kevat,

Good suggestion. We do track both. I will be reporting the numbers in tomorrow’s post.

Thanks for voting!

My vote is for jahnvi Thaker as it is very beautiful.

i LOVED stephanie’s design. its new and fresh – something we haven’t seen before. good luck!!

We are anxiously waiting for the results. please update your post as early as possible. cant wait any more!

Hi Nandita,

Sorry! I updated that on the Home page and on this post: about four hours back. Just forgot to link it in here.

Hope you enjoy!
— Kathy

[…] although you expressed your enthusiasm for all three of the finalists, Jahnvi’s design took an early lead and rarely fell behind in the voting. […]

Hi All!

Thanks for all your comments on what was your favorite design. I kept quiet to not influence the voting.

But as Nancy and others said, it was a job for the judges to narrow the choices from all the really well-done and diverse designs you submitted. So glad for the judges’ expertise.

Keep watch on for more Challenges (and sign up for our email updates over at the purple couch in the sidebar). Lots more design fun is in progress, and coming soon.

Thanks for your votes!

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