The (Stylish) Power of Twitter

#IDzinechat is Born

Last night there was a bit of a party. A fascinating, chatty, colorful party. And this Design Junkie attended in her pajamas.

You may know that besides producing, I report on interior design and decorating on Twitter (my Twitter name is @HomeWorkshop). It’s been an incredible venue to meet other design-crazed homeowners and design professionals.

Designer Tweets

Now back to last night.

Two women planned a little shindig. North Carolina-based interior designer, Wanda S. Horton (Twitter name @WandaSHorton) and design and furniture industries social media pro Leslie Carothers (on Twitter as @tkpleslie).

Wanda and Leslie’s idea was this event where professional interior designers, specialists, artists, craftspeople and retailers from all areas of all home design, could gather virtually with consumers, in order to answer as many questions as possible, and to share
design tips.

For free.

So last night at 8 pm Eastern, I signed in to Twitter and searched on the special hashtag created for the event. #IDzinechat. (A hashtag is a way to quickly see all the “tweets” (Twitter entries) related to one topic.

Designers on TwitterA few designers including Wanda were online, as well as some homeowners. Right on time, a question rolled in:

Where do I begin a room from scratch?

An answer magically appeared:

  • Start with a carpet and pull colors from that.

And another:

  • We start with the artwork and go from there.

The next query:

How to finish a basement wall system?

  • Put stylish wallpaper on the inside back of shelf sections.
  • Better yet cover with wallpaper removable inserts, for easy updating.

Ideas were flowing, and more and more people came to the party.

Then keyboards and fabric samples began to fly.

Designer Twitter Party

There was talk of Eco-design…

and Feng Shui.

A retailer got instant direction from the field on current hot colors in baby rooms.

Sources were tweeted, and photos of projects. Links to helpful articles and blog posts were shared (yowzah!).

And everybody had an opinion about what to do with the darn TV:

  • Some had great ideas for working it in over the fireplace.
  • Others said okay, but here’s how to camouflage it there.
  • Still others asked why the heck we are still hanging the TV over the fireplace, and hey a decorative cabinet is a better way to go.

Tweet of the evening was awarded to designer @kimberleyseldon:

“u don’t need face lift – u need table lamps”

(I’m off to buy more table lamps first thing tomorrow.)

I admit it’s not the simplest thing to follow a Twitter group conversation. Picture a cocktail party—a big, hip, happening one with the best decor of course—where you are privy to ALL the conversations at once. The key is to smile and jump in when you are interested and have a tidbit to add. (That and to wear hot shoes).

And tools like TweetDeck can help you follow along.

What was the best thing about #IDzinechat?

People met. However briefly, contacts were made. Designers met homeowners and vice versa. Retailers met design pros. And designers met other designers.

It was a friendly neighborhood gathering and (thankfully) with little of neighbor Herb pushing his latest multi-level marketing product.

Designer SlippersPeople came to the party with a genuinely helpful mindset. And this blogger enjoyed
the decor.

So the first #IDzinechat is a wrap. We showered our hostesses with compliments and are plotting the next party. This time you’ll all be on the list.

Get shopping for that hot pair of slippers and I’ll see you there.

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7 Comments for “The (Stylish) Power of Twitter”

Very nicely written. I, too, enjoyed the interchange Thursday evening. Info moved so fast, it was like drinking from a fire hydrant! Your recap was helpful…need a transcript of the entire hour. Alex

Thanks Alex. It was a kick (and I know what you mean about the fire hydrant).

For the future, I found this tool — What the Hashtag? — that organizers can sign up for (in advance) that will provide a transcript. Also, I found CrowdEye a helpful tool to view the conversation after the fact (just type #IDzinechat and hit Search. I found sorting by time the best.)


#IDzinechat was so fun to participate in – we had a blast. It was such a pleasure to ‘meet’ so many professionals in this way.

Great re-cap! Also thanks for the tips about tools to help follow the transcript after. I attend a handful of twitter chats (two simultaneously last week) and cant wait to try those next time!
-Mary Elizabeth Beal from
or @trendfunnel on twitter

I agree, Friday. I met so many new people too!

Thanks for popping in,

Hey Mary Elizabeth,

Thanks! And yup, you’ve gotta have some tools to follow a pumped-up conversation like a Twitter chat.

I appreciate your visit,

[…] Here’s my review of the fun had at the last #IDzinechat: The Stylish Power of Twitter. […]

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