Carlisle Train Station Makeover

There’s a buzz in Carlisle, England around the bold DIY makeover of its railway station, finished late last week for the filming of a Homebase TV commercial.

Carlisle Railway Station Bridge Makeover

Production designer Darrell Cooke and designer Kate McConnell created the metamorphosis of the station for the home improvement giant’s advert. Purple damask wallpaper, comfy couches and floor lamps adorn one platform, and even kitchen units were brought in.

But my favorite is the station’s bridge that was transformed in this celebration of paint and glitzy chandeliers.

Carlisle Railway Bridge Painted Stripes

Carlisle Train Station Painted Stripes and Chandeliers

According to Homebase spokesperson Rebecca Brock, “The campaign is about inspiring people with ideas…so the bridge was completed to demonstrate the range of Homebase paint colors–where any paint color can be mixed in store.”

Here are some shots of the bridge “before.”

Carlisle Train Station Bridge Before

Carlisle Railway Station Bridge and Platform Before

And a peek at some of the platform decor:

Carlisle Train Station Makeover

The makeover was intended as temporary, but some station passengers wish otherwise. The event has even resulted in a Facebook fan page as locals are keen to keep the station under its new guise.

View of Carlisle Railway Station


What do you think? Should the makeover, or parts of the makeover remain?

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13 Comments for “Carlisle Train Station Makeover”

Beauty and artistry makes such a difference in the mood of an everyday life. I bet everyone had a better day just because it started so visually well. I physically cringed at the Before pic. Let it stay!!!!

great pictures – I just wonder why some of the most colorful architecture is all in Europe?

People are so color hungry everywhere, and their FB fan page just proves it 🙂

thanks for sharing,


omg its so cool!
i had wondered what was going on when i arrived there to meet my connections!
its so interesting and has everyone smiling (amidst confusion lol)
keep it!

I really think we should keep this set out 🙂 its super cool and definetly makes everyone smile 😀 Obviously the couches etc…should be removed but the bridge is awesome, and theres no reason for it to go!!! 😛 also the flooring and walls look great as well 😀 xxx

Regina, Yelena, Nicole & Hannah,

The painted bridge is fantastic, isn’t it?

Regina — I know what you mean about beauty and artistry. What a privilege it must be to bring that to people’s spaces like you do.

Yelena — Love your “color hungry” comment. So this is feeding people’s souls then. Wouldn’t “Color Hungry” make a great name for a decorative painting business?

Nicole — It’s great to get your firsthand account. My smile would be wide too (In fact, I am quite sure I would skip over the bridge).

Hannah — I’m with you.

Thanks all for weighing in,

What a confused jumble of colour. The flooring idea is attractive, but I suspect unsustainable, like most Big Bang solutions, sadly.

Hi Owen,

Not everyone is a fan as you demonstrate. And good point about the maintenance. If it were to stay, I wonder who would keep it up in future years?? I would hate to see the bridge part gone — I think it’s so cheerful.

Thanks for stopping in!
— Kathy

[…] The Carlisle Train Station in England was transformed for a TV commercial, however there is so much excitement around it people are hoping it will stay like this. Again, more happy! First and second photos via Mint. Third photo from HomeWorkShop. […]

I’m one of those locals and know a few people in that ad. A I sold my jacket to the producers lol 🙂

I wish they had kept it, it so dreary normally. Most of my friends got to see it all colourful but no one told me about it till the end.

But yeah, should defiantly have kept it that way. Huge improvement.

very nice i walk this station’s bridge 1000’s time retiret railwaymen good job, thank you for the photos.

surely this will be a big test to the quality of dulux paint etc, railway stations deserve the makeover away from the drab of victorian englandlook

Gary and Robert,

Thanks so much for your comments. I was so taken by the colors of the bridge. Wish it could stay, and that those who are designing new public spaces will take more chances like this, with creative color schemes. It would put a smile on so many people’s faces.

Robert — I bet you have many wonderful stories to tell from your career.

Gary — I do wonder how it will hold up.

Thanks for popping in!

Why do we have to have our architectural heritage desecrated in this manner? Can these people with rose-coloured spectacles not leave anything alone? I know this once proud nation of ours has gone down the pan, never to return, but there are some of us who like to appreciate the magnificent work of the great Victorian architects, builders and engineers without it being made a mockery of. I suppose it’s just another aspect of PC, whereby all buildings have to look like Kindergartens, to passively assist in the mal-indoctrination of the British public.

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