What Was Your First Design?

I’m in the mood for some life stories. If you’re anything like me—and I know you are—you’ve been pouring through design magazines and books since you were little.

I remember when I planned the decor of my first room. As a teen, for the first time, Mom and Dad actually let me take charge of what my room would look like.

This was unreal.

Redwood Forest

I dove into Mom’s stack of House Beautifuls, Speigel and Sears catalogs and made my plans. I chose shades of fresh green bedding, a plump reading pillow, and an unbelievably cool, giant redwood-tree photo mural for the long wall.

We turned part of my closet into a little alcove for my desk and sewing machine, complete with a fab clamp-on lamp. In that forest room, my buddy Gladys and I spent hours hanging out and gabbing, trying on disco scarves, belting out Bee-Gees songs to 8-track tapes (seriously), sewing, giggling and generally plotting our lives.

I can still close my eyes and be transported to that bedroom. For the first time, I had altered the feeling of a space with my ideas—my room actually felt like a serene, comfy forest.

Awesome beyond belief.

For many of us, design is our passionate hobby. For others, it’s a profession. For some, it’s become our life’s mission. But this all started somewhere—and that’s what I want
to know.

So let’s hear your story.

What’s the first room you remember having a hand in designing or decorating?

Or what was the first creative project you took part in, where you remember making a difference in your surroundings?

Can’t wait.

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3 Comments for “What Was Your First Design?”

Funny that I ended up as an interior designer because my uber-hip, Ash blond ponytailed Barbie was my first client. My friend Terri and I did many many cool homes for her, some with mod sunken living rooms and Japanese style dining areas. I never used actual doll furniture but, made my own out of found items like bath tiles, small sashet pillows and scraps of wood. And yes, I still have her.

You are making me smile here. Lucky, lucky doll. I can picture the fab homes you made for her (wish you had pictures!) — actually the rooms sound quite sophisticated and it’s no wonder you ended up in the design trade.

I think one of these days we need to run a doll-house decor challenge — don’t you?

Thanks for sharing!

Doll house decor would be fun or even a gingerbread house challenge for next christmas!

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