2010 Color Trends

by Regina Garay

Today let’s talk color with our Decorative Painting and Surface Design Expert, and Contributor Regina Garay. Regina blogs about her creative work and inspiration
at Fauxology.

You would think that since color is such a personal choice for many of us, that the yearly color trends would not make a ripple at all.  We like what we like, correct? 

However, color is a monumental business — it cycles in many industries: fashion, home and merchandising, to name a few. The continual cycle of color throughout our lives keeps things fresh and our souls nourished. But how exactly do these trends come about?

Cans of Paint

There are color experts who predict, years in advance, what hues will make the most impact in a given year.  Fashion starts off the process that then influences home design.  The colors you see in a fashion designer’s collection starts to seep into the visual merchandising of the shelter stores and design magazines. 

Three leading organizations outline these color palettes, and when tempered with our personal color leanings, they continually inspire us to create uplifting surroundings.  What could be better?  Let’s take a look at color schemes making an impact this year:

Pantone - TurquoisePANTONE

Pantone is a world-renowned authority on color.  This year, it chose Turquoise as its color of the year and says that “the inviting, luminous hue inspires thoughts of soothing tropical water and is a comforting escape from the everyday troubles of the world.” 

Pantone also adds that turquose is “universally flattering, with both men and women reacting to it positively”. 

On its site you’ll find a bit more explanation about Pantone’s choice.


The Color Marketing Group (CMG) is the association for color design professionals.  Its main focus is to identify the direction of color and design trends.  In fact, if you’d like to read about how exactly color is forecasted, read the explanation of its process here.  For 2010, CMG’s color of choice is Grape — specifically, “Mardi Grape.”. 

CMG - Mardi Grape

It’s a color that is “a sophisticated crossover of purple, brown and gray”.  James Martin, CMG President, says “Purple has been with us for a while now, but the big story today is that we’re seeing purple as a neutral for the very first time. This purple is browner and grayer, a neutral we can love long-term.”


Now we move beyond a single color and into color schemes. The Paint Quality Institute has one goal: to educate consumers and professionals about the use of paints and coatings.  This year, it notes that due to social and economic influences, more and more homeowners are taking on the tasks of simple home projects and improving their current space. 

To this end, it chose three color schemes:

  1. Good Morning consists of hues that are fresh, clean and comfortable.  These include honey-like hues, corals, yellows and mineral grays;
  2. Good Night touches upon the trend of including the fifth wall (the ceiling) into your design to create a fuller, softer space.  These hues include midnight blues, eggplant or wine and even pastels; and
  3. Good Bye embraces the home staging necessary to create an inviting space — one that you say hello to (when buying) or farewell to (when selling). These colors include khakis, mid-toned blues, off white and black.
PQI Good MorningPQI Good NightPQI - GoodBye

The Paint Quality Institute also regularly uploads videos about colors and paints at its YouTube channel.

I hope this has proved informative. I always think it’s fun to keep an eye out for the design magazines and see how the color trend predictions unfold throughout the year.  Leading paint companies and others also make their trend predictions.

Decorative Painter Regina GarayWhatever color you choose for your home, make sure that it’s one you love — that’s one trend that never goes away.  Until next time!


Regina Garay is an accomplished artisan with creativity and energy to spare. A specialist at all manner of decorative painting techniques, she shares with us tips, how-to’s and trends in surface design, as well as inspiration from the design of public spaces.

Owner and Creative Director for Orlando, Florida’s Garay Artisans, Regina also pens the popular Fauxology blog.


What colors are currently inspiring you? Do you find your tastes changing over the years, and what do you think drives that?

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5 Comments for “2010 Color Trends”

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You know I always enjoy reading your articles Regina!

Regina, I am glad that I follow your blog, your research and professional insight is very encouraging and your articles are very informative as well I look forward to your next post…

Being a past member of the ISCC I am always looking a new colors to see what is being presented to the consumer. In most cases I always tell them to use colors they truly like and not get caught up in color fads.

Hi John,

It is important to honor your own taste when it comes to decorating, I agree. I do know though that people love to know what the trends are, as our color trends pieces are some of the most popular stories on our site. I guess you learn what may be fashionable, but then follow your heart.

Thanks for stopping in!

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