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The (Stylish) Power of Twitter

The (Stylish) Power of Twitter #IDzinechat is Born Last night there was a bit of a party. A fascinating, chatty, colorful party. And this Design Junkie attended in her pajamas. You may know that besides producing, I report on interior design and decorating on Twitter (my Twitter name is @HomeWorkshop). It’s been an incredible venue to meet other design-crazed homeowners and design professionals. Now back to last night. Two […] Read more »

Beauty in the Ordinary

Beauty in the Ordinary Artist Profile — Nancy Monsebroten Award-winning ceramicist Nancy Monsebroten examines things others walk right past. “As a child I was very lucky to grow up on an isolated farm in North Dakota,” said Nancy. “I was outside all the time, walking through nature and looking at nature. I knew where every flower was and when it bloomed. We didn’t get a TV until I was […] Read more »

Carlisle Train Station Makeover

Carlisle Train Station Makeover There’s a buzz in Carlisle, England around the bold DIY makeover of its railway station, finished late last week for the filming of a Homebase TV commercial. Painted bridge photographs by Martin Armstrong Production designer Darrell Cooke and designer Kate McConnell created the metamorphosis of the station for the home improvement giant’s advert. Purple damask wallpaper, comfy couches and floor lamps adorn one platform, and […] Read more »

How to Make a Living Room Slob Proof

How to Make a Living Room Slob Proof When interior designer Debbie Wiener makes over a room, her goal is twofold: 1) To create a beautiful environment that people are pleased to be in and 2) To “Slobproof” it. Debbie coined the term Slobproof to describe her philosophy of designing with families and pets in mind. Here’s a living room that Debbie recently decorated. The room before was bland and lacked the warmth […] Read more »

Float Your Workdays Away

Float Your Workdays Away Here’s a creative use of space, that an adventurous entrepreneur might appreciate. WaterSpace in the UK has come up with the H2Office — a floating office space designed to fit perfectly into an unused marina slip. Take a look: According to WaterSpace, the H2Office includes: Space for one or two people to work A “breakout” area (perhaps for small meetings, meals etc.) An external sun […] Read more »

DIY No Sew Elegant Window Valance

DIY No Sew Elegant Window Valance by Leona Gaita Today we are joined by Leona Gaita, Interior Design Expert and Contributor. Leona shares with us her inspiring ideas and advice to help us enrich our homes and lives with beauty and elegance. — If you get the urge for a fresh little warming up for your windows, but you don’t know your way around a sewing machine, here’s a very […] Read more »

The Colors of Canada’s Passion

The Colors of Canada’s Passion Artist Profile — Carole Spandau Sparks fly from the keyboard when two of my interests intersect. It’s happening today as I write about art and ice hockey. Yup — this lover of art and design teared up Friday when Bobby Orr carried the Olympic flag, and has been known to wake her babies when Joe Thornton scores a goal. With the Olympics in Canada, I […] Read more »

What Was Your First Design?

What Was Your First Design? I’m in the mood for some life stories. If you’re anything like me—and I know you are—you’ve been pouring through design magazines and books since you were little. I remember when I planned the decor of my first room. As a teen, for the first time, Mom and Dad actually let me take charge of what my room would look like. This was unreal. I […] Read more »

Rugs That Grandma Would Love

Rugs That Grandma Would Love There’s a trend afoot: Rugs that celebrate the handmade are making a comeback. Like lovingly pieced patchwork quilts, traditionally crafted carpets bring nostalgia and comfort to uncertain times. Hand-hooked wool, raggy braids, and woven recycled textiles—rugs your grandma would love—add a party of saturated color, and the warmth of nubby texture to your space. It’s an Etsy shopping day today—enjoy our handcrafted rug finds from […] Read more »

A Cook’s California Kitchen

A Cook’s California Kitchen Renovation of a 1940’s Kitchen What happens when you’re born to cook, but your kitchen isn’t? That was the case for the woman who hangs her apron in this beautiful Southern California, Spanish Colonial Revival home. The existing kitchen had vintage 40’s charm—but its style was not in keeping with the home’s architecture or with its rich color palette. And it was far from convenient […] Read more »

RoomsByYou Custom Home Textiles Challenge

RoomsByYou Custom Home Textiles Challenge Design Junkies, get your right brains on — it’s time to click and create. This is a Prize Challenge and somebody’s going to win up to $350 worth of gorgeous, customized home textiles! On the Web today with just a few clicks of the mouse, we have incredible design and decorating power to help us produce stylish, individualized spaces. Case in point? RoomsByYou. It’s a […] Read more »

2010 Color Trends

2010 Color Trends by Regina Garay Today let’s talk color with our Decorative Painting and Surface Design Expert, and Contributor Regina Garay. Regina blogs about her creative work and inspiration at Fauxology. — You would think that since color is such a personal choice for many of us, that the yearly color trends would not make a ripple at all.  We like what we like, correct?  However, color […] Read more »

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