Munkii Bookshelf — Love it or Leave it?

It’s time again for your gut reaction to a design. Have a look at the Highboy Bookshelf from designer Jaren Goh for Singapore-based Munkii.

Munkii Highboy

Does this antique-inspired piece work for you? Tell us what you think.

(via Home Accents Today.)

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6 Comments for “Munkii Bookshelf — Love it or Leave it?”


I just do not like it! That is so wrong. Contemp….NO….Vintage….No, English…..No, French….No! Just ugly. Sorry!

If there were more than one, say two or three side by side, the effect would be even better, and the outer boxiness would be diminished a bit. I love it.

I love it…

Hi All,

Thanks for your thumbs ups and downs. I was waiting until a few of you chimed in to reveal how I feel about the piece. Adore it. Whimsical but with a nod to the past.

And hey Matt! How’s Mt. Rushmore (or the other great new project) coming along?

Happy New Year All,
– Kathy

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