Yikes! The Small Appliance Migration

by Susan Serra, CKD

Today our Kitchen Design Expert and Contributor, Susan Serra, CKD helps us with a pesky seasonal occurrence. Known to many as “The Kitchen Designer” for her popular blog, Susan is an award-winning Certified Kitchen Designer, with a national clientele.

We’re planning our holiday meals, entertaining friends and family, and giving our kitchens a great workout in the process! It’s a time when we enjoy using our kitchen equipment, the equipment which we may not (shhhh!) otherwise use so frequently throughout the year.

The mixer, Cuisinart (I have 3 of various sizes on my countertop), blender, toaster, toaster oven, various coffee appliances, and soooo many more small appliances find their way to our countertops. I may exaggerate just a bit, but at the time when we want our homes to look their very best (so that it looks as if the meals make themselves) clutter becomes our close friend.

Kitchen Countertop

Let’s think about how we can manipulate the clutter into something interesting, even beautiful…by using reverse psychology as one method. I’ve got an idea that I’d like you
to try.

White and Black Kitchen

And it’s simple! Add decorative items to your countertops. Blend in a decorative piece here and there to soften what can be a hard, utilitarian, feeling. I’m wiping my brow just looking at all those work-focused small appliances!

Make use of a 45-degree corner to showcase a decorative platter; add a few books (always a warm touch) or a vase of seasonal greens from the garden. Add a candle in a glass holder, ornaments, even a small painting against the backsplash wall. Unexpected, lovely, warm.

Kitchen Countertop 2

Pay attention to size, proportion, color. Collectible items which are too small will add quickly to the confusion. Rather, several larger decorative items interspersed amongst the small appliances will work to camouflage older, worn, equipment. Use color to blend with the appliances or to add a delightful bright spot that may be nicely balanced elsewhere in the kitchen.

Beautiful Storage of Small Kitchen Appliances

I think one might see one more advantage to dressing up the countertops. Change is good and it just might keep spirits elevated at the time when cooking is in high gear!

the kitchen designerSusan Serra is a CKD (Certified Kitchen Designer), an award winning designer and the principal of Susan Serra Associates, Inc., for nearly 20 years.

Susan’s design work is widely published in online and print shelter publications and she is a frequent source for the media on kitchen design issues.

Susan’s blog “The Kitchen Designer” is the most read blog authored by a professional kitchen designer.



So are you buried in baking? How’s your kitchen holding up?

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One Comment for “Yikes! The Small Appliance Migration”

Great ideas and gorgeous pics! I do so loved a lived-in kitchen but one that gets high design marks, too. Will have to incorporate some of your suggestions, thank you!

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