Ta Da! Challenge # 18 Results

Kenneth’s Lamp A Thousand Ways

Kenneth-Brown-Lamp-with-Fall-LeavesAll the way from Snoqualmie in Washington State, to Dublin, Ireland, Design Junkies uploaded their creative plans to personalize designer Kenneth Brown’s unique lamp (from his QVC Collection).

You can quickly update your room’s décor by changing the contents. of the lamp’s glass cylinder.

We loved the diversity of the entries; there were colored glass tiles, marbles, Mickey Mouse beads and mini pumpkins.

We saw beautiful fabrics, rich brown coffee beans (always a hit with me), colorful office supplies and even the innards of a fish tank.

“The varied ideas were surprising!” Kenneth said.

Everyone thoughtfully described how they would fill their lamp and how this would add to their home’s decor.

It’s time to announce who’s won. First off, Kenneth sends his thanks to everyone
who entered. And the winner is…

Kenneth has chosen Ashley Lohman of Richmond, Virginia as the winner of the Lamp Challenge!! Kenneth understands that it is hard to edit when you’re “right-sizing” your home and believes that the cleverness of using something like the matchbooks, that have sentimental value, is great!

They can also “strike-up” many conversations that allow you to share the memories. The clincher was her play on the concept–“electric light housing match light.”

Here is Ashley’s Entry:

Ashley Lohman Challenge Entry

“We’ve gutted a small yet charming older home and have created a “right-size living” space where the layout is completely functional and no square inch is wasted. Only what we love and what has sentimental value to us is making it back in.

I would fill my lamp with matchbooks we’ve collected from special events, restaurants and places we’ve visited that have meaning to us. Beyond showcasing our memories, in this way the lamp would feature little pieces of art. And I like the play on the concept of light — electric light housing match light.”

So Happy Thanksgiving Ashley! Zip me over an email so Kenneth will know where to ship your lamp. Everyone can check out all the Challenge entries here. A few more of my favorites:

Artist Bernadette Merikle of Snoqualmie, Washington’s plan for her brushes:

Bernadette Merikle Challenge Entry

“I paint in the dark. And it really shows. If I had this lamp, I would fill it with some of my older brushes as an “artistic statement” if you will that I’ve seen the light.

More practically, I’d put it in the little corner of the closet that I get to paint in to shed some light on the subject and maybe be a better painter because of it. Practical, but beautiful at the same time. My kind of decor.”

Courtney Martin of Watauga, Texas’s striking multimedia-collage concept:

Courtney Martin Entry

“I would take various pictures of my family, my children, myself and my husband and transpose them into small black and white prints. I would arrange them in such a way that the entire surface of the lamp would be covered with images.

I would also add small dried flowers from special events such as our wedding between the pictures to fill blank areas. Along the bottom and top inside of the base, I would arrange a string of pearls, as they are my favourite and mean a lot to me. (I’m using a generic photo to show purpose.)”

And Patty Day of Griffin, Georgia’s glitzy idea:

Patty Day Entry

“Sparkle, Glamor…..I would add hundreds of crystals from lighting fixtures no longer in use! Gives a great look, especially when the lamp is turned on! The light reflecting on the crystals ….and WOW, what a great addition for the Holidays!”


Thanks again to all who entered. We can’t wait for you (and everyone else who almost entered) to try another Challenge!

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2 Comments for “Ta Da! Challenge # 18 Results”

I am so excited!!! I just clicked on Spoonflower under Design Sites and I could not believe what I found! A couple of years ago I had an idea to combine a great friends art with pajamas and did not know where to have fabric made. What a great site. Thanks for sharing.

Hey Patience!

I’m so glad you found Spoonflower—it’s a great operation. So cool that you can design and have printed your own fabric. The idea of custom, on-demand and design your own is becoming more available to the masses.

You should also check out the recently launched RoomsByYou that offers custom, on-demand designer fabrics as well as bedding and accessories. I just posted a fun Challenge around it too.

So glad you stopped by and clicked around! See you in the mountains….

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