A Design Junkie’s Wish List

Except a return to good health for my best friend, my Christmas wish list is short this year. I am so fortunate with loved ones, and being able to talk with incredible designers, artists, craftspeople and DIY’ers every day.

What more could I want?

There is this.

Miniature Designer Chair Collection

My mouth dropped open when I came across Design Store Tokyo’s miniature Designer Chair Collection. 42 perfect, 1/12 replicas of some of the world’s most recognizable designs.


And since posting that review of Judith Miller’s new book, Chairs, I’ve learned that many of you share the same chair-craving affliction. In the U.S., you can buy volumes of 9 miniature chairs each, through BC USA.

Enjoy, and be sure to tell Santa.

(via InventorSpot.)

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9 Comments for “A Design Junkie’s Wish List”

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how do i order the set of miniture chairs?

Hi. Did you actually buy from this seller? Are they trustful?

Hi B. & Ana,

The vendors of the chairs are Japan Online Shop (in Japan), and in the USA, BC Mini.

I wish I could tell you more about the vendor/reliability, but I have yet to order the chairs. Would love to. Please let me know if you do.

Thanks for popping in!

Hi Kathy! I just got an email from them confirming the information on the website. Well, this is no guarantee, I guess only ordering it to see how it comes…I think I´ll give it a try, maybe one set! I´ll let you know.
I´m an interior design student from Brazil (though I´m in U.S now,visiting my sister) and just LOVED your website! Congratulations!!! Oh, can you tell me if you know about any events in Architecture/design happening beetween now an january,18 next to New Orleans or new York?
Thank you so much!

I just added your website on my favorite list, a list of sites that I often read…is that ok?

Hi Ana!

How exciting that you ordered some! I bet these would look fabulous on a sleek display shelf above your desk (maybe acrylic??) Can’t wait to hear how it works out.

Working to finish a post right now, but I will see what I can find out about NY & New Orleans events soon. Will put out the word to all my design peeps here and on Twitter and will post a note back here.

And YES! Absolutely link us from your blog — we are honored and to now have our Brazilian design connection!!

Have a great coming weekend.

Thank you Kathy! Well, about the shelf, I guess we´ll have to wait ´till I get back in Brazil, see, we just got our first house (lived in an apartment, then rented a house, now got our own) and I intend to work on it the first day I get there, we barely moved in and then went on vacation…Can´t wait! But as soon as I get the chairs I´ll let you know!

Hi Kathy!
I wanted to tell you that I ordered the mini chairs and they delivered very fast and it was awesome! I ordered 2 sets (I would have ordered more if I had room, but I’m going back to Brazil on the 18th and winter chothes take so much space…) and they came perfect! Can’t wait to go home and display them!
Oh, and Happy New Year!

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