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Wallpaper is back; we’ve talked about that in other posts. Clean, contemporary patterns and throwback designs are popping up in spaces of the style-savvy everywhere.

But with the gorgeous array of papers available today, you can spice up more than your walls. That’s what Derek Fagerstrom and Lauren Smith show us with their lively and fun DIY’s in Wallpaper Projects, More Than 50 Craft and Design Ideas for Your Home, From Accents to Art (Chronicle Books, 2009).

Wallpaper Projects by Derek Fagerstrom and Lauren Smith

Dive into the pages and you’ll begin to appreciate how wallpaper has changed since your parents’ velvet-flocked, rust bathroom. Fresh, flowing florals, tonal geometrics, whimsical hand-drawn images and artful handprints are just some of what you’ll find. And the projects here will motivate you to pick up a few rolls.

Fagerstrom and Smith cover the basics of hanging paper, tools, techniques and tips in their “Wallpaper 101” chapter. They list some other supplies you’ll need to craft with the paper, then it’s on to the projects. You’ll find DIY’s for yourself, your home decor, home accessories and artwork.

These are my favorites:

  • Gorgeous Papered Stairway, an excellent opportunity to inject pattern into
    your foyer.
  • Easy Snack Tray, a simple, custom accessory.
  • Cereal Box Magazine Holders, a wonderful reuse and organization idea.
  • Covered Stools, for an unexpected pop of color.
  • and the Fantastic Headboard, a fab, creative pick-me-up for the bedroom.

The authors’ instructions are clearly written, though the project section would have been improved with step-by-step photographs. It’s my only complaint and for any reasonably creative person, it is easy enough to follow along by reading the numbered steps and referring to the completed project photo.

Fagerstrom and Smith include some fun “DIY Wallpaper Alternatives,” a chapter of smart projects using creative sources of paper. A standout here is their map project to cover the area below a chair rail.

If you’ve been dying to delve into the world of wallpaper, this is the perfect place to start. You’re bound to find a project you’ll enjoy in this book, and it will inspire you to design more of your own. Grab a copy and get pasting.


What creative project have you made with wallpaper? Tell us about it….

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Firstly, love your blog, a real inspiration.

I am looking for a manufacturer to produce my wallpaper designs – however, i am based in tanzania, east africa. my best bet is south africa, but if you know or recommend any american or european companies that would be great too.

would much appreciate it,
thanks a million

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