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DNA 11 — Art That’s You

DNA 11 — Art That’s You Let’s get a little CSI with our decor today.

I love it when artwork is personal in an impactful, graphic way. What could be more personal than your DNA or fingerprint?

Yep. DNA 11 will create artwork for you illustrating your DNA profile or fingerprint. Where science meets art—talk about a conversation starter.

After ordering your artwork in the size and color you want, you’ll get a […] Read more »

Expecting Guests for the Holidays?

Expecting Guests for the Holidays? by GraceAnn Simoni

Once again, today we are joined by Contributor GraceAnn Simoni, Interior Redesign and Staging Specialist and Instructor from the Chicagoland area. GraceAnn shares with us budget tips and advice for decorating with your existing furniture and accessories.

The holidays are fast approaching. Is your guest room ready or has it become the place where everything that does not have a home lands? Assuming […] Read more »

What is Ikat and How is it Made?

What is Ikat and How is it Made? IKAT. You’d have to be folded up in your pull-out sofa to miss the popularity of this textile.

Ikat inspiration board from the studio of textile designer Laura Singh of Color Loom.

Ikat (pronounced “ee-kat”) is a loom-woven textile created by a remarkable process.

A master weaver first ties bundles of warp threads in precise patterns to prepare for colored dyes. A more intricate resist-dyeing technique like […] Read more »

Challenges Update — Dig in for Some Fun

Challenges Update — Dig in for Some Fun Hungry for creative amusement, Design Junkies? Some juicy Challenges are ongoing and good news—these are all easy as pie.


Prize Challenges

Paint a graphic pattern on your pumpkin(s), snap a photo and share it with us. A random entrant will win a $30 Michael’s Gift Card (and who couldn’t use one of those about now?)

You can get some great inspiration over at Angelo Surmelis’s blog. And […] Read more »

Set the Table — Challenge # 20

Set the Table — Challenge # 20 The other day my buddy Diane said she wanted to set a gorgeous table for the holidays this year. She was taking stock of what she had on hand, and planning to score a few new things to spice up her tablescape.

Leona recently gave us inspiration with the luscious scenes in her tinted glassware post. My daughter and I jumped in and created this fall […] Read more »

Color, Art and Culture — Ethnic Arts

Color, Art and Culture  — Ethnic Arts There’s a store you went to once. A marvelous store. In your mind’s eye you can picture the colorful objects, the mix of textures. You always meant to go back.

That’s how it was for me with Berkeley, California’s Ethnic Arts (1314 Tenth Street). Part store, part global museum. All wonderful.

One of numerous fantastical puppets from the Bozo tribe of Mali in West Africa

When […] Read more »

Chairs by Judith Miller — Books

Chairs by Judith Miller — Books Judith Miller has the same affliction I do. Like cat hair to my velvet sofa pillows, she’s attracted to chairs. Adores them.

Before leaving the house, she has to raise her right hand and swear to her husband that she absolutely will not bring home any more single chairs from the antiques market.

My girl.

I heard Judith—one of the world’s leading experts in antiques—relate that tale […] Read more »

Angles Into Curves

Angles Into Curves Artist Profile — Kevin Neelley

It’s clear Kevin Neelley paid attention in Geometry class. That’s a given for the Lexana, Kansas mechanical engineer. But glance at his elegant turned wood vessels and you’ll agree that he must have aced an art class or two.

Sculptural. Graphic.

I stared at each image and kept having the same thought. ‘How did he make that?’

Kevin is a master of […] Read more »

Zoe Murphy Makes the Old NEW

Zoe Murphy Makes the Old NEW British designer Zoe Murphy is putting a new face on furniture recycling. Treehugger turned me on to Murphy’s innovative approach to reuse and surface design for mid-century furniture. Her work was shown recently at the London Design Festival; she came into the spotlight when the BBC included her in its 2008 New Designer of the Year Awards.

Feast your eyes on the extraordinary results when […] Read more »

Step Up the Impact with Tile

Step Up the Impact with Tile One way to add graphic punch and sparkle to a space is by creating simple grid and block patterns in glass tile, like these in bathrooms by designer Valerie Borden of Chimera Interior Design.

Recently, Valerie and I discussed how she developed the designs and how you might get a similar impact in your space.

HomeWorkshop (HW): What inspired the tile colors and design in the […] Read more »

A Coastal Organic Living Room

A Coastal Organic Living Room How do you design an understated room that entices?

Anchor the space with captivating, sculptural shapes. Layer in calming, neutral tones and natural textures, and pepper with shots of color. That’s how San Francisco Designer Will Wick crafted this living room for a Presidio Heights family.

“The first couple of pieces…purchased to start the design were Wassily chairs and Chista lamp,” said Wick. “Both of […] Read more »

Ta Da! Challenge # 15 Results

Ta Da! Challenge # 15 Results Daring Decor

Since Nancy from Redondo Beach, CA was comfortable sharing with us how she stepped out of her design comfort zone, she wins the Daring Decor Challenge! Simple as that.

Her “fauxaic” table was colorful and creative, and I adored how she involved the kids in the project. Here’s Nancy’s photo and her table story:

“This is what we fondly refer to as our “fauxaic” farm […] Read more »

Patterned Pumpkins — Challenge # 19

Patterned Pumpkins — Challenge # 19 How about we try something different with a pumpkin? I went for some graphic ‘pop’ with patterns, and my nine-year old joined in the fun.

We thumbed through my decorative sourcebooks (especially the Art Deco) for inspiration. Then we sketched a few quick ideas on a notepad. The pumpkin patterns are simply painted in cream-colored, acrylic craft paint. The two small pumpkins that she whipped out […] Read more »

A Seat to Tweet

A Seat to Tweet Tonight the post is short and sweet; I’ve found a seat where you can Tweet.

So you adore Twitter like I do. You care about your followers and dedicate time to keep them up to date. You need a comfy place to Tweet.

I went searching and turned to a colorful favorite, Maine Cottage Furniture. Known for its yummy painted furniture, Maine Cottage also has a […] Read more »

Colorful Tabletop Trend for Fall: Tinted Glassware

Colorful Tabletop Trend for Fall: Tinted Glassware by Leona Gaita

Today we are once again joined by Leona Gaita, Interior Design Expert and Contributor. Leona shares with us her inspiring ideas and advice to help us enrich our homes and lives with beauty and elegance.

A great way to add some rich color to your table for fall, without changing dishes, or breaking the bank, is to add some colorful tinted glassware.

Thanksgiving Table […] Read more »

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