Kids Artwork Display — Challenge # 17

The last hurrah of summer is on, as the kiddos cling to every last minute of recreation before trudging back to school.

A good time to plan for the vibrant art projects they’ll be proudly carting home. Or your shelf of masterpieces from past years, crammed full like a too-small p.o. box. Brilliant—a testament to your child’s artistic genius no doubt—but a challenge to store and to show off.

kidartwork 03

My new friend, Jen Morris from Lancashire in the UK, fashioned this colorful and smart solution for displaying the artwork created by her sons Daniel and Noah.

Jen took photos of the each artwork, then made a grid collage in Photoshop. She framed the printed collages in IKEA frames that she had on hand.



Jen displayed the collages artfully with two stunning photos of the boys that speak volumes for the impact of negative space. Also framed in IKEA frames, Jen first spray-painted all the frames for her arrangement white. More details in Jen’s blog post here.

kidartwork 01

There’s your inspiration. For this week’s Challenge, show us how you display your kids (grandkids, nieces and nephews) artwork. Or have a go at a new display idea you’ve been dying to try, and report back to us on your results.

Use the simple Challenge entry form here to upload your photo and description of what you did. And be sure to comment on other Entries. The Kids Artwork Display Challenge is our little share-a-thon.

We can’t wait to see your display (and the kiddos masterpieces too)!

How cool for them to see their artwork on the Internet.

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Kids Artwork Display -- Challenge # 17

  • Submission Deadline: Wednesday, December 30, 2009
  • Ta-Da! Challenge Results: Thursday, December 31, 2009

Check out all 3 entries:

1. Nancy in Redondo Beach, CA2. Jody in Antioch, CA
3. Marielos in San Jose, CA 

1. From Nancy in Redondo Beach, CA:

Nancy's entry

My daughter’s art on West Elm picture ledges. I love the flexibility of these and how easy it is to change and rearrange the art. These are wood but, there are other finishes in wood and metal available through various vendors (Pottery Barn, Crate & Barrel).

2. From Jody in Antioch, CA:

Jody's entry

I love this challenge because it motivated me to find something to do with my son’s crafts. He is our first and we save all of his crafts that he does in preschool. I have been putting them in a scapbook but he’s only 2 1/2 and we now have 3 and they are big and bulky because of how many crafts there are! We make photobooks (through Kodak Picture Gallery) of my son, our vacations, ect.. After seeing the example of this challenge done in Photoshop, I decided to scan in my son’s crafts and use Elements to make pages for a book of his crafts! Anything too big we took pictures of. Here’s an example of one page as the book isn’t completed yet…

3. From Marielos in San Jose, CA:

Marielos's entry

I\’m using Pottery Barn\’s Holiday Card holder to display my daughter\’s art from preschool. What I like is that during the holidays, I have the choice of displaying Christmas cards, instead of the art. The Card holder had been buried in my garage since last year, and it didn\’t occur to me that I could use it for art until I saw this challenge. Thanks for the motivation.

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8 Comments for “Kids Artwork Display — Challenge # 17”

This is such a great idea! I can’t wait to see the other ways people display their children’s art!

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I love what you did with your daughter\’s artwork! I have a similar card holder and like you said it just sits in our garage most of the year; I think I\’m keeping it out longer this year.

I know others will use your simple and effective idea.

Thanks for participating and come by HomeWorkshop anytime.
— Kathy


Fabulous work here with your son’s artwork! I love that the page includes his photo and his handiwork. Makes for such an interesting and colorful layout.

Thanks for sharing with us all!
— Kathy


Your display is simple and elegant. And your daughter has a true talent. So lucky for her that she has a mom that encourages her creativity!

Thanks so much for sharing.
— Kathy

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