A New Breed of Fabric Designer

A Conversation with Liz Scott

LizOur posts about fabric design are in demand with the Design Junkies. And we received great feedback about Liz Scott’s designs in the piece showcasing her chair makeover.

You’ll recall that Liz prints her original designs through Spoonflower, and sells her fabric at her Etsy shop, Wonderfluff.

I got with Liz recently to learn more about her, and the inspiration and process for her fabric design. So brew a cup of coffee, wrap yourself in your favorite fabric and absorb some inspiration from Liz and her designs.


HW: What led you to fabric design?

Liz: Fabric design is an intersection of my two worlds, graphic design and crafting. With the advent of Spoonflower, an online fabric printing service, I can create a design and have it in fabric and at my door within a week or so. Pretty cool!

I have always loved fabric, prints and patterns. I study it, swoon over it, and just love it!

Fabrics2Some of Liz’s designs: Yellow Scallops, Mod Leaves and Summer Flowers.

HW: Is Spoonflower your first foray into designing fabric?

Liz: Yes, although I have been drawing and creating patterns digitally for paper and other design projects for many years.

HW: In brief, what kind of design background or education do you have?

Liz: I have always made things and I always will.

I’ve been like this for as long as I can remember. When I was a kid I would lay my Crayolas on the floor in rainbow order, and then proceed to color each word in the expired TV Guide a different color, until it was just pages and pages of rainbows.

Education-wise, I have a BA in Advertising from Michigan State University, and post grad, I studied Graphic Design at Portfolio Center in Atlanta.

Fabrics1More of Liz’s designs: Mod Flowers, Dot Dot Dot and Mod Buds.

HW: To date, what’s your favorite fabric design you’ve created?

Liz: They are like children you know, so it is very hard to answer that question.

They all come from different ideas and for different reasons. I am always attracted to one in particular though, it’s called “Dot Dot Dot.” Every time I see it, I think of a million things I would like to do with it.

Dot Dot Dot Fabric:

Dot Dot Dot Fabric

HW: Will you describe the concept including your starting point of that design?

Liz: The concept was to make something fun and versatile, using an unexpected color palette. I get inspiration from everywhere: Old books, movies, TV, interior design, fashion (especially), art, painting, illustration, etc.

HW: Briefly describe your steps in creating that fabric design:

Liz: I saw a few different designs in an old book of printing characters, and put them together to form a pattern. The original was very complicated and ornate. It was truly a jumping off point for the final design which is much more simple and modern.

Once I was satisfied with the design, I drew it by hand to make it my own. I draw my work, because I like when you can look at a design, painting, quilt, etc. and see the designer’s personality and spirit. That hand drawn detail lends meaning and conveys expression.

Liz’s original drawing for Dot Dot Dot:


HW: How did you come up with the color palette?

Liz: I keep a folder of color palettes that I find in books, magazines, or from photos that I take, etc. My world is in no short supply of color. I surround myself with it, I am inspired by it. A combo of colors I have never seen before can turn a bad day around for me, really, it is that powerful and important to me.

HW: Did you try different color palettes before arriving at this one?

Liz: Not with this specific fabric, I really wanted it to be multicolored and fun. However, I am thinking of reworking many of my designs in a few different color ways. I would like to create a collection of fabrics that work well independently and together at the same time.

HW: What has it been like printing your fabric with Spoonflower?

Liz: The folks at Spoonflower really could not be more accommodating and pleasant to work with. When first beginning, I wasn’t sure what to expect from the color and fabric quality, but I have not been disappointed once.

The Original Digital File before the design was transferred to fabric:


I always order a test swatch to start because you can never be sure how the color from the monitor will transfer to fabric. I have not had many problems, but if I do, Spoonflower has always gone beyond my expectations to correct the situation. I like the service a lot and truly recommend it to anyone that is curious about trying fabric design.

HW: What’s been the most fun?

Liz: Fabric delivery days!! It is a thrill to see that white envelope in the mailbox and to know that my fabric awaits. I also just saw these yesterday and that was pretty fun and exciting. I just love them:

HW: What advice do you have for others who want to give fabric design a whirl?

Liz: Just try it, it’s really fun! It is the best feeling to make something using fabric you have created.


What would be the inspiration for your original fabric design?

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