Daring Decor — Challenge # 15

Today’s Challenge is about stepping out of your decorating comfort zone. Have you done it? I’m a colorholic, but still unsure sometimes about adding certain elements. A while back I was putting together a lounging corner in our master bedroom.

My Daring Corner

It was coming together fine with most of the pieces I chose:

  1. Double, sage velvet chaise — a splurge since much of our house is furnished with made-over pieces from garage sales and flea markets.
  2. Tiffany-style floor lamp. I adore stained glass lamps and snagged this one online.
  3. Cottage end table. Our buddy Jim (the painter) graciously coated in plum my antique-store score.
  4. Woven pillow cover, bought from the artisan-weaver himself at a local art fair.
  5. Faded crocheted throw with special meaning because it belonged to my best friend’s dad.

Here’s the daring part. Artwork. I wanted something interesting to accent the colorful traditional pieces. My search led me to eBay and the bold, impressionistic oil painting of filtered light through autumn trees. Lots of trees out the window so the theme worked.

Quilt SnippetBut It was quite bright in reds and golds; at the time this was daring. Would it work with the greens and plums of the corner? There is red and gold elsewhere in this mountain room; the color palette was inspired by this quilt that covers the bed. Still this painting was “wild” for me and it took some courage to go ahead with it.

You know what? I love it. It’s unexpected, vibrant and energizing. Yes, I probably will paint some color on the walls (a warm neutral I think) but otherwise I am thrilled with the space.

It’s my favorite spot to curl up with hubby, a kiddo, a book or this ever-present (red) laptop.

So this week’s Challenge is to share a story and a photo about somewhere you’ve been daring with your decor. Where somehow you stepped (or better leaped!) out of your comfort zone and went for it.

Maybe it was with a color on your walls or with a pattern on the fabric. Maybe with a piece of furniture or with the whole darn room. Maybe it was at your own home or designers (I know you are reading this) maybe it was for a client’s. Tell us what you did, why this was daring for you and how you felt before and after.

domino, The Book of DecoratingAnd if you haven’t practiced daring decor to date, I’m sending you courage vibes through the Internet right now (do you feel it?). Come on, Be Bold! Be Brave! Then share your photo and your story in the easy Challenge Entry Form here. We can’t wait to see yours.

There’s more to this–a random winner selected from the entrants to this Challenge will win this awesome addition for the home decorating library, Domino: The Book of Decorating! It’s packed with inspiring spaces and helpful tips, and perfect for those of you in domino mag withdrawal.

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Daring Decor -- Challenge # 15

  • Submission Deadline: Wednesday, September 30, 2009
  • Ta-Da! Challenge Results: Thursday, October 1, 2009

Check out all 1 entries:

1. Nancy Manning in Redondo Beach, CA 

1. From Nancy Manning in Redondo Beach, CA:

Nancy Manning's entry

This is what we fondly refer to as our “fauxaic” farm table. It used to have white legs which became scuffed with black shoe marks over the years. When we moved to a new home 10 years ago we wanted a fresh start. I couldn’t get new furniture at the time but, we could make the old things feel new. The maple butcher block top got refinished but I wanted something fun and exuberant for the legs with the look of a broken tile mosaic. My partner, Don & I painted the legs in glossy color bands and then did a blending on the apron. Then the scarey part. With the kids helping, we covered the whole thing in pieces of masking tape leaving space between to look like grout and sprayed the whole thing in flat black. We held our breath as it dried. Then we pulled off the tape and voila! We love the fun whimsical look and the fact that it was a family effort is a big plus.

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3 Comments for “Daring Decor — Challenge # 15”

“Fauxaic” rhymes with mosaic–I get it. Nancy I love the story of the scary part. Maybe we know a project is worthwhile if it has a scary part, what do you all think?

Also wonderful that you got the kids involved. Really fun (and daring) table!

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