BevShots — Pour Me Some Artwork

Mark my words Design Junkies. This is the next big thing in wall art.

How does your favorite beer, wine, cocktail or cola become striking artwork? When scientists crystallize it and photograph it through a microscope.

Couch with International BrewsInternational Brews, a brand new online business offering customizable wall art based on your favorite beverage, calls it “an intoxicating blend of art and science, their vibrant colors and distinctive patterns bring a truly unique and edgy element into any room.”

Billiards Room with English Oatmeal StoutEnglish Oatmeal Stout in the Billiards Room.

It’s a brilliant way to personalize a space with artwork. You’re a sake fan? Adorn your sitting room with a rice wine canvas. Cola lover? Pop a picture over your soda fountain. Tequila? Hang up a shot.

Tequila Full 2x3Here’s tequila under a microscope.

Such a conversation starter for your next cocktail party.

How did come to be? Maybe you remember some mod neckties in specialty stores in the 90’s. According to company spokesperson, Valerie Wickboldt, “Michael Davidson, a professor and top microscopist at Florida State University…in Tallahassee, found a creative way to fund his laboratory by selling images of beverages under a microscope to a necktie company.” His venture, ‘Molecular Expressions’ sold more than a million neckties across the U.S.”

Not much happened with the images since. Until the Florida State University system’s recent effort to find new uses for, and revenue sources from University research projects. The school employed Lester Hutt to research opportunities for the beverage images. He believed so strongly in their potential that he later purchased the images and licenses himself from the University and Davidson. Hutt, a chemist whose resume includes work for NASA’s Mars probe and Apple’s iPod, founded BevShots.

Bedroom with Irish Pale LagerDoesn’t Irish Pale Lager look like aliens invading by parachute?

Cola Full 2x3Vodka Full 2x3

Cola and Vodka

It’s easy to choose a custom BevShots for your room. Simply:

  1. Browse and pick your image by drink or by color
  2. Choose image shape (square or rectangle)
  3. Select print media (canvas or archival print)
  4. Pick framing options

Living Room with Canadian Ice LagerCanadian Ice Lager

Chablis Full 2x3Champagne Full 2x3

Chablis and Champagne

Pricing is reasonable with many choices ready-to-hang in the $199 – $500 range.

Wickboldt said, “It’s affordable art for expensive tastes. So that people who want to have a classy art piece and may not be able to spend thousands of dollars; they can do that with BevShots.”

I think they’re plain fun.


Where would you hang a BevShots?

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6 Comments for “BevShots — Pour Me Some Artwork”

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I am amazed at how interesting and beautiful these are. It sounds like something very ‘gimmicky’ but there is obviously some one involved in the cropping and coloration of these compositions. Great post!

meant to say that the person involved with the compositions knows what they are doing artistically.

I wish I owned an upscale bar, they’d be perfect adornment for the walls of a really swish place.

Thanks for the Tweet, Linda!

— Kathy

Nancy and Regan,

Nancy, these surprised me also in their beauty. Striking shapes and color combinations and yes, they must have involved an artist to crop.

Regan, let us know when you open your place. I can see it now…swanky furniture, mod lighting, classic jazz wafting over from the trio in the corner…I’ll be right over!

Stop by anytime,
— Kathy

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