Create a Color Scheme — Challenge # 14

Get out those colored pencils, paints, bits of paper and fabric. Like a grownup excuse to play with crayons Design Junkies, this will be wicked good fun.

Here’s your blank canvas, begging for some personality:

HomeWorkshop Color Scheme Challenge

We’ve been learning about color. So today our community of hue hounds will create color schemes for this sitting area. We’ll play not only with color, but with texture and pattern too. Then we’ll share our schemes and talk amongst ourselves.

Easy-peasy and enjoyable.

To participate:

  1. Print out this picture–a few copies if you like. Here’s your PDF to make printing easy.
  2. Try different color schemes until you come up with one you like.
  3. Add color however you prefer, using:
    • Colored Pencils
    • Markers
    • Paints
    • Crayons
    • Whatever
  4. Let’s make this space interesting and pleasing to the eye by including some pattern and texture. Add:
    • Hand-drawn patterns
    • Glued on bits of textured or decorative paper or fabric
    • You name it
  5. When you’re finished, scan or snap a photo of your finished Color Scheme, then save it as a JPEG file.
  6. Upload it with your description of what you did in the Challenge Entry Form here.
  7. Be sure to comment on others entries as they come in.

Let’s show one another what we’d do if we could do anything to decorate this space. How about some wallpaper or graphic elements on the wall? What will the “fabric” on the chair look like? What will you use for flooring? How will you finish the wall shelf? What about the lamp and shade?

You can even add elements. For example, is one of the vases shouting to you ‘Hey give me some flowers over here!’?

House Beauitful Colors for Your HomeDon’t worry about perfection; we’re not into that. Go wild. Enjoy it. Then share it with your pals.

After the Challenge Deadline, I and some of our distinguished Contributors will choose a standout entry. That winner will get this fantastic handbook of renowned designers’ favorite colors, House Beautiful Colors for Your Home.

But don’t do it for the prize; do it for the interaction. We represent wonderful and varied styles…and we can’t wait to see what you do!

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Create a Color Scheme -- Challenge # 14

  • Submission Deadline: Wednesday, September 23, 2009
  • Ta-Da! Challenge Results: Thursday, September 24, 2009

Check out all 4 entries:

1. Renee in Beaverton, OR, US2. Chuck in Tahoma, CA USA
3. Terri Urquhart in Niles, IL. USA4. Alana Urquhart in Niles, IL. USA

1. From Renee in Beaverton, OR, US:

Renee's entry

Though I’ve never participated in a challenge before, I thought I’d give this one a go. So I loaded the drawing in photoshop and played and designed until I was happy. The Brown pillow is from Home Decoraters and is called Triad, as well as the area rug which is called Persimmon. The blue pillow is from Z Gallerie and called Fresco. The colors were altered to better fit the design. I switched the lamp into a hanging drum shade, which I picture in a dark linen picking up on the natural texture from the rug. The lamp shade would then be embellished with stripes in grosgrain ribbon and an embroidery detail. I would like the floors to be a medium dark stained planked hardwood. The chair is framed out in a lighter wood. Thanks for looking.

2. From Chuck in Tahoma, CA USA:

Chuck's entry

I know you all think my entry should win! Sadly, since I’m immediate family to Chief Design Junkie, I am not eligible. So consider this a demonstration entry only. Since you still have a chance… COME ON DESIGNERS show us what ya` got!!

3. From Terri Urquhart in Niles, IL. USA:

Terri Urquhart's entry

I chose a split-complementary color scheme here. I wanted to add some sophistication so I did the walls in a two-tone harlequin pattern, used a soft micro suede fabric for the tailored club chair and colored the vases in rich earthy tones. To add some more visual interest I added some texture to the yellow carpet. The espresso accents on the chair; lamp and shelf add to the sophisticated feel of the space and ground the vibrant colors in the room. For fun I gave the lamp a metallic silver shade which adds a little bit of Hollywood glamour to the space.

4. From Alana Urquhart in Niles, IL. USA:

Alana Urquhart's entry

This design is being submitted by my 8 year old daughter, Alana. Alana says: I used a lot of warm colors. I used earth and sunset as the inspiration. The green leaves on the wall were created using a stencil and eraseable crayons. The vases pull the colors of the room all together. This room makes me feel relaxed. I feel like if your were sitting there you could hear the sound of birds.

Submit your entry now

Upload photo: (JPEG format, Maximum file size 2000 KB)

Describe your entry here:

5 Comments for “Create a Color Scheme — Challenge # 14”

Fun idea that even busy people like me can find time for and be able to participate in a challenge.

Thanks Lisa,

I’m thinking that will be the case….Enjoy it!

— Kathy


That is Super-Fabuloso! You are talented at both graphic and interior design. Where do I start? Love that you added a rug and sumptuous flowers, the lampshade is genius and it’s wonderful that you included real pillows and sources.

There’s more to say…what do others think?

Okay Design Junkies, your style may be completely different from Renee’s. And worry not if it’s not as high-tech or polished as our pro’s here. Let’s see your Color Scheme next…I can’t wait to see how unique each entry will be!

— Kathy

Terri and Alana,

Your Challenge entries are Fantastic! I meant to tell you earlier. They are well planned, drawn and described.

Alana, I was thrilled to see your work and think you have some real potential as a future designer! I have a daughter about your age and she was super-impressed as well.

— Kathy

Now who else will join Terri and Alana? Just over a week left…come on and have some fun with it.

[…] And Alana! Well first we were thrilled to see this young lady’s work. We were so impressed with this future-designer’s color inspiration and her awesome wall stencils and lampshade pattern. You can read Terri and Alana’s descriptions here. […]

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