Cut it out! Rugs — Love it or Leave it?

Today I want your reaction to the innovative Cut it out! rugs from UK product designer Marina Ralph.

Red Cut it Out Rug

Ralph designed the 100% wool felt rugs with perforated lines for decoration, and to allow the buyer to adjust the rug’s size and shape to fit the room.

Cutting the Cut it Out Rug

Rug a little too big? Want to move it from your den to a smaller bedroom? Snip away.

Cream Cut it Out Rug

Does this cut-to-fit design idea work for you? Tell us what you think.

(via Notcot.)

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9 Comments for “Cut it out! Rugs — Love it or Leave it?”

I don’t know what I think about these rugs. They look sort of unfinished. I think they might work in industrial and modern design settings.

Cut to Fit design works because it can be reused for a different room if yo so choose to change the color scheme in it’s intended room-

Hi Micheal and Caroline,

This product is so innovative, but I had a feeling one would either love it or not. I so appreciate your opinions. What do others think?

Btw, Michael I went to thank you for the RT on Twitter, then I could no longer find you — Weird.

Thanks — Kathy

Here’s my question: How does it FEEL? Also, are there more good colors available? I like the look for a modern setting, but my clients are often very focused on the feel of a rug. Perhaps samples are available…?

Interesting find, Kathy!

They are an interesting idea but I wonder how the edge would look once you have cut it. Probably not great I imagine.

This reminds me of a felt rug pad, not something I would use as the rug itself. It does seem like a good idea for the pad, though.

Leona, Megan and Nancy,

You all make really good points. I think the verdict is a creative idea, but the application and material needs some work. Since the designer is fresh out of university, I assume he is still developing the idea. I was also thinking that at my house the perforations would fill with dirt and crumbs.

Thanks for you opinions!
— Kathy

A very clever idea, I think – a bit more stylish than the FLOR series but still along the lines of the DIY/Make It Work. Clever, but I can think of a few flaws at least for my home.

#1 Somebody mentioned the edges. I wonder what those will look like after being walked on for a year or so. I know felt doesn’t fray, but it does curl up and “mutate” under stress.

#2 Any rug pad would show under the holes so, unless you can find an attractive pad or are very good with an exacto knife, you will have an awfully hard time keeping that rug where it belongs. The website says it is 5mm wool felt, which is thick, but not so thick that it won’t go flying under your feet.

#3 Being the mother of three kids and two dogs, I’m afraid there’d be so much dirt in those holes that it would add a whole other design element…

Hi Esme,

Hmmm, some ‘holes’ in the design, I see. So the verdict seems to be back to the drawing board to think through the practicality of this product.

Thanks for your thoughtful reply!
— Kathy

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