What’cha Designing Next?

This is a wondrous time for creative peeps. We can design and have printed our original fabric Retro Pink fabric. We can snap an iPhone photo of neighbor Marge’s delphiniums and buy perfectly-matched paint for the Master bath. Computer tools like this let us visualize our redesigned rooms before we shell out the bucks for a single appliance.

Tumbleweed LightsAnd we can design our original furniture and goods for the home, and quickly and easily have them manufactured and marketed for us.

“Excuse me?” “What?” you ask. So that rock I’ve been under had room for you too.

I just learned about Ponoko, where you can have your original designs manufactured into housewares, furniture and other products. Start with design software if you have it, or with your simple pencil sketch. Ponoko will price it, market the finished product, then manufacture it on-demand-to-order for your customers.

Brilliant! You own the copyright, you make your money, and there’s a slew of details and logistics you don’t have to bother yourself with. Instead, you spend your time designing.

How to Use Ponoko

Ponoko was founded a couple years ago in New Zealand, and now has manufacturing facilities in both Wellington and in San Francisco.

Materials SwatchesA caveat. Ponoko manufactures laser-cut goods from flat stock materials, currently:

  • Acrylic
  • MDF
  • Bamboo
  • Hardboard
  • Delrin
  • Felt
  • Corrugated Card

What can you design with these parameters? You’d be surprised. Here are some of my faves:

DelJacksonDesigns Tumbleweed LightWood Marvel's Serving TableCoffee Coasters from JustDesignkeebOo Spiral CoastersAlienology's Bloom LampAlienology's Bloom Lamp from BelowSherman Warren Franklin Art Deco Acrylic LampStudio Wun Hands Corner ShelfSherman Warren Middle C Lamp

1. Del Jackson Design’s “Tumbleweed” Lamp (top and above)
2. Wood Marvel’s Serving Table
3. JustDesign’s “Just Coffee” coasters (No reason.)
4. keebOs’s Spiral Coaster set
5. and 6. Alienology’s “Bloom” Lamp
7. Sherman Warren’s “Franklin” Art Deco Acrylic Lamp
8. Studio Wun’s “Hands” Corner Shelf
9. Sherman Warren’s Middle C Lamp

So no excuses, Design Junkies. Go forth and create!

What do you want to make?

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2 Comments for “What’cha Designing Next?”

Thanks for picking my table! If you want to see the 3D assembly animation of it, you can find it at our web site.

http://WoodMarvels.com – Create Unique Memories

Hi Jon,

So glad you saw it. I should email the other designers. I’m so impressed with the products that can be designed for flat-pack. I know my husband is going to want to give this a try some day.

You have some great things. Stop by anytime.

— Kathy

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