A Multimedia Powder Room

Enter a powder room and be transported into another world? Not usually. But that’s how it felt when I stepped into the multimedia space that Faiella Design created for the San Francisco Decorator Showcase.

Faiella Design Powder RoomPhotographs by Chi Fang.

A dark, moody hue enveloped me. Calming, spa-like chimes wafted through the air. And what’s this? A dance of color and light on the ceiling.

The small room was like something I’d never seen nor expected. Designer Anastasia Faiella said she wanted “to relax the visitor, take them to another place, even if for just a few moments. To inspire people to think differently about how a space can be designed and decorated.”

Video Art

Faiella first worked with installation art and video while completing her MFA. “I was also deeply interested in interior architectural spaces,” said Faiella. She started experimenting with cross-disciplinary projects that incorporated both passions.

“My concept (for the powder room) was to create a design that would explore the relationship between our senses and the environment,” said Faiella. She was inspired by Swiss Artist Pippilotti Rist and her mesmerizing MOMA installation “Pour Your Body Out.”

In the closet-sized space with soaring ceilings, Faiella played with scale. She commissioned muralist Ted Somogyi to fashion gargantuan, but subtle tulips on the walls.

Tulips Mural

“I wanted the impact of the flowers to be dramatic and unexpected—like walking into a giant garden—but to not compete with video art on ceiling,” said Faiella. “Ted recommended the scale, being very oversized. We ended up using a simple monochromatic material…an oil stick.”

She commissioned multimedia artist Kimberlee Koym-Murteira to create the video piece for the ceiling display. “I gave Kimberlee details like the color of the walls, the inspiration of nature/tulips…and how I wanted the space to have a serene and peaceful quality.” The included music is a piece by a sound-artist friend of Kimberlee’s from Berlin.

Mirror and Shade

Sink Skirt

Anastasia FaiellaHomeWorkshop contributor, soft furnishings designer Doreen Leong, crafted the gunmetal-silk taffeta roman window shade and sink skirt with sheet-metal and nail-head edge detail.

You can see more of Anastasia Faiella’s work and contact her through her Web site at www.faiella-design.com

This powder room makes me think about how I can better appeal to the senses in my designs.

What do you think of the idea of multimedia design/decorating?

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10 Comments for “A Multimedia Powder Room”

Hi Kathy,
Thank you for this post! I absolutely loved this powder room! The pictures are beautiful! Not only was this room artfully designed but the experience was amazing. Everyone who walked out of there had a hugh smile on their face! Thanks for sharing!

What a wonderful post! The powder room was truly a sublime experience.

Wow! This shows that a powder room is a great setting to let your wildest design fantasies loose! You can’t overdo it,as this examples shows. The flowers as a sub for the usual sconces is a clever and pretty touch. Very artful. I wish I could see it in person!

Thanks for the post Kathy.

I believe Ms. Faiella succeeded in creating a room whose environment delights the senses. I bet it was even better in person. Love the colors and the mood!

Hi Doreen,

It was an amazing, unusual space. Your work was awesome as usual.

— Kathy

Theresa and Leona,

It was an experience and a fantasy. And yes Leona, the flower sconces were a surprise. I am pretty sure they lit up too. I hope to add some video to this post soon so you will feel like you visited in person.

Thanks for stopping by and for the enthusiasm,

Hi Regina,

Thanks for your comment and it was great in person. I’ve seen your site and work and I know Anastasia would consider your note a great compliment.

Pop by anytime,

Hi kathy,
I really enjoyed reading these comments. Also great story! Thank you!

Really goreous stuff and her spirit behind it is even better– I just came across some of her other work and shared this bathroom on the blog, too. Though it happened in the past, it’s still so imaginative and unique!

So true, Sonu. Anastasia is an innovative designer — she makes rooms into works of art. She’s also a sweet lady. So glad you covered her work. Hope to see you in SF again soon.


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