SeeItYourWay Kitchen Design Challenge

Design Junkies, hold on to your throw pillows, this is a Prize Challenge. We’re going to have a blast designing kitchens and someone is going to win a hundred bucks! Woo-Hoo! I bet a creative person like you can get some fab decorating supplies for $100. Tell all your friends.


Remember the photo-realistic virtual Kitchen Makeover Tool we found on Kitchen Tune-Up’s site and tried before? It was so much fun and so helpful to her that Design Junkie Heather McHale suggested we run a challenge using a similar tool.

hip-homeworkshop-mugGreat suggestion, Heather. So Heather gets her coffee mug and we get the SeeItYourWay Kitchen Design Challenge. Even better yet, someone is going to win $100.

SeeItYourWay is easy to use and includes a large database of real kitchen products. You click and customize your kitchen without leaving your comfy chair. View details about products you choose, and even find a local retailer that carries them.

You can change the:


  1. Cabinet style, color, glaze, hardware and glass doors
  2. Appliances: oven, oven hood, dishwasher and microwave
  3. Countertops
  4. Island style, color, glaze and countertops
  5. Backsplash tile, grout, liners, murals and decorative tiles
  6. Flooring tile, grout, wood flooring
  7. Lighting fixtures: over island and under cabinet
  8. Sink, faucet and pot fillers
  9. Window treatments, and more.

Here’s how the challenge works:

  1. Click over to SeeItYourWay. You can take the Quick Tour or check out the Video Demo.
  2. Design your kitchen. Customize away until you get just what you want.
  3. Once you are happy with your virtual kitchen, make a copy of your finished image to upload with your Challenge entry. It’s easy. Simply:
    • the-enlarge-photo-optionClick the Enlarge button at the top of the page under the right side of the logo. You’ll go to your high-resolution image of your customized kitchen.
    • Right-click on this enlarged image and choose “Save Image As.” Save the image as a JPEG Image file, in a spot on your computer where you will easily find it.
  4. Type a brief description (one or two paragraphs) of WHY this is the perfect kitchen for you. Have fun and inject some personality here.
  5. Upload your photo and paste your description into the Challenge Entry form here; submit your entry by Wednesday, July 22 to be eligible for the $100 prize.

After the Deadline I’ll post a voting form and’s readers will vote for the combined design and description they like the best. You’ll have one week to vote.

After the voting period on the Ta-Da! Challenge Results post I’ll list the top vote-getter who wins the Challenge and the $100. I’ll also notify the winner by email. (Hmmm, what could you do with an extra hundred bucks?)

A Few Rules

  • One Entry per person (18 years and older only)
  • Professional kitchen designers, employees of Maytex Global, and of are not eligible.
  • Do not use the pre-made CK kitchen designs on SeeItYourWay
  • One Vote per visitor

So go for it—create your virtual kitchen. We can’t wait to see and read about your design!

Maytex Global created the SeeItYourWay Personal Design Center. It also licenses the technology to businesses like kitchen designers, remodeling companies and retailers.

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SeeItYourWay Kitchen Design Challenge

  • Submission Deadline: Wednesday, July 22, 2009
  • Ta-Da! Challenge Results: Thursday, July 30, 2009

Check out all 20 entries:

1. Janet Nickels in Washington, DC2. Judy White in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida
3. Vennesa Charleston in Manhattan, NY4. Mary Brill in Alphington, Victoria, Australia
5. Jessica Palith in Lincoln Nebraska, USA6. Angel Snyder in Los Angeles, CA
7. Diane in Brentwood, CA USA8. Laura Zarrin in San Jose, CA, USA
9. Debbie Perkins in Sandy, UT, USA10. Rachel in Pleasanton, California, USA
11. Ruth Newton in Galesburg, Illinois, USA12. Heather McHale in Brooklyn, NY , US
13. esther in Lakewood, NJ USA14. Adelle in Lakewood, NJ USA
15. Michelle in Providence, RI16. Robin at Getting Grounded in Austin, TX, USA
17. Megan in Victoria, Australia18. Karen Kennedy in Chicago, Illinois
19. Bayla Nussbaum in Lakewood, NJ USA20. Lisa in Chicago, IL 60641

1. From Janet Nickels in Washington, DC:

Janet Nickels's entry

I love the way the black and red comes out against the white cabinets in this one. The red in the backsplash, counter, oven, floor trim, lights, valance and tabletop accessories touch off beautifully with the black and white overall look. I’m in love with this one! I even plan on buying a red apron once my kitchen is done…

Thanks guys.

2. From Judy White in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida:

Judy White's entry

I always wanted a kitchen with an aquatic look as it is the theme in my house. But then again, I like a very bold look. I think I may have captured the best of both worlds in this one. Give me your feedback, fellow junkies!

3. From Vennesa Charleston in Manhattan, NY:

Vennesa Charleston's entry

I’m re-tiling my kitchen floor so I matched up everything to my existing colors (my layout is practically the same as the one on see it your way. My floor is now white, but I want to bring in some life so I “installed” here a marbleized black with some small cream colored diamond patterns in there. I think this looks good. I don’t think I’m going to win the challenge, but I wouldn’t mind getting some opinions out there. Thanks homeworkshop. Great site!

Vennesa Charleston

4. From Mary Brill in Alphington, Victoria, Australia:

Mary Brill's entry

Always wanted to mix and match cabinet colours. This is a tad daring, but I like it. Hope you do too.

5. From Jessica Palith in Lincoln Nebraska, USA:

Jessica Palith's entry

VOTE FOR ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

6. From Angel Snyder in Los Angeles, CA:

Angel Snyder's entry

Hiya fellow junkies,

This is it! I spent 2 hours going through evryone of my favorite combinations, and came up with this beauty. what i like best is the way the dark and calm colors blend. I would never have put them together, but with today’s technology where I can ‘try things on’ before hand, I tried it, and I like it. TONZ! Thanks for the inspiration, and let the best man (or lady I shud say) win!!

Angel, LA

7. From Diane in Brentwood, CA USA:

Diane's entry

When I re-did my kitchen a few years ago, my husband didn’t want any green in it. So I did this one with plenty of green to keep me happy, and stainless counter tops to keep him happy! I like the blend of high-tech and old world looks. I hope you do too! Vote for me!! Go Green!!

8. From Laura Zarrin in San Jose, CA, USA:

Laura Zarrin's entry

I found this surprisingly difficult. I know what I want and it wasn’t really available on the site. It was fun, though! I want a really cozy, dramatic, practical kitchen. I just love the cottage style. I can add any crazy old thing I want and it’ll work. I currently have some permanent Halloween decorations up and it works. I love color!!! If I could only change that women’s apron to match the shades. Oh well. I think the cook should coordinate with the kitchen.

9. From Debbie Perkins in Sandy, UT, USA:

Debbie Perkins's entry

I won’t have my own home for a while, (not until my husband finishes pharmacy school) so this was a fun way to envision my dream kitchen. I love the contrast of the black and white and the stainless steel appliances. It’s very modern and beautiful. I would love to cook in this kitchen! Thanks for considering me!

10. From Rachel in Pleasanton, California, USA:

Rachel's entry

Personally, I feel this kitchen conjures up an image of a classic cottage kitchen by the seashore. I can just imagine the smell of salt water intertwined with that of fresh rosemary and lavendar wafting throughout the house.

The teal color mimics the cool, tranquil sea and the wooden butcher block counters represents driftwood atop the foamy waves. I chose the back splash tile because it reminded me of sea glass I’ve found on the beach and the valence and shade remind me of the sails furled over small boats, lazily drifting under the warm sun.

11. From Ruth Newton in Galesburg, Illinois, USA:

Ruth Newton's entry

Rachel inspired me with her seashore theme, yet I took a more modern approach. I find this design is very soothing, yet still bold enough to get that WOW I want. Thank you for pointing out the site. What fun- it really got my creative juices flowing!

12. From Heather McHale in Brooklyn, NY , US:

Heather McHale's entry

We are redoing our kitchen and found this amazingly helpful. We probably went through 6 or 10 completely different “renovations”, and each was someone else’s favorite. My husband went for the black and macho look, and my 2 daughter’s each had their own top pick. At the end, I decided on this one, being the most practical and serene. I love butcher block counters, and kept everything very neutral and natural. (I found butcher block counters for about $1000. Not bad, just wondering what the installation costs would be.)

I wasn’t going to get a wood floor in the kitchen, but the look is growing on me, especially if I can get one that has some time of border like the one shown as that will give the floor more life and bring out the reddish tones of the tiles on the wall. The pillars on the island are STUNNING. I didn’t realize that I can take them off. (I do wish that they had more varieties in trim and and corbels and the like. Not just Apply and Remove.) All in all, this is the look I want and I hope you voters out there all agree!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


13. From esther in Lakewood, NJ USA:

esther's entry

I like the open space with a combo of a modern look and the warm/old style kitchen colors.

14. From Adelle in Lakewood, NJ USA:

Adelle's entry

I like bright and airy and a clean design. Nothing extra, nothing cluttering up my counters, and most important – I need lots of sun. I find that the lighter your counters/cabinets/flooring, the bigger your room looks. Only be careful with the floor because you do not want to mop every night!

15. From Michelle in Providence, RI:

Michelle's entry

I have always wanted to design my kitchen the way I want, but it gets a bit tough when you can’t see it in front of you. Then you need to sit there with swatches and samples and hope it will match when it is all put together. SeeItMyWay allows you to do everything online, and you can play around until it comes out just right!

This is my dream kitchen – and I can’t wait to see it installed!!

16. From Robin at Getting Grounded in Austin, TX, USA:

Robin at Getting Grounded's entry

The almost monochromatic color scheme of this kitchen, with an unexpected pop of my favorite color in the island countertop, makes me happy to imagine. The chicken wire in the cabinet, and bead board texture of the island keeps the cream color everywhere from being boring. I love hardwood to stand on when working, and I thought the bright granite of the island would be fun to eat on for the family. It’s a bit cottage, but less fussy, which is important to me. Easy to clean, Viking Range (oh yeah!) and tall faucets make it functional.

17. From Megan in Victoria, Australia:

Megan's entry

I really love the clean lines in my kitchen. I think it’s modern and warm and a place where i would have fun cooking. So much cupboard space too which i desperatly need in real life. I would be 100% happy with it if i could get rid of the green plants above the upper cabniets though.

18. From Karen Kennedy in Chicago, Illinois:

Karen Kennedy's entry

I was born and bred in Texas which might explain why my look is way different than most of the others. The modern black and stainless steel is an extremely luxurious look, yet it is a very practical kitchen. I love it! Sure hope them 100 bucks will be heading down my way…

19. From Bayla Nussbaum in Lakewood, NJ USA:

Bayla Nussbaum's entry

I like the natural colors of the kichen along with the chandelier look and the barstools I chose. The window shades are light and airy and the rounded faucets add a soft touch. Usability with a microwave, dishwasher and island for baking is number one in a kitchen, if you like to get lots of things done at once.

20. From Lisa in Chicago, IL 60641:

Lisa's entry

My boyfriend/fiance bought a house couple years ago. It an old house, which I love but it could use some fresh paint and other updates. The kitchen is large and my favorite room. I spend the majority of my time in there. So, it is the first room scheduled for a makeover (like next week… eck!) I have envisioned my kitchen black and red with an Asian theme. I had a lot of fun with the design tool. Seeing an actual image as apposed to what I picture in my head really makes a difference with choices. The black and red is very dark room so it was interesting how a lighter floor brightens it up and using sleek lines of the Venica cabinets worked better than a fancier style (even though there is not a glass option). This really helped and I now have some different ideas to work with.

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9 Comments for “SeeItYourWay Kitchen Design Challenge”

[…] delight in Ben’s design for his new kitchen. We relish reading Yolanda’s plans for whiteboard paint in her laundry room. And we’re […]

Wow! Thanks to everyone who has entered the Challenge so far. Such a diverse group of finishes. A couple more weeks to go and you could be the winner.

— Kathy

Janet, the red is unusual and fun. Judy, love the light fixture and Vanessa the floor you chose is classy.

Mary, Diane and Laura, I always liked an island with a different finish than the rest of the cabinetry. Jessica and Angel, thanks for your enthusiasm!

Laura, I went over to your site (fun artwork!) and agree that this may not offer all you desire yet. It’s a cutting edge tool for the consumer with a large choice of retail kitchen products, but not yet the complete artful (like lots of wall color choices) and cottage-style choices. SeeItYourWay is always adding and I’m sure they’ll read your comments here that will help them make it even better for a broader range of tastes in the future.

Thanks again, all.
— Kathy


Thanks for pointing me to this contest which uses our SeeItYourWay design tool. Your site looks very informative and looks like a great place for designers to get together and exchange tips, ideas, and discuss the latest trends. Savvy designers and homeowners are flocking to places like Kitchen Tune-Up, where our technology allows kitchen renovators to easily express their unique style, without all the guesswork.

Yes, we are now in talks with several manufacturers who sell various items in the kitchen, and who want to add their merchandise to our database. We should be adding a huge amount of items in the near future, and they will encompass the full spectrum of tastes and styles. We are also planning to add more layouts and other rooms. So keep posted- this is only the beginning. (And if you want my vote, Angel’s is daring, but absolutely drop-dead gorgeous, especially when zoomed in on and viewed in big!)

Good luck,

Michael Fishman, Director of Marketing at Maytex Global

Hi Michael,

You’ve done a great thing with this tool. It really is fun to use and you’ve already got a lot of wonderful choices. The photo-realism and detail when you click on the photos is striking. It’ll be great to see how it evolves further. Oooh, and other rooms — can’t wait to see that!

Thanks for popping by!

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[…] range. And Rachel, well Rachel was downright poetic about her romantic kitchen by the sea. You can read the original Challenge post and see all the entries […]

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