Pantone® Chair at NeoCon’09

The Coolest Chair We Can’t Yet Buy

Upholster a chair in a Pantone® chart and you’re going to get the attention of creative types. Chicago’s Merchandise Mart is abuzz about a chair that’s not even in production. At NeoCon ’09, where thousands of design professionals are gathering to view the latest in furnishings, SIF Technology is displaying the digitally-enhanced leather chair.

Photograph by Cameron Schuler

SIF has apparently found a way to apply most any image onto leather. According to SIF, the chair demonstrates “its patented method for economically decorating leather that allows designers to create custom digital graphics and images of all kinds for leather goods.” SIF applies to leather its “digitally printable shape memory polymer, which…retains and “remembers” the shape and texture of the genuine leather to which it has been applied.”

Many a designer’s workspace is waiting for this chair. So let’s use the comments of this post to put out a collective request for someone to manufacture it; I’ll send our comments on to SIF.

Thanks to Alicia Rodriguez at 3rings who, with her zippy speed was the first to report on the chair. Check out 3rings for more #NeoCon09 product news.

So what do you say, do you want a Pantone&#x00AE Chair?

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11 Comments for “Pantone® Chair at NeoCon’09”

This reminds me of a project I’ve wanted to do FOREVER! My husband, a painter always has the fan deck with paint swatches laying around..I thought it would be great to decoupage those color strips on a table top or you think the paint store would mind if I took a few handfuls of color strips????????

thoroughly intriguing chair.. i looooooveee it..

What a cool chair! You could put this in a room and not do anything else! Quite the statement piece.

Casey, Samia & Kathy,

Thanks for your reactions to the chair. I know I want one someday in my studio (just need to have an official studio first).

Casey, I love your idea and you should absolutely do it. Especially if these are paint chips you already have so there is not guilt about the store. I know I have a bunch lying about that I needed for past projects. Here is a link with some more ideas:

Create on,

love that chair, will always go with anything!

i personally could sell 10-20 of these, just to friends. i’m not even in the furniture business. well done!!

It is the coolest chair for anyone with a love of color or design, don’t you think Adam?

Thanks for your visit, and it sounds like you’ve got my kind of friends.
— Kathy

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So cool. This chair even inspired a pair of custom painted sneakers by Ecentrik Artistry. Check them out here:

Hey! Good to see you out and about!! I KNEW it was YOU! :~)

I found an image of this chair online…. Went searching for it because I was about to empty my retirement account to buy it. After reading this, I am in mourning. The internet Gods are so cruel!!!!!!

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