Switches and Gauges — Get a Grip

Feeling a bit out of control? Maybe this will help. As the yang to the yin of the creative outlet of Frames Wallpaper, this wall art can help you get a grip.


Our Children’s Gorilla’s Switches & Gauges Poster at Wannekes puts the control right in front of you. Hang the whole panel, or slice it up and paste up or frame smaller sections.

Created for kids, yes. But I know at least one flight-simulator-loving husband, and more than a few CEO’s who’d appreciate this above his desk. Hmmmm, Father’s Day is coming.

And cubicle prisoners who’d like to exert a bit of virtual power should slap a piece of this up above your workstation; it will make you feel better at least for the time being.



Where else could you use a little inspirational control? Tell us where you’d put Switches and Gauges.

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One Comment for “Switches and Gauges — Get a Grip”

I think it would make a great wallpaper! Thanks for posting it.


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