Frames Wallpaper — How Will You Finish it?

I’ve got to find a spot to use this creative person’s dream wallpaper I stumbled across the other day — Graham & Brown’s “Frames” by Artists Taylor & Wood.


The empty frames design (below left) is customizable with your own photos or artwork, your kids’ art, or memorabilia. You can even paint your own designs directly on it. What fun!


Update, August 10, 2010:

I am thrilled to announce you can now purchase Frames wallpaper right from, in my Shop. Read this post for all the details & to buy.

Where would you use Frames paper? How would you decorate yours?

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8 Comments for “Frames Wallpaper — How Will You Finish it?”

Kathy, this wallpaper is brilliant! Thanks for posting it! I’d like it on an accent wall in my kitchen. I’d use it for kid’s art (only the best!), some family vacation photos, and school awards. Then I would rotate things over time. At last a pretty,funky way to show family mementos, other than a tack board!

Very cool and funky! How creative you could be with something like this.

Very cool! I’d use in a young at heart living room and invite friends to a paint and paste party. Ditto with kid’s bedroom. Thanks for sharing!

Leona, Kathy & Anne, I know–I am looking for an excuse to use this somewhere. I love the paint and paste party idea, Anne. And definitely a fun new backdrop for the kids art like Leona suggests. I may even apply it to a blah metal cabinet I use to store my photo-boxes. Soooo many projects; I’d better get to work. Thanks for sharing your ideas!

Design on,

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This wallpaper is so cute! I’m about to start college, and this would be perfect for a dorm room! I don’t know how easy it is to remove, but you could even mount it on a large piece of plywood and frame it.


You are so right! Fabulous for the dorm room. You will be the envy of the floor. Hey, if you end up getting a roll, please email us a photo of your room with the framed panel of wallpaper. I am sure you will make it look awesome.

Have a blast,

Kathy, I DID see this post of yours..what design paper did YOU get? It’s really cool! Talk to you soon!

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