Spoonflower Now Offers Fabric Designer Services

Breaking News…DIY fabric design doesn’t have to be completely DIY anymore. Yup, my friends over at Spoonflower just told me about their New Fabric Design Services from a professional textile designer.


That’s Spoonflower’s Fabric of the Week, “CurlyQ” by Katidids of Bonaire, Georgia.

You’re creative, right? So why would you need anyone’s help with this?

Because fabric design can be tricky. Let’s say you’ve got your initial motif drawn, but you’re having the darndest time arranging it into a workable fabric repeat. Or you’ve painted an amazing watercolor pattern, but there’s a big old water spot in the middle that you don’t want in the final design.

These are the kinds of things that Fabric Designer Laura Polk can help you with. She’s the real deal—a professional textile designer for over fifteen years in both residential and commercial markets—her resume includes work for the likes of Alexander Julian and Herman Miller.

Wow! This, and Spoonflower’s recent introduction of upholstery-weight fabric; there’s so much we can do. My head is spinning with design ideas, what about yours?

Have you tried designing your own fabric? Tell us about it.

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2 Comments for “Spoonflower Now Offers Fabric Designer Services”

I’ve been using Spoonflower off and on for a while now and they are wonderful people to work with. As an Interior Designer, it creates a wonderful opportunity for us to really give our clients a personalized, unique and distinctive product.

Mari — I love that you use Spoonflower in your design work, and that you make an effort to find the unusual for your clients. I’d love to see one of your spaces — if you get a chance email me some photos to suggestions@homeworkshop.com.

Thanks for visiting!

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