Safe Bedside Table — Love it or Leave it?

Today I want your reaction to this form-follows-function table. James McAdam desiged the Safe Bedside Table for the percentage of Londoners that he read worry about security at night.


Burglar break in? Shazam! Instant self-defense and weapon. Thanks to LeAnn at Design Trade for waking me up to the table.

Is this something you’d want in your home? Tell us what you think.

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8 Comments for “Safe Bedside Table — Love it or Leave it?”

I do admit I have a scottish shillaleigh that was my Mom’s by my bed..but I don’t think I would have bought it for myself……….that sounds like a neighborhood I’d move out of! Maybe if i liked the design itself I’d feel different..

I have so much stuff on my nightstand currently (lamp, clock, books, photos, etc.) that by the time I cleared it all off and took apart the table I’d be in trouble! Much quicker to reach for the giant flashlight down beside my bed. But it’s an interesting idea, though!

Okay come on now. Seriously. That is just twisted. Now I’m not from London or anything, but if you feel like you need this, maybe instead it is time to change your neighborhood.

Does this mean we will be seeing a “Weapons” category on now?

i think it’s an interesting conversation piece! however, to provide fun cocktail party banter, it might have to be in the living room, instead of the bedroom.

as for functionality, i’m one of those people who could slumber through a home robbery, though my husband is a light sleeper and a city mouse, so he could use this.

I think it’s cool! The look is so avant garde! I’m not sure how truly useful it would be in a pinch (“excuse me, I need a minute to dissemble my table”), but it would be fun to bring out at a cocktail party! How can I get one?

Thanks all for your reaction and comments about the table. I was thinking a bit like Casey and a bit like Diane; not crazy about the look of the table and thinking the robber would be on to me from all the clinking and clanking I made while clearing off all my stuff.

It’s fun to see something purely functional like this and I know he’s trying to create peace of mind. And no, we won’t be adding a Weapons category on HomeWorkshop.

Sara, you can contact James McAdam through his Web site if you are interested in entertaining folks at your next dinner party.
— Kathy

Well, I for one DO feel that this is a useful design for people who aren’t partial to pistols under their pillows and aren’t too fussy to wipe off everything atop their bedside table(s) with a forearm quickly to arm themself!
Bravo, James! I will be purchasing two of these tables from you!
: )

Er… 2 things could be worth noting about this: First off, it’s intended to chase down burglars, not assassins, so if you needed it, you’d have time to unscrew it before fighting off the huns. Second, though, is that if someone is in your home to steal things and not to hurt you, coming at them like Braveheart with a club and shield might get you harmed or even killed if the burglar is also armed. It’s always better to call the police and shout down at them from your room to tell them you’ve done so.

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