Antique Glass Repurposed

A few more gems sparkled for us at Omega Too. Northern California architect Tim Leefeldt crafts these petite pendant fixtures from antique glass electrical insulators and Omega Too’s proprietor Mark Bell adds glow to old Mason jars. The little lights shine with personality.






What else could you make for your home from glass insulators or Mason jars?

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7 Comments for “Antique Glass Repurposed”

I collect the glass insulator. I used to find them along the railroad tracks as a child. I am very interested in the Anitique Green glass repurpose piece. Do you sell them? Is it a light?

Maybe you know someone else who deals with them. I would appreciate any and all information.

Our anniversary is coming up and I would love to surprise my husband.

Thank you so much

Hi Carlene,

These glass insulator lights are available at the retail store Omega Too in Berkeley, CA: and also offered through the architect-artisan who made them, Tim Leefeldt at I am sure either one would be glad to help you and to ship you a light for your hubby.

He will love it!

Thanks for stopping by,

how are these insulator lights made? Can you drill a hole in the glass at the top? Please, let me know> thanks for sharing!

My Dad was a collector for several years, and has given me dozens of pieces I can’t even find reference to. I have a glass globe cover, aqua-green, with an insulator cap,about 12 to 15 in. in diameter; glass insulator caps from Brookfield NY, 1883; several others without markings or “form-mold” lines, in all colors except yellow… truely a huge variety. What possibly is the light globe worth? The rest of his colletion? It probably numbers into 3 or 400, different styles, colors,and manufacturers; glass insulators, jars, canning jars from the 1800’s with glass covers, etc., etc. Can someone help me do justice to all his hard work?

This info is for Beth. I would love to provide you with some information that would help you value the insulator collection you have. They are of huge historical value and there are great online resources that will aid in the ID of your fathers collection. Please feel free to email me if you are interested and have not received help from anyone else. Thanks and goodluck. Shelagh

I, too, would love to know how to go about making the insulator lights! I have two 5 gallon buckets full of them, plus another tub!


You might talk with some of the people on this forum: or with Tim, the artist who made these insulator lights:

Hope that helps,

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