Mother’s Day Craft and Gift — Sweet Stands

Planning to entertain Mom this Mother’s Day? Here’s an easy DIY craft and gift idea with big impact: our Mother’s Day Brunch and Tea Sweet Stands. Like little cake stands with an attitude, these are really fun to make.



You may already own some mismatched pieces of china and glassware, or you can take a trip to the Goodwill like I did. Within half an hour, I filled a basket with goodies for 99 cents and $1.99 apiece. Little crystal coasters, tea and punch cups, crystal candle holders, glass and china plates.

Then my daughter and I had blast stacking up the china and glassware in different arrangements until we got six designs that we loved. We flipped some things upside-down and played and matched. I must say that for an eight-year old, my daughter has a very good eye. Flipping the cocktail glasses over was her idea, and those make such cool bases. We went for interesting shapes and contrasts of materials. Our goal was to create two sets of three Sweet Stands in varied heights for interest (an old trick from when I worked in special events).


Then it was out to the backyard with some industrial strength adhesive that works on glass and china. I used 3M Scotch Maximum Strength Adhesive.


I inverted the parts so the top piece was upside down on the table. Then I applied a generous bead of the adhesive on the smaller of the pieces. Following the adhesive’s instructions, I pressed together and pulled apart the pieces three times, then pressed together and held.

Most of the stands adhered well with just me holding firmly in place for about five minutes, then leaving alone to dry. I found the stands that used crystal pieces needed to be held a little longer and for the grape plate with the crystal candle holder, I carefully centered a heavy book on top of the candle holder and left it for about an hour.

The adhesive’s instructions say that it dries completely in 24 hours; I found that to be true. (So you can even do this project as late as the day before Mother’s Day!)



Voila! You are ready to do brunch or tea for your Mother in style. And it will be easier on your pocketbook this year than going to the local country club. Then (if you can bear to part with some), send Mom home with one of the sets of Sweet Stands as her special, personal, Mother’s Day gift.

This project was so simple to make, lots of fun and really charming. (Oh and we enjoyed eating the props this morning.) I can’t wait to entertain Mom for Mother’s Day, she’ll be so impressed!

Please let us know what you and Mom think of our fem Sweet Stands, and please email us some photos of the ones you make! Have fun and hug Mom for me.

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