Ta-Da! Challenge # 2 Results

DIY Fabric Design

Okay home heroes and heroines; this one’s a slam dunk. The theme for this Challenge was to create a design for a piece of fabric for your home. Since Casey was our trendsetting, early-adopter sole participant, let’s see her project:


Casey batiked some satin into a whirlpool of silky aqua, green and purple. She was nice enough to share with us her DIY how-to’s:

Mermaid Fabric

(First cover your table or floor with a thick layer of newspaper)

1. Using household wax, “batik” white crepe-back satin using an old, small paintbrush. (I used swirly designs to look like water)

2. To batik, melt the wax in a heavy, small pan using medium heat so the wax doesn’t ignite. Dip your brush in every few minutes so the wax is liquid.

3. If it smokes, TURN it DOWN! Be careful, the wax is HOT!

4. When you finish covering your fabric with your wax designs, let it dry. (Replacing the newspapers will help)

5. Crumple up the fabric to crack the wax a little. It makes a cool pattern in the wax.

6. Paint the colors using your choice of watered down acrylic paints. They need to FLOW & BLEND into each other. I used Ceramcoat. (Iridescent paint can be a nice accent too)

7. When you finish covering the fabric with your painted colors, let it dry. (Again, replace the newspapers)

8. To remove the wax, place a THICK pad of newspapers with a layer of paper towels on top on your ironing board. You DON’T want the wax to end up on your ironing board! Then with a medium high setting on your iron, iron from the REVERSE side of the fabric until most of the wax has melted down into the paper. It won’t all come out. But keep trying.

9. Then launder the fabric and dry it as usual. (With each washing it will be softer.)

10. Use your custom fabric in any project that would work well with satin. I backed mine with flannel and made a “Mermaid Blanket for my son, Tanner. He says he loves how silky and cool one side is and the other side is warm. He likes the colors too. (So do I!)

11. I even painted white fringe with the same paint (no wax) to match!

Here’s the Challenge inspiration project, my Coneflower Hugs fabric design. And now that I know about Spoonflower, this will soon become real fabric.



Lastly, Casey get ready to warm your hands with your snappy HomeWorkshop.com coffee mug! Email me and I will get it to you.

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